Meet the Team! Channa Shares Her Tips for the New Year

Now that January is coming to a close, the resolutions made at the beginning of this month may now be starting to fizzle. However, that doesn’t mean you need to get down on yourself! We chatted with Channa, our Medical Esthetician at Urban Body Laser in Vancouver, and asked her to share some tips for making 2015 the best year yet.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?
I am actually a firm believer that the New Year is not the best time to start resolutions because I feel like everyone just makes them for the sake of making them. If you are fully committed to achieving a goal, today would be a great day to start, whether it is a Tuesday, Saturday, or in mid-July. However, I believe the New Year is a good reminder to recap and set your intention on how you want your year to be like.

Fitness and health are the top two resolutions that many people make. What are your tips for staying healthy in 2015?

In order to be healthier, you have to find balance. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Find what you enjoy and spend time doing that, whether if it’s whipping up new recipes or an awesome workout class. Being healthy should be a lifestyle change, so if you are doing something you don’t see yourself doing a year from now, don’t do it! For example, fad diets that ban carbs, low carbs, no fat, high protein – honestly, who can keep up anymore! This isn’t a realistic way to eat or live. These impossible standards and “rules” will only leave you feeling down when you can’t maintain them, so just don’t bother.

What are your tips for achieving your goals?
I find the best way to attain your goals is to tell everyone. If you keep them to yourself, chances are you are not holding yourself accountable. Besides, you might just surprise yourself with how supportive everyone may be. After all,” a goal without a plan is just a dream”.

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