Aloe to the Rescue!

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Getting outside and taking advantage of life’s small adventures is absolutely something we encourage. Just like too much sun exposure, there are other risks that come with being bold. Case in point: When one of our daughters recently set out to play on her long board, she experienced an unfortunate meeting between pavement and forehead. The result: a big, sticky scrape across her face in the middle of a hot summer. Poor girl! In a moment of inspiration, we realized that we had the perfect product right at our fingertips to take care of this dilemma. In our R3 Derma …

Sun Safety: Prevent and Repair

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When it comes to sun safety, there are the basics that we can all agree on: cover up with a hat or tightly knit clothing, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and avoid long-term exposure. Surprisingly, even on a National level other major protocols that we would think would be agreed upon across the board, are still debated by professionals like pharmacists, dermatologists, and oncologists. Last year, the Canadian Sun Safety Guidelines got their first update in 20 years. The updates covered things like avoiding the sun at it’s hottest, and what time that is in Canada with climate change …

Positive Power

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The power of positive thought has been studied and speculated about in many different forms. There seems to be professionals from varying fields (scientists, psychologists, etc.) with experts for and against the current research. Some believe that experiments of this nature can’t be fully controlled, despite physical evidence showing that positive thinking is very influential, and therefore we can never be sure what the effects of these ideas really are. Both sides have valid points. Our team wanted to put these beliefs to the test. We gathered a group of our staff and tried a form of Energy Muscle Testing …

Photorejuvenation – Turning Back the Clock

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Imagine a treatment that slows down the clock on your skin and gives you the fresh, summer-ready look you want. Stop imagining, and keep reading! Our Photorejuvenation treatment can erase damage done from years past and give your skin new life. Dark spots, sun damage, broken capillaries, fine lines, redness and more can all be addressed with the Sciton BBL. This tool uses Intense Pulsed Light technology, producing a broad spectrum of light in a range of wavelengths to repair and revive your skin. The wavelengths can be adjusted to suit your specific skin type and the results you are …

Safe Summer Treatment: NdYag

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With summer on our doorstep, more skin is out in the open, which means more spots that you don’t normally show are making an appearance. This is the time you want those bikini lines and back patches gone more than ever! You have probably heard that once you get your tan on, you have to stop any sort of hair removal treatment, which for safety reasons, can be the case. We have a solution for you! We use the best in up to date laser removal technology and offer a variety of treatments. The Sciton Long Pulsed 1064 NdYag is …

Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreen

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Our skin is precious and we need to protect it. Every year, the summer rays get us thinking that maybe we need to update our sun defense regime. The thing is, we should be shielding ourselves all year round. Every time we walk outside we are exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays. In our hotter months, higher heats make covering up uncomfortable, and a wide brimmed hat isn’t always practical. So what are our options? Most of us are overwhelmed by what the drugstore aisle offers to shade our skin. The thing is, the best options aren’t always sitting …

New Website!

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Welcome to our new online home! We have had this project in the works for you for some time now, and we are so excited to unveil our new website. We strive to not only bring our guests the latest treatments and most experienced technicians, but we want your experience with us in all aspects of our business to be the best, including our website. Easy to find information, sleek presentation, we brought it all in our new revamp. We made our site an informative resource so you can take the first step to finding what services are right for …

R3 Derma Health

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R3 Derma Health is an intensive medical grade collection that delivers multi-layer strengthening to the skin. Our collection contains the highest concentration of active ingredients and visual improvement as a result of synergistically blending powerful peptides and cutting edge skin conditioners. This collection is best suited for our guests who desire faster results and higher activity levels from the ingredients in the products we carry.

Fall Skincare Tips with Urban Body Laser

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Another beautiful summer in Vancouver has come and gone. Patio lunches, seawall bike rides, and lounging at Third Beach may all seem like sweet distant memories. However, despite that the temperature has dropped and the days have grown shorter, there may be a few parts of summer that continue to linger…on your skin. That’s why Fall skincare treatments and products are critical for reversing those summer lovin’ days. Even with the best physical sunscreen and an endless array of floppy hats, you may not have been able to completely dodge the after effects of harmful ultraviolet rays. So now that …

Sunforgettable Summer with Colorescience

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BIG NEWS: GET 20% OFF SUNFORGETTABLES THIS MONTH! If you’ve ever followed Urban Body Laser on Instagram, visited our medi-spa, or perused through our blog, then you’ve probably heard us say once (or maybe a 100 times) how important daily application of sunscreen is for anti-aging. Not only does it prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots from prematurely forming, but it also protects you from more serious conditions like severe burns, cancer, or myositis, an autoimmune disease. So now that Spring is in full swing and summer is on the horizon, this time of year is when many can’t wait …