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Choosing Colours for Your Skin Tone

How many times have you vowed to start wearing more colour, yet your wardrobe keeps getting replenished with the same ol’ GBW (grey, black, and white). We know that it can be daunting choosing colours for your skin tone, especially when you’re unsure of how to choose which will flatter or which will flaw. But […]

Pro-Derm™ – Quality Dermaceutical Products

The Pro-Derm™ “Anti Aging” system, to revitalize and preserve a beautiful complexion. Pro-Derm™ provides you with a comprehensive selection of high quality dermaceutical products. Hydrogel Hydrogel relieves itchy skin. It also soothes any heat or irritation feeling after laser hair removal, sunburn or laser treatments. The synergism of active phyto extracts and marine extracts with […]

Osmosis Skincare

Osmosis Skin Care offers a collection of facial products that are safe to use on even the most sensitive skin because they are infused with nutrients that are highly efficacious and yet non-inflammatory. For decades most skincare companies have been using irritating ingredients that work by inflaming the skin. This has to change if we […]

Colorescience® Pro – Experience Make Up That Does More

  Who we are Experience makeup that does more. Colorescience Pro’s high-performance cosmetics were created to remedy and camouflage specific skin concerns and protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun and environment. Our dermatologist recommended formulations blend and layer together to achieve an instant and easy flawless face. What we do Colorescience Pro is the […]


Summer Skin Treatments

With June just around the corner, it seems like every day we have clients asking us what the must-have summer skin treatments are to keep groomed and primed for beach weather. The Urban Body Laser team are more than just experts in skin treatments, they’re clients themselves. Jade, our Senior Medical Esthetician, has been with […]

Urban Body Laser Contest Winner!

Congratulations Priscilla for winning the Urban Body Laser contest! Urban Body Laser contest was for all our new cients that signed up til the end of the Hockey Season.  When you signed up, you were put into a draw for 2 Playoff tickets!!  Priscilla was the lucky winner.  She said she never wins anything and […]

Microdermabrasion: Want to learn more?

Microdermabrasion FAQ’s What’s The Big Difference Between Classic Microdermabrasion And Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion? The classic system uses crystals to peel off dead skin. The new system uses diamonds. The result is far less disruptive because it polishes the skin. Lastly, the wand is far more accurate than the previous system. That means a more effective […]

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment? What exactly do we treat?

Brazilian Laser Hair removal is the most effecient form of permanent hair removal. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment?  Ever wonder ‘exactly’ how much hair can be removed?  There are so many different names – French Bikini, Bikini, Brazlian, French Brazilian…the list goes on.  When wanting to have this area treated, it is always important to […]

Laser Hair Removal in Vancouver: Head to Urban Body Laser

Urban Body has the right hair removal system for you DON’T SETTLE FOR OUT-OF-DATE SOLUTIONS. The old fashioned methods of removing hair—shaving, tweezing, creams, waxing—are time consuming and short lasting.  Although electrolysis can permanently remove hair, it is extremely slow and painful. Don’t settle for out dated solutions. Experience long-lasting results with laser hair removal treatments.

Article from Elle Canada – Laser Hair Removal Tips

Laser hair removal: What you need to know Laser hair removal tips from a dermatologist to help you get smooth and sexy skin this summer. With bikini season right around the corner (we already have our sexy little number purchased) women go into full-blown hair removal mode and will do anything to get smooth skin […]

What causes ingrown hairs and how Laser Hair Removal helps get rid of them.

Ingrown hairs: According to the Mayo Clinic, two main factors affect your propensity for ingrown hairs. First, curly hair is more prone to becoming ingrown, and second, improper shaving technique. “Shaving creates sharp edges in this type of hair, especially if the hair is dry when shaved. When you pull your skin taut during shaving, […]

Balls-n-all™ / Manscaping Treatments for Men

Want to learn more about the Balls n All™ Laser Hair Removal treatments? Well, this article will give you all the information you need to know:0) Many people are not aware of it, but it is quite common for men to have hair grow on their shaft and that can be awkward during sexual penetration […]

Dreams are Whispers from the Soul

Dreams Are Whispers from the Soul  3:10 Enjoy a few thoughts on Dreams that lift your spirits and warm your heart :0) http://www.thedreamsmovie.com/ Simple Truths: Dreams are Whispers from the Soul from 123 Magic on Vimeo. Dreams are Whispers From the Soul Movie There are many different aspects that live inside of us and two […]

Finding Joy

Finding Joy  3:32 Simple secrets to a happy life! http://www.findingjoymovie.com/ Review by Candace Breiten The film follows Kyle, an author struggling to begin writing his second book and finally returning to his family’s home out of desperation. His family is…well, quirky is putting it nicely. But their dysfunction serves as a means of advancing the […]

Finishing Strong

Finish Strong  3:32mins How will you choose to respond to the challenge before you. Finishing Strong Movie

It’s Never Too Early To Start You Skin On A Skin Rejuvenation Routine.

It’s never too early to start you skin on a skin rejuvenation routine.  Come in for a Complimentary Consultation and learn about how you can protect your skin from the damaging elements in our environment.  Along with that, we will educate you on which treatments and products are best suited for where your skin is […]