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Positive Thought Power

The power of positive thought has been studied and speculated about in many different forms. There seems to be professionals from varying fields (scientists, psychologists, etc.) with experts for and against the current research. Some believe that experiments of this nature can’t be fully controlled, despite physical evidence showing that positive thinking is very influential, and therefore we can never be sure what the effects of these ideas really are. Both sides have valid points.

Our team wanted to put these beliefs to the test. We gathered a group of our staff and tried a form of Energy Muscle Testing that is inline with this stream of thought. We wrote a positive word (Love) and a negative word (Hate) down on two different pieces of paper and crumpled them up. Each of us took turns holding the papers in our hands and pushing down on each other’s outstretched arms. Sometimes the resistance was strong, sometimes it was weak. When we checked the papers, every time one of us felt weak, it was when we were holding the ball with a negative word. It was amazing to see first hand what effect such a simple exercise had on us! We got thinking: if that was just one simple word, what would happen if for years we beat ourselves down with negative thoughts? The results must be devastating!

This experiment reminded us of the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto. His research looked specifically at what the power of positive and negative influences such as music, words, and thoughts, had on water. After exposing water samples to these influences, he would freeze it and study the crystals formed in the ice. He claimed that in water from clear mountain streams or water subjected to calming music, you could see beautiful, snowflake-like crystals, whereas the crystals found in polluted water came out ugly and distorted. He shared these photos and you can really see the beauty that emerges from purely sourced and/or positively influenced water.

Image Source: Masaru-Emoto

Water is everywhere. Over 50% of the make-up of a human adult is comprised of water. By Dr. Emoto’s logic, anything that effects water, effects us. Whether it be words, images, or music, the intention behind them can have a positive or negative effect on water, and therefore on us.

This effect isn’t specific to water though. Inspired by Dr. Emoto’s findings, people have tried things like the Cooked Rice Test , where rice is put in two jars, one with the word Love and one with the word Hate on it, and left for days. This may not be a scientifically controlled experiment, but the results do show that the jar with the positive affirmation does much better than the latter.

At Urban Body Laser, we want every aspect of your experience to be positively affirming, including the products we carry. Nearly every item in our R3 Derma Skin Care line has positive words printed on the outside of every bottle. Things like Boost, Calming, Detoxifying, Cleanse, Awaken, and Balance. According to Dr. Emoto’s research, these words are having a positive effect on the ingredients in these bottles. This paraben free skin care line is rejuvenating and balancing for your skin, and we now realize is being influenced by the power of their positive names!
Being conscious of the thoughts and energy you are directing towards yourself, and to others, is paramount to achieving a positive, balanced life. So is being conscious of the products you use on your skin. Talk to our expert team today to bring more positivity to your life!

Image Source: Allison Fallon

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