Different Laser Hair Removal Systems

Different Laser Hair Removal Systems For Different People

A hair removal system is a hair removal system, right?


In fact, when choosing a laser hair removal provider, you must be aware of the differences in the machines used.

Some providers only offer one machine, which limits the effectiveness of hair removal. Urban Laser Body has been specializing in hair removal for almost a decade. That means we’ve learned a thing or two.

We know one machine can’t do everything, which is why we have three laser systems and one light system. Take a look at each of them. You will see that while all of them can treat all skin types, each system is best suited for certain hair and skin types.

For you, that means permanent hair removal, not permanent hair reduction. And that’s the long-term result you want!

Nanometer-Lasers are measured in nanometers, which is one-billionth of a meter, or one-billionth of millimetre. Sciton Profile Ndyag:

Our Ndyag Profile Laser uses the longest available, deeper penetrating 1064 nanometer wavelength.

The Sciton Profile™ Laser reaches the deepest hair roots, which can be 4-6 mm (.15-.23 inches) below the skin’s surface, in some cases!

The beauty of this laser is that it makes it possible to safely and effectively treat all people—even those with tanned, very dark, or black skin.

The Sciton Profile™ Laser also allows the certified technician to adjust the duration of the pulse laser energy to best suit the thickness of the hair shafts on different parts of your body.

Some older laser systems lack this degree of fine control, which affects the ultimate success of hair removal.

Lightsheer ET (Diode): Light Sheer ET This system has a penetration of 800 nanometers, which is the ideal depth for laser hair removal.

Light Sheer ET works well for smaller body part areas that are uneven such as lip, nose, ears, and labia.

Light Sheer ET is the machine of choice for lighter skin or skin that has been out of the sun for one month.

It’s also excellent for black or brown hair that is either coarse or medium thickness.

Light Sheer Duet also has a penetration of 800 nanometers. The Light Sheer ET treats a larger area so it is much quicker than our Light Sheer ET.

With a vacuum assisted system, it pulls the target closer to the surface of the skin, which means it uses less energy. And that makes treatment much more comfortable!

Light Sheer ET works best with black or brown hair that is coarse, medium, or fine.

It is also the go-to choice for lighter skin tones, as well as skin that has been out of the sun for one month.

Sciton BBL (IPL): Broad Band Light (Intense Pulsed Light)

This is the only light system we use for permanent hair reduction.

The BBL is a much shallower system than our three laser systems, which is why we reserve its use for finer hair.

Typically, the softer and finer the hair, the more shallow the root. That makes the BBL a perfect match for this kind of hair removal.

Ndyag withe the Fotona: FRAC3 Hair removal

What is FRAC3® hair removal?
This 1064 nm Nd:YAG FRAC3® method is optimized to deliver high intensity laser pulses in extremely short times, sufficiently short to destroy most hair types while avoiding unnecessary damage to the
skin. Due to the relatively low absorption in melanin, Nd:YAG laser treatments can be used safely and effectively even with darker skin types.

How does FRAC3® hair removal work?
The FRAC3® pulse produces a three-dimensional fractional pattern within the epidermis and dermis,  with energy being absorbed predominantly at the sites of small skin imperfections before heat is transferred to the surrounding non-target structures.