R3 Derma Health Aloe to the Rescue!

R3 Derma Aloe Gel

Getting outside and taking advantage of life’s small adventures is absolutely something we encourage. Just like too much sun exposure, there are other risks that come with being bold. Case in point: When one of our daughters recently set out to play on her long board, she experienced an unfortunate meeting between pavement and forehead. The result: a big, sticky scrape across her face in the middle of a hot summer. Poor girl!

In a moment of inspiration, we realized that we had the perfect product right at our fingertips to take care of this dilemma. In our R3 Derma Health line we have an amazing Organic Aloe Gel that harnesses the healing powers of aloe for so many different uses. We figured, why not try it on a scrape! The effects couldn’t have been better. The gel was applied to the wound every day 4-6 times, and on day 6, her scab came clean off to reveal healed skin. So quick!

This gel is made from our own formulations and tested by our team. We are so happy with it’s results! Used regularly, this lightweight gel hydrates and softens skin. It can reduce redness and swelling due to sun exposure, windburn, razor burn, bug bites, and hypersensitivity reactions, among other applications. Users with sensitive, acne prone, and combination skin re-purchase this gel as they find it doesn’t clog sensitive pores or cause breakouts, even reducing the frequency of blemishes.
R3 Derma Aloe Gel
Aloe straight from the plant is protective, restorative, anti-inflammatory, healing, and so much more. It is one of the best things to have on hand for at home remedies. Our formulation packs in 200x concentrate, meaning you just need a small amount per application to enjoy an impactful dose of the medicinal properties of straight aloe. Included is a select blend of essential oils to provide additional anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial benefits.
Our team loves to see the products we create making a difference in the world. We’re not the only ones who have been singing this product’s praises. See for yourself!

Consumer Reviews (Amazon.com)
“I wasn’t sure what to expect especially because I’ve tried so many expensive products and am now moving into the holistic approach for better skincare solutions. Your product has actually helped to heal a couple stubborn face issues I’ve been struggling with. Within 24 hrs, I could actually see the scar that wouldn’t go away actually dissolve from my face. I am using your product everyday and can’t wait to see what else it helps my skin with. I know aloe vera itself is healing, I’ve been using it directly from my plants. But your product was even more concentrated and made a big difference. Please keep up the good work!! Thank you!!!!” – Truth411 CN

“This product is perfect. It’s just the right consistency. Not too runny and not too thick. It has a very light, pleasant smell that goes away quickly. I use it on my face, neck and hands when I want something light and penetrating that has all of the benefits that Aloe Vera offers. I’ve used several types of Aloe Vera. This will definitely be the one I reorder.” – Kathy K

“I was super nervous about trying something new on my face being as it is so sensitive and every little things breaks it out, but this aloe gel is everything!!!! My face is softer & doesn’t seem to break out as much as before, I will definitely be repurchasing.” – Chelsea Davis

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