The Pro-Derm™ “Anti Aging” system, to revitalize and preserve a beautiful complexion. Pro-Derm™ provides you with a comprehensive selection of high quality dermaceutical products.


Hydrogel relieves itchy skin. It also soothes any heat or irritation feeling after laser hair removal, sunburn or laser treatments. The synergism of active phyto extracts and marine extracts with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients along with its anti-viral and anti-radical properties assures exceptional efficacy.



Easy anti-aging system with coloured product categories. One facial cleanser for all skin types. Flexible approach for different skin types. Specific products for different skin problems.

  • Dark Blue: with protection
  • Yellow: exfoliant
  • Light Blue: moisturizer/anti-radical free
  • Orange:skin tightening
  • Green: specialty



The use of exfoliating products will improve the suppleness and texture of your skin, shrink dilated pores,and contribute to fading blemishes or other skin imperfections.