Laser Hair Removal is also a good alternative for couple’s Valentine’s Day gift

Laser Hair Removal sessions are a thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day 2024


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re searching for a gift that goes beyond the ordinary, you’re in the right place!

Imagine surprising your partner with a gift that not only brings a smile to their face but also leaves them feeling pampered and confident: laser treatment for hair removal – a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea that promises more than a gesture of love.

In a world where convenience and long-lasting effects are valued more than ever, laser hair removal stands out as a remarkable alternative to traditional hair removal methods. While chocolates and flowers are lovely, the gift of silky, hair-free skin can make a lasting impression. As you prepare to celebrate this special day with your loved one, consider thinking outside the box and surprising them with this thoughtful and practical gesture.

If you want to delve into the world of laser hair removal and explore why it’s the perfect way to show your love this Valentine’s Day, keep reading!

Breaking Free from Traditional Hair Removal Hassles


Traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, and plucking have long been a part of our grooming routines. However, they come with their fair share of drawbacks. Shaving can often lead to nicks, cuts, and razor burns, while waxing can be excruciatingly painful.

These methods provide only short-term solutions and can leave you or your partner dealing with undesirable side effects. Moreover, the time and effort demanded by daily shaving or frequent waxing sessions can eat into your precious moments, leaving little time for more enjoyable activities. The constant need to stay on top of hair removal can feel like a never-ending chore, especially for those with busy lifestyles.

Skin irritation is another issue that plagues those who rely on traditional hair removal methods. Razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and redness are all too familiar. This discomfort can sometimes be a source of embarrassment and can detract from the smooth and flawless skin we all desire. It’s clear that these methods fall short when it comes to achieving the perfect, hassle-free skin we dream of.

Laser Hair Removal is also a good alternative for couple’s Valentine’s Day gift

This Valentine’s Day, show your love by giving a gift that speaks to their desires for comfort, beauty, and practicality. Explore our laser hair removal memberships here!


Laser Treatment for Hair Removal: A Revolutionary Alternative


Laser hair removal is a cutting-edge, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses concentrated beams of light to target and destroy hair follicles at the root. This advanced technology ensures that unwanted hair is removed from the source, preventing regrowth and providing a long-lasting solution to the age-old problem of hair removal. During the procedure, a handheld device emits pulses of light that are absorbed by the melanin in the hair, effectively disabling the follicles without causing harm to the surrounding skin.

What sets laser treatment apart is its ability to deliver lasting results. Unlike traditional methods, which only offer temporary relief, laser hair removal can significantly reduce hair regrowth. Many individuals experience a noticeable reduction in hair thickness and density after just a few sessions. Over time, the need for maintenance decreases, leaving your skin beautifully smooth and hair-free for the long haul.

Convenience is a key benefit of laser hair treatment. Unlike the constant upkeep required by shaving and waxing, laser treatments for hair removal are spaced out over several weeks or months, depending on the area being treated. This means fewer trips to the bathroom with a razor in hand and more time for enjoyable activities with your partner.

Before choosing a gift for Valentine’s Day, it’s important to consider how it aligns with your partner’s personal preferences and comfort. The convenience of laser hair removal makes your gift not only unique but also deeply appreciated and resonates with their personal care desires.

Unwrapping the Surprise: Laser Hair Removal Experience at Urban Body Laser


The element of surprise can add a touch of magic to any gift-giving occasion, and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to go beyond the expected. Laser hair removal as a gift is an unconventional yet brilliant choice that can truly astonish your partner.

Imagine their delight when they unwrap a gift that promises to transform their grooming routine and enhance their confidence. It’s the thought behind the gift that truly counts, and laser hair removal embodies thoughtfulness. This unexpected gesture shows that you care about your partner’s comfort and well-being. It’s a way of saying, “I want to make your life easier and more enjoyable.”

The fact that you’ve considered their grooming needs and taken steps to make their daily routine hassle-free is a heartfelt expression of love. At Urban Body Laser, we offer superior laser hair removal experience.  As Kelly from West Vancouver mentions in our testimonials, ‘This procedure was one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself.’ Why not give this special gift to your loved one as well?

Consider laser hair removal as Valentine's Day Gift.

Sharing the Love: Laser Hair Removal for Couples


Elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration by considering the idea of getting laser hair removal treatments for both partners. Instead of just one person benefiting from the experience, you can embark on this journey together! It’s a unique way to show your commitment to each other’s comfort and well-being.

Laser hair removal can offer not only smooth skin but also a shared bonding experience. Imagine the fun and support you both can provide during appointments. The shared anticipation, laughter, and encouragement can turn these sessions into quality time spent together. Strengthen your connection while achieving your grooming goals side by side.

This couple’s Valentine’s Day gift can create lasting memories and intimacy between you and your partner. The shared experience of enhancing your appearance can deepen your connection and foster a sense of togetherness. It’s a thoughtful way to invest in your relationship while enjoying the benefits of laser hair removal as a couple.

Embrace the journey to smoother skin together with Urban Body Laser’s membership plans, offering effective and long-lasting hair removal solutions for both men and women, because everyone deserves to feel their best!

Embrace the Smooth Love: Laser Treatment as a Unique Gift for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day 2024 is approaching. You can make this day memorable by choosing a gift that not only showcases your affection but also contributes to your love’s comfort and well-being. Start planning your Valentine’s Day gift today with Urban Body Laser’s laser hair removal packages and surprise your loved one!

At Urban Body Laser, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best laser hair removal experience. Our team of professionals is here to address your concerns, ensure your comfort, and help you achieve the results you desire. Whether you’re interested in treating your legs, arms, back, chest, or bikini area, we offer customized treatment plans based on your goals and your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a reputable and experienced provider of laser hair removal in Vancouver BC, look no further than Urban Body Laser. To learn more about our pricing and explore the exclusive benefits of our memberships, visit our Pricing and Membership page today.

Call us to make this day unforgettable with a gift that goes beyond expectations!


Consider beauty and comfort with laser hair removal sessions as a gift for Valentine's Day

Laser treatment for nail fungus in Vancouver is applied at Urban Body Laser by experts and technicians.

UV light for toenail fungus is a common treatment. Urban Body Laser at Vancouver provides laser nail fungus treatment in Vancouver.


As the winter months roll in, bringing the cold air and damp conditions, the risk of developing toenail fungus increases for many, subsequently raising the need for laser treatment for nail fungus. The tendency to wear closed, often damp shoes and boots creates an environment where fungi can thrive, leading to a higher incidence of this uncomfortable condition.

Characterized by discolored, thickened, and often unpleasant-smelling nails, this fungal infection is not just a cosmetic concern but also a source of discomfort and embarrassment for those affected. It can impact an individual’s quality of life, making simple activities like wearing shoes or walking uncomfortable.

In recent years, advancements in medical technology have brought forth innovative treatments that promise effective relief from this stubborn condition. Among these, laser treatment for nail fungus has emerged as a particularly promising solution. This approach utilizes specific laser technologies to target and eliminate the fungus without the side effects associated with traditional treatments like oral medications or topical creams.

As we delve deeper into the world of nail fungus treatment, it’s essential to understand not just the nature of the condition, but also the groundbreaking potential of laser therapy in offering a safe, efficient, and minimally invasive solution.

What Really Causes Toenail Fungus?


Toenail fungus, scientifically known as Onychomycosis, an infection that occurs when fungi, which are microscopic organisms, begin to overgrow. These fungi are a normal part of the skin’s flora, coexisting harmlessly alongside various bacteria. However, when they proliferate beyond normal levels, they can invade the nail, leading to infection.

This condition can affect both toenails and fingernails, but it is more common in toenails due to the conducive environment they offer for fungal growth.

The infection begins at the tip of the nail and progresses towards the base, characterized by nail discoloration, thickening, and possible discomfort or pain. In more severe cases, the nail may separate from the nail bed, an occurrence that can significantly exacerbate the condition.

Contributing Factors to Fungal Growth


Several factors contribute to the development and growth of toenail fungus. Understanding these can be crucial in both prevention and treatment:

  • Moisture: Fungi thrive in moist environments. Feet that remain wet for extended periods, whether from sweat or external sources, provide an ideal breeding ground for these organisms.
  • Poor Air Circulation: Shoes and socks that do not allow adequate air circulation create a warm, humid environment conducive to fungal growth. This is especially true for footwear made from non-breathable materials.
  • Warmth: Fungi prefer warm conditions. The insides of shoes can often provide the warmth necessary for fungi to flourish, particularly if the feet are not kept dry and clean.
  • Other Factors: Besides these primary conditions, other factors such as minor nail injuries, weakened immune systems, and pre-existing conditions like athlete’s foot can also increase susceptibility to toenail fungus.

The combination of these factors creates an environment in which toenail fungus can not only develop but also thrive. It’s important to note that once established, these infections can be stubborn and challenging to eradicate, often requiring targeted treatments like laser therapy.

Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus : A Cutting-Edge Approach


The battle against toenail fungus has a new ally: laser treatment.

A standout in this field is the ClearSteps Onychomycosis Treatment, utilizing the advanced Nd:YAG laser technology. This laser emits light at a wavelength that is particularly effective against the pathogens responsible for toenail fungus.

This innovative approach represents a significant leap forward in treating this stubborn condition, offering a blend of effectiveness, safety, and convenience.

Laser nail fungus treatment at Urban Body Laser is an effective toe nail fungus treatment.

How Does Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus Work?


  • Penetration of the Nail: The Nd:YAG laser light can penetrate the nail plate effectively. Unlike topical treatments, which may struggle to reach the infection site beneath the nail, the laser light travels through the nail to the fungus-infected area, ensuring that no part of the infection is left untreated.
  • Targeting the Fungus: The laser targets the fungus directly, delivering focused energy that heats the fungal cells. This heat is calibrated to a specific temperature that is lethal to the fungal cells but safe for the surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Destruction of Fungal Cells: The thermal effect of the laser disrupts the cellular structure and function of the fungus, effectively killing it. This process is precise and controlled, ensuring that only the infected areas are treated, preserving the healthy parts of the nail and surrounding skin.
  • Stimulating Natural Healing: The heat from the laser not only kills the fungus but also stimulates blood flow and immune response in the treated area. This natural healing process aids in the restoration of the nail’s health and appearance.
  • Preventing Spread and Recurrence: By effectively targeting and eliminating the fungus, laser treatment reduces the risk of the infection spreading to other nails or recurring, a common issue with other treatment methods.

The Nd:YAG laser treatment stands out due to its non-invasive nature, absence of harmful side effects, and its suitability for patients who may not be candidates for oral antifungal medications. It is a quick, in-office procedure that requires no downtime, allowing patients to resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.

The Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Procedure

The laser treatment procedure for toenail fungus using the Nd:YAG laser is a meticulously designed process that combines efficiency with patient comfort. It involves several steps, each crucial to the success of the treatment. Here’s what patients can expect during the laser treatment procedure:

Preparation for the Procedure

  • Initial Consultation: Before the treatment begins, an initial consultation is typically conducted to assess the severity of the fungal infection and determine the suitability of laser treatment for the patient.
  • Preparing the Nail: Patients are advised to clean their feet and trim their nails prior to the appointment. If the nails are particularly thickened due to the infection, they may need to be filed down. This step ensures that the laser light can penetrate effectively to the site of the fungus.

The Treatment Process

  • Application of Laser Pulses: The Nd:YAG laser is used to administer pulses of light to the affected nails. The laser device is moved over each nail, ensuring full coverage. This process involves emitting a series of quick pulses that penetrate the nail and reach the fungus underneath.
  • Sensation During Treatment: Patients may feel a warm sensation during the treatment, which is typically well-tolerated. This warmth is a sign that the laser is effectively targeting the fungal cells.
  • Duration of Each Session: Each treatment session is relatively quick, often completed in about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of nails being treated and the severity of the infection.

How many laser sessions are needed for nail fungus?

  • Multiple Sessions Required: Treatment for nail fungus with laser usually requires multiple sessions. The exact number depends on the severity of the infection but typically ranges from 4 to 6 sessions.
  • Interval Between Sessions: Sessions are usually spaced about one week apart. This interval allows for the treated area to respond to the laser and begin the healing process.
  • Treating All Nails: As a precautionary measure, all nails are treated during each session, not just the visibly infected ones. This approach helps to eliminate any undetected fungus and prevent its spread.

Expected Results and Recovery Post-Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

When undergoing laser treatment for toenail fungus, it’s important for patients to have realistic expectations about the recovery process and the time frame for seeing results. Here’s what can typically be anticipated:

Is laser treatment for toenail fungus worth it?

  • Gradual Improvement: Unlike some medical treatments that offer immediate results, the recovery from toenail fungus using laser treatment is gradual. As the nail grows out, the new nail growth should be healthy and free from infection.
  • Visual Changes: Over time, patients will notice a reduction in discoloration and thickening of the nail. The new nail growth should appear healthier and more normal in color and texture.
  • Reduced Symptoms: Symptoms such as pain, discomfort, or foul odor should diminish as the nail heals post-treatment.

How long does it take for toenail fungus to go away with laser?

  • Initial Changes: Some initial changes may be noticeable soon after the treatment begins, especially the cessation of further deterioration of the nail.
  • Significant Improvement: Significant improvement is usually observed over a period of several months. Nails grow slowly, so it can take time for the new, healthy nail to replace the infected nail.
  • Full Recovery: A full recovery, where the nail appears completely healthy, can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on the individual’s nail growth rate and the severity of the initial infection.
  • Follow-Up Assessments: Regular follow-up appointments may be necessary to monitor the progress of the treatment and ensure the fungus is being effectively eradicated.
  • Maintenance: Post-treatment, maintaining good foot hygiene and following preventive measures are crucial to prevent reinfection.


By following this structured approach, laser treatment for toenail fungus provides an effective solution for those seeking relief from this persistent condition. It’s important for patients to understand that while laser treatment is effective in treating toenail fungus, the recovery process requires patience and proper nail care. Regular monitoring and adherence to preventive practices play a significant role in ensuring the long-term health and appearance of the nails.

Laser treatment for nail fungus in Vancouver is applied at Urban Body Laser by experts and technicians.

Advantages of Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus Over Traditional Methods


While natural nail fungus treatments have their place, the efficacy and quick action of laser treatments often position them as the best toe nail fungus treatment option for many sufferers. Laser treatment for toenail fungus, particularly with the use of Nd:YAG laser technology, offers several significant advantages over traditional treatment methods like oral medications and topical creams. These benefits not only enhance the effectiveness of the treatment but also contribute to a more patient-friendly experience.

Non-Invasive Nature

  • Minimal Discomfort: Laser treatment is non-invasive, meaning it does not require any cuts or incisions. This results in minimal discomfort during the procedure.
  • No Anesthesia Required: The procedure typically does not require anesthesia, making it suitable for a broader range of patients, including those who might be averse to more invasive treatments.
  • Quick and Convenient: Being a non-invasive procedure, laser treatments are quick and can often be completed in a short office visit.

Absence of Chemicals or Oral Medication

  • No Systemic Side Effects: Unlike oral antifungal medications, laser treatment does not have systemic side effects. This is particularly beneficial for patients who may have contraindications to oral medications due to liver or kidney concerns.
  • No Topical Residue: Since no creams or ointments are used, there are no residues left on the skin, which can be both uncomfortable and messy.
  • Suitable for Allergy Sufferers: Patients who are allergic or sensitive to the ingredients in topical or oral antifungals can safely undergo laser treatment.

High Success Rate

  • Effectiveness: Laser treatment has shown a high success rate in clinical studies, effectively eliminating the fungus in many cases.
  • Reduced Risk of Recurrence: The thorough nature of laser treatment in targeting fungus helps in reducing the chances of recurrence, a common issue with traditional treatments.

Safety and Patient-Friendly Aspects

  • Safe for Most Patients: The procedure is safe for most patients, including those with underlying health conditions that may preclude the use of traditional treatments.
  • No Downtime: Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment, which is not always the case with more invasive procedures.
  • No Drug Interactions: Since no drugs are involved, there’s no risk of interactions with other medications the patient might be taking.

Overall Convenience

  • No Lengthy Treatment Regimens: Unlike topical treatments that need to be applied daily for extended periods, laser treatments are quick and require fewer sessions.
  • Consistent Results: The precision of the laser ensures consistent results across the treated area.


In summary, laser treatment for toenail fungus stands out as a modern, efficient, and patient-friendly option. Its non-invasive nature, coupled with a high success rate and minimal side effects, make it an attractive choice for both patients and healthcare providers.

Embracing Laser for Long-Term Relief from Toenail Fungus


Laser treatment for toenail fungus, with its high success rate and patient-friendly approach, stands out as a beacon of hope for those struggling with this condition. It offers a non-invasive, safe, and effective alternative to traditional methods, addressing the root cause of the infection without the side effects associated with oral medications.

If you suspect you have toenail fungus, or if you’ve been battling with this condition, remember that professional help is available and more accessible than ever. Consulting with a healthcare provider can provide you with a tailored approach and the most suitable treatment option for your situation.

Ready for Fungus-Free Nails? Don’t Wait! Visit Urban Body Laser today and book a consultation to explore your treatment options. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through a personalized treatment plan that will have you putting your best foot forward, confidently and comfortably.

Addressing toenail fungus not only improves the appearance of your nails but also contributes to your overall foot health and well-being. With the right treatment, guidance, and care, you can overcome this challenge and restore both the health and appearance of your nails. Book your free consultation with our skin experts at Urban Body Laser by calling (604) 696-5506.

Laser for hair removal on face is a safe treatment for unwanted hair on face applied in Vancouver at Urban Body Laser

Facial with laser treatment offers a long-lasting solution to unwanted facial hair.


Unwanted facial hair can be a significant source of discomfort, impacting self-esteem for many individuals. Unlike other areas of the body, facial hair can be challenging to manage, affecting one’s confidence. Fortunately, there’s a solution to bid farewell to unwanted fuzz—permanent facial hair removal through laser treatments.


The Ultimate Solution for Unwanted Facial Hair


Facial hair removal has long been a challenge for many of us. Shaving is time-consuming and can lead to irritation and dry skin, not to mention the results are short-lasting.

Are you tired of dealing with unwanted facial hair that’s hard to conceal? What if there was a solution for permanent hair removal?

Our laser hair removal systems go to the source to permanently remove hair. Urban Body Laser’s facial hair removal targets specific areas—the upper lip, chin, and sideburns. This isn’t just a temporary fix; it’s a permanent solution. It’s time to boost your confidence and embrace the transformative power of laser hair removal.

Laser for hair removal on face is a safe treatment for unwanted hair on face applied in Vancouver at Urban Body Laser

Benefits of Facial Hair Removal with Laser Treatments


Permanent Results: Have you ever wished for a permanent solution to facial hair? Imagine a life with no more worrying about unwanted facial hair. Laser hair removal offers a long-lasting solution to unwanted facial hair.

Visible Results: After just one treatment, you’ll notice a significant decrease and thinning of facial hair. The promise of a smoother, fuzz-free face becomes a reality.

The End of Irritation: Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation. Laser treatments are a gentle yet effective solution.

Confidence Boost: Experience a confidence boost as you unveil smoother, hair-free skin. It’s not just about removing hair; it’s about elevating your self-assurance.

Versatility: Urban Body Laser offers four different laser hair removal systems, ensuring effective treatment for various skin and hair types and body areas.

Discreet and Safe: Treatments are performed discreetly and safely at our downtown medical spa location.

Why Choose Facial Hair Removal with Laser Treatments?


Your facial skin is delicate and sensitive, making it susceptible to irritation caused by harsh hair removal methods like waxing, plucking, bleaching, or threading. These treatments often result in redness, rashes, and, in the case of waxing, the potential removal of the top layer of skin. Additionally, none of these traditional methods offer permanent hair removal.

You might wonder, does laser hair removal hurt? Face laser hair removal conducted by certified medical estheticians at Urban Body Laser, ensures minimal pain or discomfort during treatment. Clients typically experience thinner hair growth even after the first session, with the entire process requiring 5-10 treatments for permanent results.

Face laser hair removal is a convenient laser treatment for man and woman

Facial Hair Removal at Urban Body Laser: Navigating the Laser Hair Removal Process


Ever wondered how face laser treatment works? Laser for hair removal on face target the dark pigment of the hair follicle down to the root. The follicle is heated up and stops growing. Is hair removal laser safe? Yes! This precise approach ensures effective results without harming the surrounding skin.

If you are concerned about the time commitment, facial laser treatment is quick and convenient.  Facial hair removal sessions are short, often completed in less than 30 minutes, with no downtime. You can even schedule treatments during your lunch hour.

Curious about the frequency of sessions for hair removal on face? Sessions are generally booked about 6 weeks apart, and the number required depends on the amount, color, and thickness of the hair in the treated area.

Facial hair removal provides a permanent transformation for everyone

Say Yes to Smooth, Soft Skin: Book Your Free Consultation Today!


Tired of the constant upkeep of unwanted facial hair? Laser treatments provide a permanent transformation for everyone, allowing you to bid farewell to the hassle. Urban Body Laser targets key areas for a lasting solution with four different laser hair removal systems.

Your facial skin deserves the utmost care. Avoid the irritating effects caused by traditional hair removal methods and choose the path to a lifetime of smooth, soft skin with laser hair removal.

Face laser treatments aren’t just about removing hair; they’re about elevating your self-assurance.

Looking for a confidence boost? Book your free consultation with our skin experts at Urban Body Laser by calling (604) 696-5506.

Discover the magic of laser hair removal and say goodbye to unwanted facial hair for good!

Brazilian hair removal laser is applied by expert medical estheticians at Urban Body Laser

Brazilian bikini laser typically refers to a specific type of laser hair removal treatment that targets the bikini area.


As winter whispers its chilly arrival, it’s the perfect time to unwrap the gift of smooth, hair-free skin with Brazilian laser hair removal. In this journey through enchantment, let’s uncover the wonders of this transformative beauty ritual, tailored just for you.

Embracing Winter’s Embrace

The Season of Transformation

Winter, with its subdued sunlight, sets the stage for your Brazilian laser hair removal adventure. This enchanting season ensures minimal sun exposure, safeguarding your skin from the risk of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. The crisp air of winter becomes the canvas for the magic that awaits, making it the ideal time to embark on this transformative experience.

Customization: Your Unique Spell


Personalized Perfection

Imagine Brazilian laser hair removal as a bespoke spell, crafted just for you. Our skilled enchanters—oops, I mean, medical estheticians—understand that your beauty journey is as unique as a snowflake. Whether you desire a clean slate or a touch of creativity with a specific pattern, we’ll customize the magic to bring your vision to life. It’s more than just removing hair; it’s a journey of self-expression and empowerment.

Beyond the Bikini Line

Brazilian bikini laser typically refers to a specific type of laser hair removal treatment that targets the bikini area. Our magical treatment extends to the full pubic region, labia, and perineal areas, offering a canvas for you to express your individuality. Whether you’re dreaming of a pristine landscape or a carefully shaped masterpiece, we’ll create the perfect enchantment that leaves you feeling confident and empowered.

Dispelling Myths with a Touch of Magic


Timing Myths

Concerns about timing during your period are just myths. Brazilian laser hair removal can be scheduled even during this magical cycle. While sensitivity might dance to its own tune during your cycle or the premenstrual week, our expert team knows the perfect spells to ensure your comfort.

You can discover full brazilian laser hair removal before and after photos in our blog posts and services pages

Safety First

Worried about safety? Fear not, for Brazilian laser hair removal is a tried-and-true spell. Temporary redness or swelling may occur but consider it a magical side effect that fades within 72 hours. Your skin is in good hands, or should we say, wand-wielding estheticians.

The Journey to Everlasting Elegance

Timing Matters

Every magical journey has its ideal starting point. For Brazilian laser hair removal, the ideal time to set forth is in the fall or winter, when the sun takes a step back. Exposure to the sun in treated areas could play tricks on your skin, potentially causing lightning or darkening.

We also prefer not to enchant tanned skin—it’s all about setting the stage for spellbinding results.

Before the Spell is Cast

Prepare for the enchantment by shaving the entire bikini area, ensuring a clean, smooth slate for the laser’s magic. Aim for a shave ideally on the day of your laser treatment to optimize its effectiveness.

On the day of your laser session, our skilled technicians will guide you to a room where the magic unfolds. Prepare by undressing from the waist down and experiencing a swift procedure, feeling a sensation similar to a small elastic band snapping on your skin.


Brazilian hair removal laser is applied by expert medical estheticians at Urban Body Laser

After the Magic

Post-laser, expect some redness and slight discomfort. Our technicians provide a soothing gel, typically aloe vera, to alleviate any irritation.

It’s advisable to wear loose clothing afterward, as the treated area may be a bit sensitive.

The Spell of Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is the art of Brazilian laser hair removal.

As you progress through multiple sessions, you’ll likely observe positive changes in hair thickness and growth.  On average, our enchanting process requires 5-12 sessions for everlasting results. Your commitment to magical transformation is the key to unlocking the door to a hair-free world.

Urban Body Laser: Your Portal to Magical Transformation


Crafted with Precision, Delivered with Magic

In the heart of Vancouver, Urban Body Laser stands as a sanctuary where each procedure is meticulously crafted with precision for magical results. Our skilled magicians—I mean, technicians—utilize powerful lasers and light systems to weave spells that rid you of pesky hair. Whether you seek a full transformation or a touch of stylized wizardry, we’re here to create the perfect incantation tailored just for you.

Embark on Your Enchanting Journey with a Free Consultation

As winter whispers its cool breeze, let the magic of Brazilian laser hair removal cast its spell on you. This enchanting journey promises more than just smooth skin—it’s a celebration of your uniqueness and an embrace of the winter season’s gentle touch.

Urban Body Laser invites you to join us on this mystical journey to a world where smooth, hair-free skin is not just a fantasy but a tangible reality, perfectly timed for the enchanting winter season.

Step into the enchanting world of Brazilian laser hair removal, where each session is a chapter in your personalized tale of transformation. Wave goodbye to the mundane and embrace the magic that lies in the touch of a laser.

Ready to unveil the magic of Brazilian laser hair removal? Your journey begins with a free consultation. Call us at 604-265-8089, and let the magic unfold as we guide you through the realm of possibilities.

Discover the hydra facial benefits at Urban Body Laser with a professional treatment for the best hydrafacial results

Urban Body Laser is a trusted clinic that provides hydrafacial with its experts as the best address for hydrafacial treatments in Vancouver

A rejuvenating experience that leaves your skin radiant and healthy, regardless of your age. That’s the magic of HydraFacial treatments.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the world of skincare and unveil how HydraFacial can work wonders for individuals of all ages. Get ready to discover the transformative power of this facial treatment!

What is HydraFacial ?


A HydraFacial is a non-invasive, medical-grade facial treatment that combines various skincare procedures in one session. It typically includes steps such as cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and protection.

The treatment is designed to improve skin health, address issues like congestion, dehydration, and skin discoloration, and promote a radiant and rejuvenated complexion. HydraFacial treatments are known for being gentle and effective, suitable for a wide range of skin types and ages.

HydraFacial Before and After 30s


Are you part of the under-30 club? If so, you’re no stranger to the skincare battles that revolve around congestion and dehydration. The urge to layer on makeup and skincare products to hide imperfections can wreak havoc on your skin. But here’s the game-changer – HydraFacial.

This all-in-one treatment is like a superhero for your skin, cleansing, peeling, extracting, hydrating, and protecting in a single session. The result? Say goodbye to makeup overload and hello to a natural, dewy glow that’s nothing short of enchanting.

As we journey into our thirties and beyond, we encounter a new skincare challenge: aging. Our skin’s cellular turnover slows down, leaving us with a complexion that’s more “blah” than “ta-da!” Dead skin cells refuse to cooperate, blocking our skincare products’ best efforts to hydrate.

But here’s where HydraFacial works its magic. It sweeps away the old, revealing vibrant, well-hydrated skin that defies the years. The best part? These benefits aren’t just a quick fix; they’re long-lasting, rejuvenating your skin’s health and appearance.

Discover the hydra facial benefits at Urban Body Laser with a professional treatment for the best hydrafacial results

The Science Behind a HydraFacial Treatment


So, what’s this HydraFacial fuss all about? It’s a gentle, non-invasive, medical-grade facial treatment that’s like a spa day for your skin.

Let’s peel back the curtain on what happens during a HydraFacial session:

CLEANSE + PEEL: Experience a gentle exfoliation that unveils a fresh layer of skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and brand new

EXTRACT + HYDRATE: Gentle suction clears away pore-clogging debris while infusing your skin with rich moisturizers. It’s like a refreshing sip for your skin.

FUSE + PROTECT: Your skin is bathed in a luxurious blend of antioxidants and peptides, creating that radiant, lit-from-within glow we all desire.

But wait, there are more hydrafacial benefits! HydraFacial takes on congested skin, provides deep hydration, tackles skin discoloration, and supercharges the health of all your skin’s layers.

The Trinity of Skin Health: Hydration, Tone, and Texture


When it comes to assessing your skin’s health, keep these three factors in mind:

  • Hydration: Whether your skin feels dry, scaly, or tight, these are signs of dehydration. Even oily skin can signal dehydration as your skin tries to compensate with more oil. HydraFacial’s got your back!
  • Tone and Texture: Dull or radiant? Your skin’s appearance tells the story of its overall health. Your skin should radiate health and vitality. And with HydraFacial, it will.
  • Pores and Congestion: The visibility of your pores and the presence of dirt and debris within them give insight into your skin’s cleanliness. HydraFacial will give you smooth, congestion-free skin.Get the best hydrafacial results at Urban Body Laser in Vancouver and discover hydrafacial benefits before and after

The ‘HydraFacial MD’ Difference


What is the difference between Hydrafacial and Hydrafacial MD? It’s all about that patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system. With a touch of gentle lymphatic drainage and LED light therapy, you’ve got a powerful combo that stimulates collagen production and targets various skin concerns.


  • Blue Light: Bye-bye, blemishes and clogged pores. HydraFacial’s blue light is your secret weapon.
  • Red Light: Got fine lines, rosacea, sun damage, or scars? Red light’s got your back. It even helps even out your skin’s appearance.

Collagen production? Check. Reduction in fine lines, scars, and pores? Check. Non-invasive and downtime-free? Check and check. These are some of hydrafacial benefits. With this treatment, say hello to rejuvenated skin and a targeted approach to your unique skin issues.

Recommendations for Better Hydrafacial Results

Skin Facts You Can’t Ignore

Here’s a quick reminder: 90% of skin damage is brought to you by our friendly sun. After turning 20, your skin produces 1% less collagen per year. Even on cloudy days, UVA rays pack a punch, so always keep your sun protection game strong. Protect your skin like your future self will thank you for it.

Be Your Skin’s Detective

While the experts are just a call away, you can take charge of your skin’s health. Monitor your skin over time to spot trends and tailor your skincare routine accordingly. Your skin, your rules!

Rethink Your Skin Health

Think skincare is complicated? Think again. It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4. Dividing your skincare regimen into four layers – annual, monthly/quarterly, daily/weekly, and always – ensures simplicity and success. Just a few minutes a day can make a world of difference in your skin’s health.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with HydraFacial in Vancouver

At Urban Body Laser, we believe in the power of confidence, and confidence often starts with having amazing skin. Our HydraFacial treatments are designed to instill that confidence by promoting healthy and beautiful skin. With HydraFacial, you can unlock a more youthful, radiant complexion.

Don’t wait another day; book your complimentary consultation and embark on your journey to healthier, happier skin today. Your skin, your confidence, your journey!


Discover what is microneedling and the benefits of microneedling at Urban Body Laser

Discover Micro Needling Benefits at Urban Body Laser Vancouver
In the realm of skincare, an array of choices awaits to help you achieve your beauty aspirations, from chemical peels to lasers. However, today, we’re about to unveil the incredible benefits of microneedling, also known as skin needling or collagen induction therapy – your key to the skin you’ve always dreamt of.

Discover What is Microneedling: Embrace the Marvel


Imagine tiny needles gracefully performing their magic, delicately creating micro-injuries that set your skin’s natural collagen production into overdrive. The result? Fewer fine lines, plumper, more youthful skin, and a wondrous wound healing response that leaves your skin with a radiant glow.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! Microneedling is not your one-trick pony; it’s a versatile powerhouse with a plethora of benefits for your various skin concerns. Are acne scars, stretch marks, or those stubborn wrinkles and fine lines your nemeses? Microneedling has your back!

Unveiling the Microneedling Benefits


Let’s dive deeper into the magic of microneedling. Do you long to bid adieu to those acne scars? Picture this – a series of just three to five treatments, spaced two to four weeks apart, can work wonders, reducing scar visibility by a remarkable 50% to 80%. Microneedling for acne scars is an effective treatment for acne scar removal.

And what about those stretch marks, the telltale signs of life’s journey? Microneedling for stretch marks is here to help. It aids in healing atrophied skin layers, giving them a new lease on life.

Oh, and the pursuit of timeless beauty? Microneedling is your trusty ally. Whether you opt for a series of three to six treatments bi-weekly or monthly, those wrinkles and fine lines will meet their match.

Discover what is microneedling and the benefits of microneedling at Urban Body Laser

Microneedling Before and After: A Guide to Your Expectations

Now, let’s talk about what you can expect. Five treatments, spaced three to four weeks apart, and we’re talking about a whole new you. And guess what? Those tiny needles make the discomfort minimal. But if you’re extra sensitive, we’ve got numbing cream to ensure your comfort.

Our sessions are quick, a mere 20-30 minutes. And the best part? We can work our magic anywhere on your body. Microneedling under eyes, microneedling for face, legs, back and so on. Want to enhance your results? Pair microneedling with our BBL treatments or Microdermabrasion.


Post-treatment, anticipate some redness and mild swelling for a few hours to a couple of days, but that’s a small price to pay for the radiant skin that awaits. You might spot a hint of bruising or tiny blood spots, but rest assured, they’ll vanish within 24 to 48 hours, leaving behind smoother, more radiant skin within a week.


The Journey Continues: Microneedling Aftercare


To ensure you make the most of your microneedling journey, take these precautions to heart for micro needling aftercare. Active inflammatory acne lesions? Hold off for a bit. Cold sores making an appearance? Let them take their leave. And if recent sun exposure has left its mark, give your skin a few weeks to recover before scheduling your session.

In the ever-evolving world of dermatology, microneedling stands tall, promising beautiful, healthy skin. The solution to scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines is right at your fingertips.

Discover the impact of micro-needling before and after the treatment at Urban Body Laser

Your Path to Stunning Skin Starts Today


Embrace the beauty of transformation and let your radiant journey begin. With microneedling, each session is a step closer to your dream skin – a canvas for your true beauty to shine. We have many options like:

Microneedling for Acne Scars: Bid farewell to acne scars with just three to five treatments, reducing scar visibility by 50% to 80%.

Microneedling on Stretch Marks: Rejuvenate your skin and improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Microneedling for Wrinkles: Rediscover youthful skin with a series of three to six treatments.

Discover the Benefits of Microneedling in Vancouver with Urban Body Laser


Our experts at Urban Body Laser provide instructions for micro needling aftercare

Uncover the wonders of microneedling right here in the heart of Vancouver, where beauty meets innovation. Urban Body Laser brings you the expertise, experience, and care you deserve, making your journey to stunning skin an unforgettable one. With our customized treatments, you can expect a range of benefits of microneedling, including:

Versatility: Microneedling can be performed virtually anywhere on your body and is suitable for all skin types.

Safety and Affordability: It’s a risk-free and relatively inexpensive option.

Quick Recovery: Experience minimal downtime, ensuring you’re back to your routine in no time.

Acne Solution: Microneedling stands as one of the best rejuvenation treatments to address acne concerns.

So, why wait? Embark on your path to stunning skin with the help of microneedling! Ready to transform your skin? Consult with our skincare experts at Urban Body Laser and let them show you the way.

Call now at (604) 696-5506 to book your free consultation and unveil the radiant you that’s been waiting to shine. Your journey to beautiful skin begins today!

The question on everyone's mind is, "Is laser hair removal permanent?

Is laser hair removal permanent? Will it really remove your hair for good?

Are you tired of dealing with unwanted hair and considering laser hair removal as a solution?

It’s no secret that this popular cosmetic procedure has gained a lot of hype in recent years, promising to be an effective way to get rid of hair permanently. However, with so much information out there, it can be difficult to know what to believe.

So, what is the truth about laser hair removal? Will it really remove your hair for good?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the science behind the procedure and separate fact from fiction. Whether you’re new to laser hair removal or have plenty of experience, we’re here to provide you with the comprehensive information necessary to make a well-informed decision.

Get ready to discover the truth about this revolutionary procedure and say goodbye to unwanted hair once and for all!

How does laser hair removal work?

The technician cleaning the area to be treated and applying a cooling gel to protect the skin from the heat of the laser.

The technician will clean the area to be treated and apply a cooling gel to protect the skin from the heat of the laser.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicles with concentrated beams of light. The pigment in the hair absorbs the light, which then damages the follicle and prevents it from producing new hair. The laser used in the procedure is attracted to the melanin in the hair, which is why it works best on dark, coarse hair. However, advances in technology have made it possible to perform laser hair removal on lighter hair as well.

The procedure is typically performed in a laser clinic by a licensed technician or doctor. Before the treatment, the technician will clean the area to be treated and apply a cooling gel to protect the skin from the heat of the laser. During the treatment, the technician will use a handheld device to deliver the laser pulses to the skin. The length of the treatment will depend on the size of the area being treated, but it can range from a few minutes to an hour or more.

After the treatment, the technician will apply a soothing lotion to the skin to reduce any redness or swelling. You may experience some mild discomfort during and after the treatment, but this can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

What areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a versatile treatment that can effectively target unwanted hair on various parts of the body

Laser hair removal is a versatile treatment that can effectively target unwanted hair on various parts of the body.

Laser hair removal is a versatile treatment that can effectively target unwanted hair on various parts of the body, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, chest, back, and even the feet.

Dispelling a common misconception, the effectiveness of laser hair removal extends beyond just the darkness or coarseness of the hair. While it is true that darker, coarser hair tends to yield better results, advancements in technology and our utilization of multiple systems have broadened the scope of successful outcomes to encompass a wider range of hair types and colors.

To ensure optimal results, it is essential to consult with our team of qualified professionals. They will thoroughly assess your unique hair and skin characteristics, enabling them to tailor a customized treatment plan that best suits your needs. By offering personalized advice and guidance, our experts will provide insights into the expected effectiveness and potential outcomes of the laser hair removal process.


At Urban Body Laser, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to laser hair removal. With six different systems, each designed with distinct capabilities and depths, we enhance your treatment experience. Trust our experienced team to define your customized treatment and deliver outstanding results that align with your individual requirements.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

The question on everyone’s mind is, “Is laser hair removal permanent?” The answer is not a simple “yes” or “no.” Laser hair removal can indeed provide a high degree of permanent hair reduction, with the majority of treated hair being effectively removed. However, it’s important to note that there is a possibility of dormant hairs, which were not actively growing during the treatment, resurfacing over time.

While laser hair removal treatments aim to target and remove hair follicles, it is possible for dormant hairs to become active and visible in the treated area. These hairs may require additional sessions to address and maintain the desired level of hair reduction.

Our commitment is to deliver exceptional results and minimize the reappearance of hair as much as possible. By utilizing advanced techniques and multiple treatment sessions, we strive to provide a highly effective and long-lasting solution for our clients.


The number of treatments required for optimal results in laser hair removal can vary based on several factors, including the specific area being treated, the characteristics of the hair being targeted, and the individual’s unique response to the treatment.

With advancements in technology, a broader spectrum of clients can now benefit from laser hair removal.

It’s important to note that advancements in technology have made laser hair removal more accessible and effective for a wider range of skin and hair types. While it was traditionally believed that laser hair removal may not be suitable for individuals with lighter hair or darker skin, advancements in technology have revolutionized the field.

With the availability of advanced machines that are safe and effective for darker and tanned skin, like the ones we have at our facility, a broader spectrum of clients can now benefit from laser hair removal. These specialized machines have the capability to distinguish between the hair and the surrounding skin, ensuring efficient and precise treatment.

During an initial consultation, our experienced professionals will assess your unique characteristics and determine the most suitable treatment approach. They will consider factors such as your skin tone and hair type to customize the treatment settings and maximize the effectiveness of laser hair removal for you.

Experience the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal at Urban Body Laser

When it comes to laser hair removal, Urban Body Laser stands out for its commitment to providing personalized treatments that cater to various hair and skin types. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure effective and long-lasting results for their clients.

Customized Treatment for Various Hair and Skin Types:

At advancements in technology have, we understand that every individual is unique, and so is their hair. We have 6 different systems we use for laser hair removal as not every machine is best suited for everyone, depending on the colour of your hair and skin along with the coarseness of your hair will depend on which machine is chosen for you. During the consultation the technician will assess to see which system is best suited for you and then will give you an opportunity to see what it feels like.

By tailoring the treatment to the specific characteristics of your hair, we maximize the effectiveness of the procedure. To determine the percentage of hair loss achievable and design a personalized treatment plan, it is recommended to schedule a consultation with our experts.

Pain Management Options:

While laser hair removal can be uncomfortable for some individuals, Urban Body Laser offers various pain management strategies to ensure a comfortable experience. Prior to the treatment, clients can take over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen to minimize any discomfort. Additionally, numbing creams can be applied to the treatment area to further reduce sensitivity. This pain management approach is similar to methods used during tattoo appointments, providing a familiar reference for those who have experienced tattooing.

Convenience and Reduced Irritation:

Shaving with dull blades can often lead to skin irritation and the development of ingrown hairs. Urban Body Laser highlights the inconvenience and potential discomfort associated with traditional hair removal methods like shaving. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, offers a long-term solution that significantly reduces ingrown hairs and irritations. By opting for laser hair removal, clients can enjoy smoother skin with minimal irritation, making it a more convenient and comfortable choice.

People enjoying at the beach after Tailored Solutions for Every Type at Urban Body Laser

Urban Body Laser has tailored solutions for everyone!

Customizable Treatment Areas:

At Urban Body Laser, we recognize the importance of customization when it comes to hair removal. With laser technology, we can precisely target specific areas according to individual preferences. Whether you want to remove hair from the full shaft, balls, taint, or even create intricate designs like landing strips or triangles, our experts can tailor the treatment to your grooming choices. This level of customization ensures that you receive the results you desire.


Professionalism and Discretion:

Personal concerns and potential discomfort related to intimate areas are handled with the utmost professionalism at Urban Body Laser. Our experienced technicians understand the sensitivity of the topic and ensure a respectful and discreet treatment experience. Clients can feel at ease knowing that their comfort and privacy are our top priorities.

Fertility and Safety:

Safety is a paramount concern for Urban Body Laser. When addressing concerns about potential damage to reproductive organs or fertility, our experts emphasize that laser hair removal does not cause any tearing or ripping. Whether it’s vajacial treatment or men balls hair removal, our treatments are conducted with care and precision to ensure comfort and safety throughout the process.

Permanent Results:

One of the key advantages of laser hair removal, as highlighted by Urban Body Laser, is its long-lasting or permanent results. Unlike waxing, which requires repeated sessions to maintain hairlessness, laser hair removal provides a more permanent solution. By undergoing laser hair removal treatments, clients can significantly reduce the need for frequent maintenance, saving time and effort in the long run.

Ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to long-lasting results? Whether you’re new to laser hair removal or seeking a customized solution for your unique hair and skin type, Urban Body Laser has you covered. Book a consultation today and discover the personalized treatments, pain management options, convenience, and professionalism that set us apart. Your journey to smoother, hair-free skin begins here.

A couple on the beach with hair free bodies after a laser hair removal treatment

Take the first step toward your desired smooth, hair-free look with laser hair removal treatments at Urban Body Laser!

I. The Laser Hair Removal Treatment Process for Men

Are you considering laser hair removal for men but have questions about the treatment process? Understanding how it works and what to expect can help alleviate any concerns. Our previous blog post can help you to answer your concerns. In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in a typical laser hair removal session, from preparation to aftercare. You’ll gain insights into the procedure’s duration, comfort measures, and the importance of post-treatment care.

Let’s dive into the world of laser hair removal and discover how it can provide a long-term solution to unwanted hair.

A. Procedure and duration

Understanding the treatment process is crucial to alleviate any concerns you may have about laser hair removal for men. Here, we will outline the general steps involved in a laser hair removal session and provide an estimate of the duration for a typical treatment.

Steps involved in the laser hair removal treatment:

  1. Preparation: To optimize the effectiveness of laser hair removal and ensure a smooth and successful session, proper preparation is essential. Before your laser hair removal session, it is important to have a fresh, clean shave in the treatment area. This step is crucial because it allows the laser to target the hair follicles directly, maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment.
  2. Comfort and safety measures: Before the treatment begins, the practitioner will ensure that you are comfortably positioned and ready for the session. They may provide you with protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser light.
  3. Application of cooling gel: A cooling gel or gel-like substance will be applied to the treatment area. This gel serves multiple purposes, such as protecting the skin, enhancing the effectiveness of the laser, and providing a cooling sensation for increased comfort.
  4. Laser application: The practitioner will use a handheld device that emits laser pulses onto the targeted areas. The laser will be moved across the skin, targeting each individual hair follicle.
  5. Sensation during treatment: You may experience a slight tingling or warming sensation as the laser energy is delivered to the hair follicles. The cooling gel and the integrated cooling system in the laser device help to minimize discomfort and maintain the skin’s temperature.
  6. Completion and aftercare: Once the treatment for the desired areas is complete, any excess cooling gel will be removed, and a soothing gel or cream may be applied to help calm the skin. You will receive aftercare instructions, which may include avoiding sun exposure, wearing sunscreen, and keeping the treated area clean and moisturized.

Duration of a typical laser hair removal session:

The duration of a session can vary depending on the areas being treated and individual factors. On average, a session targeting multiple areas such as the bikini area, shaft, testicles, and bum cheeks may take around 30 minutes to complete. However, it is important to note that treatment times can be shorter or longer depending on the size of the treatment area and the density of the hair being treated. During your consultation, the practitioner will provide you with a more accurate estimate of the treatment duration based on your specific needs.

It is essential to communicate openly with the practitioner throughout the treatment process. If you experience any discomfort or have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to share them with the practitioner. They are there to ensure your comfort and address any queries you may have.


B. Post-treatment care

Proper aftercare is crucial to ensure optimal results and a smooth recovery after laser hair removal. Here are some essential post-treatment care tips to keep in mind:

Removing the gel and applying aloe vera gel:

After your laser hair removal session, the practitioner will provide you with a cloth or wipe to gently remove any remaining cooling gel from the treated area. It is important to follow their instructions and ensure that the area is clean and free of any residue. Once the area is cleaned, applying a soothing aloe vera gel can help alleviate any temporary redness or irritation and promote healing.

Importance of proper aftercare:

Following the laser hair removal treatment, it is crucial to take proper care of the treated area to achieve optimal results. Here are some general aftercare recommendations:

  • Avoid exposing the treated area to direct sunlight or tanning beds. If you need to be in the sun, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF to protect the treated area.
  • Avoid hot baths, saunas, or activities that may cause excessive sweating immediately after the treatment, as this can irritate the skin.
  • Keep the treated area clean and moisturized. Use gentle cleansers and fragrance-free moisturizers to maintain the skin’s hydration.
  • Avoid using abrasive or harsh skincare products on the treated area for a few days after the treatment.
  • Follow any additional instructions provided by your practitioner specific to your skin type and the treated area.

Scheduling follow-up appointments:

Laser hair removal typically requires multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. During your consultation, the practitioner will discuss the recommended number of treatments based on your hair type, skin tone, and treatment goals. Regular sessions are typically spaced several weeks apart to allow the hair to go through its natural growth cycle and target the hair follicles effectively.

By adhering to the recommended aftercare guidelines and scheduling your follow-up appointments, you can maximize the benefits of laser hair removal and enjoy long-lasting results.

II. Real Life Experience with the Balls ‘N’ All Treatment

For a firsthand account of the Balls ‘N’ All treatment at Urban Body Laser, we highly recommend watching the YouTube video featuring Scott’s experience here:

Scott shares his thoughts and praises the exceptional service he received at Urban Body Laser. From the welcoming atmosphere to the cleanliness of the facility and the professionalism of the staff, Scott’s positive remarks showcase the high standards maintained at our clinic. By watching Scott’s testimonial, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of the Balls ‘N’ All treatment and the overall quality of service provided by Urban Body Laser.

If you are seeking a reliable and reputable laser hair removal clinic, Urban Body Laser, as testified by Scott, could be a promising option for you. Our commitment to personalized treatment, attention to detail, and dedication to achieving desired results can give you the confidence to embark on your own laser hair removal journey.


III. Summary and Key Takeaways:

In this comprehensive guide to the Balls ‘N’ All treatment, we have delved into the world of laser hair removal for men. Let’s recap the key points we have discussed:

  • Laser hair removal for men is a viable option for long-term hair removal needs.
  • The treatment process involves the use of heat and cooling systems to ensure comfort.
  • Increased blood flow during treatment is a natural response and aids in the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Laser hair removal does not affect fertility as the laser targets hair roots and not reproductive organs.
  • A consultation with professionals is important for customized treatment.
  • A fresh, clean shave before each session is necessary.
  • The treatment is possible for various areas such as the bikini area, shaft, testicles, and bum cheeks.
  • Proper post-treatment care promotes healing and soothes the skin.

Embarking on a laser hair removal journey can provide long-lasting results and eliminate the hassle of traditional hair removal methods. With the right information and guidance, you can confidently make an informed decision about your hair removal options.

Remember, at Urban Body Laser, the key is to prioritize your comfort, safety, and desired outcomes. Book a consultation with our professional technicians today, explore your options, and take the first step towards achieving the smooth, hair-free results you desire.

A confident man in the beach enjoying laser hair removal treatment

Men are discovering the benefits of laser hair removal too!

Laser hair removal has emerged as a popular and effective method for individuals seeking a long-term solution to unwanted hair. While it has been perceived as a treatment primarily for women, there has been a notable rise in the number of men recognizing and embracing the advantages of laser hair removal for their grooming requirements.

When it comes to laser hair removal for men, knowledge is key. Understanding the process, its benefits, and potential considerations is crucial for anyone considering this form of hair removal. It is natural to have questions and concerns, especially when it comes to intimate areas or unique considerations for men’s balls hair removal.

In this blog post, we will explore Balls n All™ Laser Hair Removal treatments at Urban Body Laser, shedding light on the process for laser hair removal for men, addressing common concerns, and providing a comprehensive guide to help individuals make informed decisions about their hair removal journey.

Whether you’re curious about the level of discomfort, potential impact on fertility, or the personalized nature of the treatment, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

I. Understanding Laser Hair Removal

A.      Overview of the process


Laser hair removal is a method that utilizes concentrated beams of light to target and destroy hair follicles, preventing future hair growth. The process involves several key steps to ensure effective and safe treatment for laser pubic hair removal for men .

How laser hair removal for men works:

During the treatment, a handheld device emits pulses of laser light that are absorbed by the pigment (melanin) present in the hair follicles and the absorbed light energy converts to heat, damaging the follicles and inhibiting their ability to produce new hair.

High-tech lasers target and destroy hair follicles, preventing regrowth.

During the treatment, a handheld device emits pulses of laser light that are absorbed by the pigment (melanin) present in the hair follicles. The absorbed light energy converts to heat, damaging the follicles and inhibiting their ability to produce new hair.

How painful is laser hair removal for men:

To ensure both efficacy and patient comfort, modern laser hair removal devices incorporate advanced cooling systems. These systems help maintain the skin’s temperature and minimize discomfort during the procedure. The cooling mechanism can be in the form of a chilled tip or a burst of cold air that accompanies the laser pulses. Thanks to the integrated cooling systems, the process is generally well-tolerated and causes minimal pain. The cooling effect helps to alleviate any heat sensation and provides a soothing experience.

In addition, for individuals who may have a lower pain threshold or prefer additional numbing, we offer the option of applying a topical numbing cream. This cream is applied to the targeted area and effectively numbs the skin, ensuring a more comfortable experience for those who may be more sensitive to the laser’s heat.


B.      What happens if I get an erection during laser hair removal?

During laser hair removal treatments, it is not uncommon for individuals to experience certain physiological responses, such as increased blood flow or even the possibility of an erection. While these responses may initially raise concerns or cause embarrassment, it’s important to understand that they are normal physiological reactions and should not be a cause for alarm.

Understanding the physiological response in laser hair removal:

When the laser comes into contact with the skin, it can stimulate blood flow to the treated area. This response is a natural reaction of the body and occurs due to the heat generated by the laser. It’s crucial to recognize that the physiological response of increased blood flow is a normal occurrence and should not be a cause for concern or embarrassment.

Our medical professionals performing the laser hair removal for men’s privates are well aware of these potential reactions and are trained to handle them with professionalism and discretion. They understand that these responses are involuntary and unrelated to any sexual arousal.

How it can aid in the treatment process:

Interestingly, the increased blood flow resulting from the physiological response can actually benefit the treatment process. When the area is engorged with blood, it becomes slightly firmer, making it easier for the laser to target and treat the hair follicles. This means that a physiological response like an erection can even facilitate a more effective and efficient treatment.

Rest assured that the Urban Body Laser’s medical professionals performing the procedure are trained to maintain a high level of professionalism and focus on providing the best outcome for the treatment.


C.      Does laser hair removal affect male fertility?

Laser hair removal for men's privates is generally considered safe and effective, when performed by trained professionals using appropriate equipment.

Laser hair removal for men’s privates is generally considered safe and effective, when performed by trained professionals using appropriate equipment.

Concerns about the potential impact of laser hair removal on fertility, particularly in sensitive areas, are common among individuals considering the treatment. So, you might ask: Is laser hair removal for men’s privates safe? Laser hair removal for men’s privates is generally considered safe and effective, when performed by trained professionals using appropriate equipment.

The laser machines utilized in hair removal treatments are specifically designed to target and eliminate hair follicles. Their penetration depth is limited, reaching only the level where hair roots are present. As a result, men balls hair removal does not have any impact on the reproductive organs, which are located deeper within the body.

Numerous studies and extensive clinical experience have shown that laser hair removal for men does not have any adverse effects on fertility. By choosing a reputable clinic like Urban Body Laser, and following the aftercare instructions provided, you can undergo the treatment with confidence and enjoy the benefits.

Urban Body Laser is dedicated to providing the best service for permanent hair removal for men.

Urban Body Laser is dedicated to providing the best service for permanent hair removal for men.

Ready to embark on your journey to smooth, hair-free skin? At Urban Body Laser, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best laser hair removal experience. Our team of professionals is here to address your concerns, ensure your comfort, and help you achieve desired results. For full body permanent hair removal for men, you’re in the right place.

Do you want to learn more? Discover the next steps of your journey in our second blog post, where we delve even deeper into the practical aspects of laser hair removal for men, including the treatment process and our Balls-n-All™ treatment package details.

Don’t let questions or hesitations hold you back. Book a consultation with Urban Body Laser today, and let’s explore your personalized laser hair removal treatment plan. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to newfound confidence!

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know


What are the benefits of laser hair removal?


Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser technology to remove unwanted hair from all areas of the body, including legs, arms, back, chest, and bikini area. This treatment offers a permanent hair removal solution and is a popular choice for both men and women looking for a hair-free lifestyle.

The benefits of choosing laser hair removal over other hair removal methods include pain-free and long-lasting results, improved skin texture and tone, and a significant reduction in the amount of time spent on grooming. In this blog post, we will explore the process of laser hair removal, the areas of the body covered by laser treatments, what to expect during and after the treatment, the cost factors of laser hair removal treatments, and more.


How is the laser hair removal treatment performed?


Laser hair removal works by using a concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. This beam of energy that is created either by a laser or a light will turn into heat and that heat damages the follicles. The technology used in laser hair removal treatments is highly advanced and effective which involves a process called selective photothermolysis, where the laser targets only the hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin. During the treatment, a trained technician will use a handheld device to deliver the laser energy to the targeted areas. The length of the treatment will depend on the size of the area being treated, but most sessions typically last between 30 minutes to an hour.


Laser hair removal offers permanent hair removal solutions for various areas of the body.

Experience laser hair removal for permanent results across multiple body areas.


What areas of the body are covered in laser hair removal?


The number of sessions required for each area depends on the individual and the size of the area being treated. Generally, patients will need between five to twelve sessions spaced several weeks apart to achieve optimal results. It’s important to note that the number of sessions required may vary based on factors such as hair color, skin type, and the thickness of the hair. Before undergoing laser hair removal, it’s essential to consult with a qualified technician to determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

Laser hair removal is a comprehensive treatment that offers permanent hair removal solutions for various areas of the body. Some of the most common areas treated include the legs, arms, back, chest, and bikini area. Additionally, facial hair and underarms can also be effectively treated with laser hair removal. Men’s hair removal services have become increasingly popular, and our clinic offers specialized treatments tailored for men as well. One of our most popular treatments, known as “Balls N All” is specifically designed for intimate areas. For more information on this treatment, you can check the related blog post on our website that discusses the benefits and details of Balls N All. We also have many articles available on our website that provide comprehensive information on other treatments, such as facial hair removal, underarm hair removal, and back hair removal.

With laser hair removal, you can achieve permanent hair reduction and enjoy long-lasting results. Say goodbye to the hassle of regular shaving or waxing and experience the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin with our advanced laser hair removal treatments.


How to prepare skin for a laser hair removal session?


Before undergoing laser hair removal, there are a few important steps patients should take to prepare for the treatment. Firstly, patients should expect to have a consultation with their technician to discuss their medical history and any medications they are taking. It’s also important to avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and self-tanning products for at least two weeks prior to the treatment. Additionally, patients should avoid any form of hair removal that involves pulling the hair out at the root, such as waxing or threading, for at least six weeks before the laser hair removal session.

Shaving, on the other hand, is recommended the day before the laser treatment, to ensure that the laser targets the hair shaft rather than the hair above the skin’s surface. The technician may also recommend that patients avoid applying lotions, creams, or perfumes to the treatment area on the day of the procedure.

By following these preparation steps, patients can ensure a successful and comfortable laser hair removal treatment.


What to expect during laser hair removal treatments?


During body laser and hair follicle removal, patients can expect to feel a mild sensation of heat or tingling in the treatment area. However, most patients report that the treatment is not painful and can be well tolerated. The technician will apply a cooling gel to the skin to help minimize any discomfort, and the handheld laser device will emit a series of quick pulses to target the hair follicles. Patients may feel a slight snapping sensation as the laser pulses, but this is generally not uncomfortable.

The length of the treatment will depend on the size of the area being treated and how many sessions are used, but most sessions last between 30 minutes to an hour. After the treatment, patients may experience some redness or swelling in the treatment area, but this typically subsides within a few hours.

The number of sessions required for optimal results may vary depending on factors such as hair color, skin type, and hair thickness. Generally, patients will need between five to twelve sessions spaced several weeks apart. To determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs, it’s important to consult with our qualified technicians, who can provide personalized recommendations based on your unique requirements.



How to care for the skin after full body laser hair removal?


After full body laser hair removal, patients should avoid sun exposure and any activities that could cause excessive sweating for at least 24 to 48 hours. It’s also recommended to avoid using hot water on the treated area, as well as abrasive scrubs or exfoliants for several days after the treatment. Patients should apply a gentle moisturizer to the treated area to keep the skin hydrated and avoid any potential for skin irritation afterward. It’s common for patients to experience some mild redness or swelling immediately after the treatment, but this typically resolves within a few hours.

In some cases, patients may experience temporary pigment changes in the skin, such as lightening or darkening of the treated area. However, these side effects are typically rare and resolve on their own within a few weeks. Overall, by following these simple aftercare instructions and using skincare products recommended by expert technicians, patients can ensure a comfortable and successful laser hair removal treatment.


Laser hair removal cost and the factors that influence it


The laser hair removal cost can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the treatment area, the number of sessions required, and personal needs. While the initial cost of laser hair removal work may seem high, it’s important to consider the long-term savings compared to other hair removal methods, such as waxing, tweezing, or shaving, which can require ongoing maintenance and expense. Laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction in hair growth, meaning patients may save money in the long run by avoiding the need for regular hair removal treatments. You can check our prices for a range of services, including Brazilian laser hair removal, bikini laser hair removal or laser hair removal for men, on our Pricing webpage.


In conclusion, laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to achieve long-lasting hair reduction in multiple areas of the body. With minimal discomfort and downtime, patients can enjoy the convenience of not having to regularly remove unwanted hair. By following simple aftercare instructions and consulting with a qualified technician, patients can ensure a successful treatment and minimize the risk of any potential side effects. It’s also important to consider the long-term savings compared to other hair removal methods. Overall, if you’re interested in achieving a hair-free body, full body laser hair removal may be the right choice for you.



Laser Hair Removal treatment in Vancouver, BC

Consulting with a reputable clinic or technician to discuss your options and determine the best approach for your unique needs is important. If you’re looking for a reputable and experienced provider of laser hair removal in Vancouver BC, look no further than Urban Body Laser.

Our team of skilled and certified technicians is dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments that deliver long-lasting results. Whether you’re interested in treating your legs, arms, back, chest, or bikini area, we offer customized treatment plans based on your goals and your lifestyle.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how laser hair removal treatment can help you achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of regular hair removal methods and hello to the convenience of a permanent solution with Urban Body Laser.

Acne, pimples, white heads, black heads – a result of diet, stress and hormones. This pesky skin condition and acne scarring are treatable at Urban Body Laser.

Options for acne treatments here at Urban Body Laser:

Consultation with skin assessment (sessions are approximately 45 mins to 1 hour)

For new clients – an Acne Specialist will take the following steps:

  • Conduct a visual and palpation skin analysis and determine your acne type and grade
  • Go over aggravating factors that make you break out — foods, medications, cosmetics, etc.
  • Teach you how to check your skincare products for pore-clogging ingredients
  • Educate you about the formation of acne and how our system works to target problem areas and get results

If you decide to work with us, we will take the following additional steps:

  • Determine your skin tolerance for our professional-strength products and perform an allergy test
  • Develop an individualized homecare regimen specifically designed for your skin type and acne needs for the first 2 weeks

Acne Consultation with Treatment (sessions are approximately 2 hours)

For new clients. At this appointment you will have the following:

  • In-depth Acne Consultation (see above)
  • A customized Acne Treatment

PLEASE BE AWARE: If you have been on any prescription topical product (i.e. Differin, Retin-A, Clindamycin, Epiduo, etc.) you MUST discontinue use for 2 weeks prior to your appointment, or book the consultation only.

Chin Acne

Our Acne Program

Acne is a complex disease. This is why we utilize a multi-aspect approach with the Acne Program at our clinic. With our Program we don’t just address current breakouts; we focus on acne prevention and on guiding our clients up to the point where their skin stays clear forever. With your commitment to our Program, we will take control of your acne in as little as 10-16 weeks.

Our Acne Program will do the following:

  • Target current breakouts
  • Prevent future breakouts
  • Improve pigmentation

We will take the following steps:

  • Develop a customized skincare regimen at the initial consultation
  • Detect acne triggers in everyday life that exacerbate acne, such as food, skincare, makeup, and birth control
  • Adjust your skincare regimen and perform customized treatments every 2-3 weeks
  • Guide you through the whole process of getting clear. You will contact your Acne Specialist directly!
  • Educate you about how to keep your skin clear

We will need your commitment to:

  • Skincare regimen recommended by your Acne Specialist
  • 3-4 Acne Treatments for mild acne or 6 -8 Acne Treatments for more severe acne
  • Following all recommendations you receive at your Acne Consultation

Acne Treatments

  1. We use the Sciton BBL Blue Light (420nm) to treat inflammatory acne. Our guests come in for 20-30 minute treatments a few times over the course of a few weeks and receive the Blue Light treatment that painlessly destroys the bacteria that causes acne. The skin heals quickly and this process can be used on almost any skin type and level of acne from mild to severe. The treatment is virtually painless (most guests indicate their skin feels warm and tingly).
  2. We use Fontona’s Nd:YAG laser light to target overactive sebaceous glands in order to reduce the risk of developing new acne inflammation. This treatment also speeds up healing and promotes collagen remodeling.
  3. Hydrafacial Acne Treatment can be used for blocked pores, black heads or acne. This is a six-step treatment to clean out pores and calm inflammation. Bonus: it can also be used for large pores, oily, rough or dull skin, wrinkles, fine lines or skin discoloration.
  4. Our Hydrafacial MD  HydraFacial deep pore treatment can be combined with blue LED light therapy that can help with acne. If you’re suffering with , there are a number of treatments that might help. HydraFacial is safe for all skin types and can address a wide variety of cosmetic concerns, including acne, acne scars, discoloration, large pores, oily complexion, rough skin, dull skin, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Acne Scarring

Acne Scar Removal

  1. For acne and other scars, we use Fotona’s Er:YAG laser to gently vaporize the acne-scarred surface to show off the healthy, undamaged skin underneath. We also use the Fraxel, treating fractions of the skin at the same time by using laser skin resurfacing.
  2. We use dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and microneedling to get rid of acne scars. These treatments can be used for other purposes too, such as removing traumatic scars, rhinophyma (nose enlargement in rosacea), wrinkles, and tattoo removal.

Sometimes dark spots, red spots or purple spots can be left behind after the acne has cleared; we have suggestions for treating these as well.

Microdermabrasion for Acne

Acne is a common skin issue that impacts the lives of many Canadians. However, in this day and age, it can be effectively treated with a wide range of procedures.

For those who are experiencing acne outbreaks or even some light acne scarring, one technique that can be employed is microdermabrasion. (link to micro article on home page) This technique helps improve skin imperfections by removing the upper layer of dead and damaged skin cells. This in turn will reveal fresher, healthier-looking skin in the individual. In addition to this, Microdermabrasion can help promote the production of new skin cells, which in turn will have a higher level of collagen, which can help improve the look of mild acne scars.

Microdermabrasion is great for those with an active acne condition since it exfoliates the skin and helps clear clogged pores of oil and dirt. It should be noted that this procedure is not always recommended in every acne case. In some situations, microdermabrasion can aggravate the condition, however your Technician will be able to provide you with advice as to whether microdermabrasion is right for your acne treatment plans.  To help remove deep congestion you may add a steam and an extraction to increase the intensity and effectiveness of the treatment.

In addition to this, for individuals who have deeper acne scarring such as boxcar scars and ice pick scars then microdermabrasion is not likely the best solution. This would be Microneedling.


Because the microdermabrasion treatment is quite mild, we recommend four to six sessions, spread out across two to four weeks. This course of treatments will likely give you the best results and you should expect your skin to have a much more vibrant and rejuvenated appearance. Typically, most healthy individuals are ideal candidates for microdermabrasion but ultimately when you have an initial consultation you will be advised whether the treatment is suitable in your own individual case.

For those who are looking for a non-invasive treatment for acne, Urban Body Laser (link to homepage) may be the solution for you. Contact us online today or call our clinic based in downtown Vancouver at 604-696-5506 to learn more.


Why is skincare so important? Little acts can really add up. Our manager at Urban Body Laser, Janiece, shared this cautionary tale.

We all do our best to practice what we preach when it comes to taking care of our skin.

We try to make sure we are using proper products – PH-balanced cleanser, spritzers for particular concerns, proper moisturizers and so on. We keep clean brushes, wash them weekly and use clean pillowcases. We tell ourselves, “Don’t pick your face! Wash your hands!”

I know best that I shouldn’t be picking any pimples on my face. However, one day I woke up with a pimple on my face that was big and red. It had no whitehead. I left it all day and then before bed I had a very hot shower and steamed the big red pimple on my face. When I got out of the shower, there was a tiny whitehead on it. I gently tried to squeeze it, with no luck. The next morning, I had another hot shower and steamed it again. I got out of the shower and gently tried to squeeze the little whitehead again – nothing happened. Three days later we held a staff event and this thing was not looking so pretty. I covered it as best I could with my Colorescience and used a brush to cover the area with my pressed compact powder.

Skin Issues

This was the beginning of a month-long journey of dealing with increasingly difficult issues with my face.

I did my best to wash and keep my face clean. I chalked it up to irritation from me picking at it. After six days of a rash traveling in all different directions on my face, I took a picture of it and sent it to my friend who is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). He said that I had a Staph infection and needed to use some topical antibiotic ointment. I filled the prescription and spent two days applying it. During those two days, one hour after I applied it each time, my face was so itchy that I couldn’t stand the ointment – so I took it off. Needless to say, the infection kept spreading. It was oozing, moving farther along my face, cheek, chin and neck. It was painful, itchy and scary.

I ended up having to take a very high dose of penicillin to stop the infection. I was advised to check my temperature hourly – if it spiked, I would need to get to the hospital asap! After seven days of antibiotics, the infection was almost gone. Two days later, I went out for the evening and when I came home at around 3:00 am, my face started burning again. I didn’t realize that I had reinfected my face with my makeup brush and the pressed compact that I had used two weeks prior to cover what I thought was an irritated pimple. I didn’t know that I had reinfected myself, but instead thought the antibiotics had stopped working. I spent the entire Saturday with butterflies in my stomach all day, wondering what was going to happen to my face. Then, I started thinking about how I had used the brush again. I figured out that bacteria was still living on my makeup brush and pressed powder.


Janiece Skincare

It took well over a month for the skin on my face to get back to normal.

After the infection was gone, my face was irritated and dry because it had been so damaged by the infection.  I am so grateful I was able to use healthy products to restore and treat the affected area. I used R3 Derma Soothe, Aloe, and Revive to heal, plus Colorescience Tint du soleil, Pep Up and Pressed Mineral Foundation Compact to hide and heal.

I talk about keeping skin healthy and never in a million years did I think that this would happen to my face. It is sooooo important to keep your brushes clean! Don’t pick those nasty little annoying pimples…especially with fingers that have not been washed!

There are a lot of things here that I did wrong despite preaching these things daily:

  • Always wash your brushes
  • Never pick your face
  • Never touch your face with dirty hands

I am writing this article and sharing with you why we ask our guests not to do the things they need to do to keep their skin healthy and what can go wrong – all for the exact reasons of what happened to my face. I broke every rule that I preach and ended up spending almost an entire month of time treating my face, taking unnecessary antibiotics, being itchy and uncomfortable and missing out on work and social events.

I am sharing this to create awareness about the worst-case scenarios that can happen  – they even happen to us at Urban Body Laser when we don’t take our own advice.


A skincare routine encompasses all the choices you make and steps you take in your day-to-day skincare routine that have an effect on your skin health – from good dietary habits to getting enough sleep but remember, an effective and efficient skincare routine works only as well as the quality products you use and the regular regimen you follow, that have been selected with your specific concerns in mind.

As we’ve covered in earlier topics, the factors that contribute to your overall skin health (The Ultimate Guide to Skincare – What’s the Big Deal; The Ultimate Guide to Treating Dull Skin), this article will aim to focus mainly on the factor of products.

When Should You Start?

How ‘bout right now?!

The younger you are when you start, the better, but it’s never too late to establish healthy habits. Whether you want to help prevent or treat wrinkles, smooth away dryness or creases, or address other concerns or damage, you should start a skincare routine as soon as possible.

Age doesn’t matter; but skin type does.

Take into account, for a moment, a research-supported truth: “Skin has the same basic needs at every age”. Your age, gender, or ethnicity would be irrelevant, as your skin requires cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, protection, replenishing and restoration irrespective.

And as you age, your skin type changes. Some people may find their skin becomes drier with age, while others may experience oilier skin, breakouts and enlarged pores as their skin matures. For this reason, you should opt for a skincare regimen that is based on your skin type and concerns you want to address, and not on your age.

Good vs Poor Quality Products?

While good quality products help your skin look and feel better now, as well as in the future; poor quality products are ineffective and may even cause harm:

Good Quality are Products that:

  • Have quality ingredients that can improve your skin health
  • Protect from environmental damage
  • Help fight or slow down the effects of aging
  • Offer results for money
  • Have results that may be dramatic if maintained
  • Exceed standards and are more refined
  • Once established, are easier to maintain
  • Boost confidence and encourage you to adopt other healthy routines and an overall healthy lifestyle

Poor Quality are Products that:

  • Prevent the skin from performing its natural functions properly
  • Have ineffective results
  • Cause burning or stinging of the skin
  • Cause or spread infections
  • Cause irritation or allergic reactions (such as rashes or blisters)
  • Worsen problems by clogging pores or causing breakouts
  • Cause dehydration or peeling
  • Cause pigmentation changes
  • Cause excessive oiliness
  • Increase your risks of greater complications (such as cancers)
  • Waste your money

In saying “Good” and “Poor Quality” products, we are referring to products selected and utilized, with or without considering your specific skin type and concerns. This, in no way, makes reference to a particular brand.

Tips to Consider When Building a Good Skincare Routine

These are our top tips to consider when building your daily skincare regimen:

1. Know Your Skin Type

The only tips that can be applied to and followed by all skin types are:

  • Apply the four fundamentals – cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect!
  • Stay hydrated
  • Change pillow cases at least once a week
  • Wash or tie back hair before bed
  • Wear sunscreen every day and apply 15 minutes before going out
  • Don’t forget to patch test new products to avoid potential allergic reactions

Otherwise, steer clear of the idea of applying the “one size fits all” approach when it comes to your skin and its care.

As we mature and our skin is exposed to the elements, it evolves, and sometimes, our skin type alters in that process. In a previous article, we explored the various skin types and how to perform a self-evaluation. However, to be certain you’re using the correct products that satisfy your skin’s cravings, please visit Urban Body Laser to have one of our qualified aestheticians evaluate your needs.

2. Timing, Order and Method of Product Application All Matters

Consider Product Absorption Time

It’s highly important to allow adequate time for your skin to properly absorb the products you’re applying for effective results.

Layer Your Products from Thinnest Consistency to Thickest

Ideally, you should begin with the products containing ingredients that most critical for penetrating the skin (such as antioxidants in serums) – these products tend to be ‘thinner’ in consistency. Then, you want to lock these products in with a moisturizer, which is ‘thicker’ in consistency. Moisturizers contain ingredients like emollients and humectants, which are meant to sit on top of your skin to help keep it moist and soft.

If products are not applied in the correct order, you will not achieve the best results from your skincare regimen. Read further for more details.

Work Products into Your Skin in an Upwards and Outwards Motion

Using an upwards and outwards motion when applying products helps with lifting and firming the skin.

3. Back to Basics

No matter what your skin type is, a basic daily skincare routine can help you maintain skin health and improve some concerns. A basic daily skincare routine has 4 simple steps, that you can do twice daily – mornings and evenings.


Cleanser is the foundation of any skin-care routine. It’s important to gently wash your face twice a day to remove makeup, dirt and pollutants that have settled on your skin, that can cause clogged pores or irritation, and starting with a cleaned surface allows your other skincare products to work better.


Toner is used to rebalance your skin’s pH levels, as well as to remove anything missed while cleansing


Moisturizer should be used twice daily to hydrate and soften your skin, and prevent water loss that occurs throughout the day.


Using a physical sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) during the day, all-year-round.

The goal of any skincare regimen is to spruce up your complexion so it’s functioning at its best, and also target any areas you want to correct. In some case, faces do better with fewer products; so, if you’re just starting out, keep it simple with this basic skincare routine.

4. Always Wear Protection

We’ve mentioned it as one of the fundamentals and we’re saying it again, don’t forget the sunscreen. SPF protects your skin from sun damage such as spots, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and more importantly, it prevents more serious conditions such as skin cancer and melanoma. Remember to opt for a physical sunscreen (rather than chemical), that offers protection, water resistance, and has an SPF of 30 or higher.

5. Patience is Your Ally

Bear in mind that there’s no such thing as a quick fix. Patience, diligence and consistency will be required on your part, to stick to your regimen for a minimum of two-months before results are noticeable.

As the saying goes: “When it comes to patience, we don’t have to change old habits; we can build better ones.” – Sue Bender

6. Self-Care is Not Selfish

Opportunities for self-care have ultimately been replaced by working long hours and in some cases, caring for others before ourselves. But you wouldn’t drive a car with no fuel in it! In the world we live in today, setting aside time for self-care is not an indulgence but rather an absolute necessity — more now, than ever before.

So, drop the guilt and show yourself and your skin some love – it’s proven to have amazing physical and mental health benefits and ultimately benefits everyone else around you as well?

The A – Z of a Skincare Routine

Now that we’ve established the basics, let’s get into an actual skincare routine, shall we?

The Optimal Order to Apply Skincare Products

The main purpose of a skincare routine is to preserve your skin health and keep it functioning at its best. It is not about perfection or correction but rather, creating a strong foundation for your overall wellbeing. That said, there’s no singular prescribed skincare routine for everyone—it’s highly personalized.

So, what might this “foundation” look like? Well, we’ve included a daily skincare routine, showing the optimal order to apply your skincare products for both mornings and evenings:

Skincare Products

Okay, by now, you’re probably feeling slightly overwhelmed – I mean, who wouldn’t? But allow us to put you at ease.

In this next section, we aim to explore each product in more detail.

Let’s start:


What is it?

Cleansing (washing) your face to remove excess oils, dirt, and other unwanted particles on your face.

Regular cleansing is essential for maintaining proper hydration and removing excessive dirt, oil, and dead skin cell build-up on the skin’s surface, which causes bacterial blockages of the pores, resulting in inflammation, and acne.

How should it be applied?

  • Wash your hands and rinse your face with lukewarm water
  • Apply a small amount of gentle cleanser onto hands
  • Massage cleanser all over your face using gentle pressure
  • Rinse hands and massage your face with water to rinse until water runs clear and cleanser and grime are removed
  • Gently pat your face dry with a soft towel

Be sure to cleanse twice in the evenings, especially if you wear makeup:

  • First remove makeup with cleansing oil and soft cotton pad
  • Allow eye-makeup removers to sit for a few minutes so makeup comes off more easily; Avoid rubbing delicate eye area
  • Follow up with a full-face gentle cleanse

Alternatively, refer to product directions for proper application as products can vary in application

When should it be used?
Evenings (Double)
After exercising

Excessive cleansing can lead to skin irritation and stripping of essential skin layers

Our recommendation:
For Dry Skin:
Balancing Cleanser

For Sensitive Skin:
Calming Cleanser

For Oily Skin:

All Skin Types:
Sea Mineral Cleanse
Illuminating Cleanser


What is it?
Toners contain ingredients that replenish and restore nutrients to the skin, enhancing and hydrating the skin’s surface by unclogging pores, allowing better absorption of skincare products and providing additional cleansing

Toners may also help to relieve dry patches and discoloration

Toners also are condition-specific, so, depending on the condition of the skin, the toner will be customized

Exfoliating toners, retinoids or other exfoliators should not be used at the same time

How should it be applied?

  • Toners should be applied with a soft cotton pad, directly after cleansing
  • Pour a few drops of toner onto a cotton pad (ensure pad is not soaking wet)
  • Gently swipe onto your face and neck area, avoiding delicate eye and lip areas
  • Pay special attention to the hard-to-reach areas such as the eye brows, hairline and sides of nose

Alternatively, refer to product directions for proper application as products can vary in application

When should it be used?

Hydrating formulas can be used twice a day

Exfoliating formulas—formulas that remove dead skin cells with ingredients like glycolic acid—should only be used in the evenings.

Our recommendation:
For Dry Skin:
Illuminating Spritzer

For Sensitive Skin:
Calming Spritzer

For Oily Skin:
Pure Spritzer

All Skin Types:
Rain Spritzer


What is it?
Serums are known for their ability to penetrate deeper into the skin layers, enabling delivery of powerful ingredients directly to the skin.

Serums may contain exfoliants such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) or lactic acid.

Serums are great for treating specific skin concerns and are formulated according to one’s skin type

How should it be applied?

  • Serum should be applied with clean fingers, by gently patting onto skin
  • Ensure coverage of your entire face
  • Allowing serum to fully absorb into your skin before applying next product

Alternatively, refer to product directions for proper application as products can vary in application

When should it be used?

Use a serum with antioxidants—like a brightening vitamin C serum— in the mornings, for protection from free radicals you’ll encounter throughout the day.

Use a moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid, to keep your skin from drying out at night (especially if you’re using anti-aging or acne treatments that can irritate and dry out the skin)

Serums are normally applied after toners, just before a moisturizer or SPF, though always remember:

  • Apply water-based serums before moisturizer
  • Apply oil-based serums after moisturizer

Our recommendation:
For Dry Skin:
Illuminating Serum

For Sensitive Skin:
Organic Aloe Gel

For Oily Skin:
Vitamin A Serum

All Skin Types:
Aox + Serum
Rejuvenate +
Smoothing Serum


What is it?
Exfoliants work by removing the top layer of dead skin cells that can cause skin to appear thick and dull, to reveal a fresh, glowing layer of new skin. It also helps to dislodge ingrown hairs from beneath the upper layers of skin.

  • Chemical exfoliants – including alpha-hydroxy acids (aka AHA: glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid) and hydroxy acids (salicylic acid) – are excellent for inducing cell turnover, increasing collagen formation, and improving dullness
  • Physical exfoliation is manually scrubbing away dead skin cells, excess oil, and buildup with a face scrub

Face masks, reveal fresh, clear skin and leave your complexion looking polished and although relaxing, may dry out your skin if overused

How should it be applied?


  • After cleansing and toning, with clean hands, apply a thin layer of exfoliant over face and neck
  • Leave on skin for a few minutes
  • Gently massage over skin, using light pressure to exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells
  • Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear
  • Gently pat dry with a clean towel and follow with appropriate moisturizer


  • After cleansing and toning, with clean hands, apply a very thin layer to face and neck, avoiding eye area
  • Leave on for a few minutes; Rinse thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear
  • Gently pat dry with a clean towel and follow with appropriate moisturizer

Alternatively, refer to product directions for proper application as products can vary in application

When should it be used?

Exfoliating can be harsh on your skin, so it’s recommended to exfoliate no more than 2 – 3 times a week

Hydrating masks are recommended to be used no more than 2 – 3 times a week

Do not follow with toner or products that contain essential oils, acids or enzymes as irritation will occur

Our recommendation:

All Skin Types:
Microderm Exfoliant


For Dry Skin:
Refresh Hydrating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid

For Sensitive Skin:

For Oily Skin:
Flower Acid Peel

All Skin Types:
Detoxifying Mask
Glycolic Cherry Peel


What is it?
Eye creams protect your eye area from other potent skincare products and also help to moisturize, hydrate, illuminate, tighten, and provide antioxidants to this delicate area.

Eye creams may be used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness or dark circles under your eyes

How should it be applied?

  • To apply, tap gently around the entire eye area, including eyelid

In the mornings, use an eye cream that has a rollerball applicator – the cold steel helps with fluid retention

In the evenings, tap on a hydrating eye cream that will protect your under-eyes and repair your skin barrier overnight

Alternatively, refer to product directions for proper application as products can vary in application

When should it be used?

Apply before moisturizer, as eye creams tend to be thinner than face moisturizers

Our recommendation:
All Skin Types:
Aqua Eye Cream


What is it?
Moisturizers hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft to the touch and locks in all other applied products

Moisturizers may have an SPF, which offers UV protection


How should it be applied?

  • Dab moisturizer with clean fingers, onto the face and neck areas
  • Spread the moisturizer into the skin using a swirling (upwards and outwards) motions until fully absorbed into your skin
  • Wait for the moisturizer to dry before applying makeup

Alternatively, refer to product directions for proper application as products can vary in application

When should it be used?

Mornings: apply a lightweight lotion or moisturizer (ideally with SPF 30 or higher)

Evenings: apply a thicker night cream

Moisturizer should be applied as the last step before makeup is applied

Our recommendation:
For Dry Skin:

For Sensitive Skin:

For Oily Skin:
Matte Moisture

All Skin Types:
Enrich Plus


What is it?
Spot treatments work well for acne-prone skin and normally contain concentrated salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Spot treatments should be applied as close to the skin as possible, to maximize their benefits

If using a spot treatment, don’t combine it with retinoids or anything else that can irritate your skin

How should it be applied?
Remember that spot treatments may dry out your skin, so apply only on spots where needed

Alternatively, refer to product directions for proper application as products can vary in application

When should it be used?

Our recommendation:
For Oily Skin:


What is it?
Sunscreen should be the last step in your daytime skincare routine. It prevents skin discoloration, signs of aging and decreases the development of skin cancers.
Opt for: a sunscreen that offers SPF 30 or higher; a broad-spectrum SPF (meaning that your sunscreen protects from both UVA and UVB radiation)

Physical sunscreen: a natural mineral is used to block UV rays; works immediately; locks in moisture and reflects the heat

Chemical sunscreen: has to be absorbed into the skin to be effective so applying after your moisturizer will delay and hinder that; if you apply a chemical sunscreen before your moisturizer, then your moisturizer will not work as well.

For those who prefer chemical sunscreens, look for a formula that offers moisturizing benefits, so you can get your daily hydration needs while protecting your skin

Refer to product directions for proper application as products can vary in application

When should it be used?

Product should be applied and reapplied daily, irrespective of weather conditions

Our recommendation:
All Skin Types:
Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Face Shield SPF 50

We hope that this guide has helped you to understand the importance and benefits of a proper skincare regimen and the products involved.

However, if you would like to learn even more, then set up a consultation at Urban Body Laser today! Our friendly and qualified team would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you develop the best skincare routine and products for your concerns and lifestyle. Contact us at, live chat or at (604) 229-2836.

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Eye Cream

An eye cream is precisely as stated: an EYE cream. The skin around your eyes is up to ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face and shows signs of aging more quickly than other areas of the face do, hence. This thinness makes it more delicate, vulnerable, and prone to allergic reactions than other facial skin. This is why the delicate skin around your eyes needs an extra dose of TLC, which a regular face moisturizer might not be able to deliver. Using a regular face cream is not ideal and could even be damaging to that delicate area.

Does this mean having an additional product on your shelf? Well, it surely does! But when you break it down and realize how different the needs of the eye area are and the ingredients that go into these products, then, it will all make perfect sense.

How is the Eye area different?

Within the area around the eye itself, the skin is very delicate. The eye-area skin does not enjoy as much natural moisture from sebum (oil), leaving it prone to laxity, developing fine lines and wrinkles, becoming looser, and even thinner.

Eye products have been specifically formulated to ensure the essential ingredients actually gives the eyes what it needs, something which a face moisturiser cannot do.

Why should you invest in an eye cream?

The skin around your eyes also gets a much greater workout. Every time you move your eyes, whether you squint, smile, or widen them in surprise, you’re using muscles around your eyes. Over time, factors like dryness and loss of collagen and elasticity lead to the formation of small wrinkles near your eyes, commonly known as ‘crow’s feet’. Smoking and exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can also contribute to wrinkle formation.

Incorporating an eye cream into your daily skincare routine can help minimize the appearance of these wrinkles as well as tackle other skin concerns like dryness, puffiness, dark circles, and pigmentation.

And the sooner you start using one, the better. The best time to start using an eye cream is before you think you need one. It’s easier to prevent signs of aging than to correct them, so we recommend investing in an eye cream starting in the 20’s. Applying an eye cream twice every day for optimal results.

While the cost can be exorbitant, rest assured that it’s money well spent. Because the delicate skin around our eyes is usually one of the first spots on the face to show signs of aging, sun damage, and stress. Eye creams can be an effective preventive and reparative measure for addressing all of that. So, even if you only use cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, an eye cream would be a worthwhile addition to your skincare lineup.

What ingredients should you look for in an eye cream?

Some key ingredients to look for are hyaluronic acid and peptides. HA helps to hydrate while peptides boost collagen production, making your skin plumper and more youthful.Eye

Since the skin around your eyes has very few active oil glands, hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalene and ceramides are essential for drawing in and sealing in the moisture.

For anti-aging benefits, choose an eye cream containing retinol or a retinol derivative in a moisturizing base—look for ceramides, dimethicone, glycerin and oils in the ingredient list.

In addition, you should also consider factors like your skin type, what skin concern you wish to target, whether you’ll be layering makeup on top, etc. when picking an eye cream. So then, what ingredients should you look for in an eye cream?
Whether you want to tackle fine lines, treat dark circles, or reduce puffiness, our recommended skincare picks have got you covered:

To save time, can I use the same anti-wrinkle eye cream for my face and under eyes?

Skin care isn’t cheap and eye products tend to be more expensive. Which raises the question: why does moisturizer marketed for your under-eyes come in a tiny tube and cost so much more? Is it really that special? And are you doing your eyes a disservice if you use regular moisturizer as eye cream?

Eye Cream GridThe answer is absolutely. Let us explain – It’s true that eye creams contain the same types of ingredients found in many face creams. However, they’re also meant to address hyper-specific skincare issues. Not only does the skin underneath your eyes require more targeted TLC (i.e., retinol for wrinkles, ingredients for puffiness, niacinamide for dark circles, etc.), it’s also a lot thinner than other areas of the face—in fact, it’s the thinnest skin on the body.

In other words, it’s a lot more sensitive.

Now, let’s say you were to use a regular anti-wrinkle face cream with the same targeted ingredients on your under-eyes. That anti-wrinkle cream probably contains a much greater concentration of active ingredients to combat fine lines (somewhat ironic considering that eye creams cost way more than facial moisturizers). This isn’t a bad thing for your face, which can probably tolerate that, but it might not be so great for your under-eyes, which is a more delicate space.

Eye creams tend to be gentler, less irritating, and more moisturizing than regular creams because the delicate skin around the eyes is particularly prone to irritation, fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

That being said, you might be able to tolerate regular anti-wrinkle creams on the eye area—if your skin isn’t very sensitive and the formulation isn’t very irritating (read: no fragrances). But proceed with caution.

As for the matter of using eye cream all over your face (Beyoncé’s makeup artist even swears by it), there’s the obvious answer. Unless you’re Beyoncé, it’s going to be an expensive affair. For the financial downside alone, we don’t recommend it as an everyday practice. Plus, you’re actually better off not using an eye cream for your whole face because your face can tolerate (and will benefit from) much higher proportions of active ingredients.

Which one is better: eye cream or eye serum?

An eye serum is lighter than a cream, contains less oil, and uses a vehicle that allows for better penetration of potent anti-aging ingredients as opposed to an eye cream. “Eye serums in general are better for wrinkles, dark circles, reduction of puffiness and help improve skin firmness.”

When should I start using an Eye Cream?

Rule of thumb: When it comes to skincare, the earlier the better. In my many years of experience as a skincare specialist, I believe it’s the one product that you won’t appreciate the use of until you stop and can actually see the effect it has had. The reality is – prevention is better than cure – when it comes to the delicate eye area.Pretty Eye

It’s often the simple concepts of skincare that get lost in translation or that people become confused by, so we hope this has helped you understand this important concept of eye care. We also have a ton of info on our Instagram page to provide guidelines and tips.

If you have specific questions, we encourage you to please get in contact with us on (604) 696-5506 or book to have a consultation with one of our skin experts. We will work our way through a series of questions so that we are able to understand your skincare requirements, which will aid in ensuring the products we recommend are uniquely matched to these concerns.

The bonus of our R3 Derma Health skincare range is that we can custom blend our products to make sure they meet all the needs of your skin, perfectly!

R3 Derma Products

** Images of the skincare products mentioned in this article.




Hydrabooty is a treatment provided by Urban Body Laser to help with all sorts of skin issues. It involves steaming, hydrarejuvenation and a jelly mask. Hydrabooty helps with issues such as acne scarring, pimples, folliculitis, keratosis pilaris. To read more about Hydrabooty and the best butt acne treatment as well as gain some helpful tips for home treatment, visit our Hydrabooty page.

Skin Care

Here at Urban Body Laser, we realize that determining your skin type may feel a little overwhelming, like cracking a super cryptic code or searching for the missing piece of a complex genetics puzzle but it is an absolute necessity when it comes to ensuring proper skincare and overall skin health and longevity.

Knowing (and understanding) your skin type is the first step in the right direction to determining why you could be experiencing certain skin-related concerns and establishing a vital skincare routine – the basis on which all your products and regimens rest.

It will also aid in understanding your skin’s natural behaviors and responses, enabling you to introduce to your routine, better-suited products that are most effective for you, to target skin concerns specific to your own skin.

We would love to help you establish what your skin needs to look and feel its best but in order to do this, you must first understand the different skin types and determine your own skin


Understanding the Different Skin Types

There are five main types of skin, namely: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin. Skin type is predominantly determined by genetics. However, the condition of our skin may vary greatly in accordance with the various internal and external factors it is subjected to, such as climate, hormones, medications, diet and products, to name a few.

1. Normal Skin Type

What is “normal” skin?

The term ‘normal’ skin is widely used to refer to well-balanced skin. The scientific term for well-balanced skin is eudermic. Normal skin: is neither overly oily nor dry; is rarely sensitive or particularly problematic; has balanced sebum production and good blood circulation. This well-balanced healthy skin type has even levels of moisture and hydration, uniform texture and no obvious problem areas.

How to identify normal skin

Normal skin may be identified by the following properties:

  • Barely visible pores
  • A fresh, even tone
  • Soft and smooth texture with uniform transparency
  • Good blood circulation
  • Balanced oil production
  • No blemishes and
  • Minimal sensitivity

As a person with normal skin ages, their skin may become drier.

2. Dry Skin Type

What is “dry” skin?

The term ‘dry’ skin is used to describe a skin type that produces insufficient sebum and as a result, dry skin lacks the lipids it requires to retain balanced moisture and build a protective shield against harsh external influences (this leads to an impaired barrier function). Often characterized by its flaky and rough texture, dry skin (or Xerosis) exists in varying degrees of severity and in different forms that are not always obviously distinguishable.

Significantly more women suffer from dry skin than men, and all skin gets dryer as it ages.

The causes of dry skin

Dry skin may affect anyone but some risk factors raise your chances of developing dry skin. These include:

  • Age: as you age, your pores naturally produce less oils
  • Medical history: you’re more likely to experience eczema or allergic contact dermatitis, if there is a history of these conditions in your family
  • Seasons: dry skin is more common during the colder months, when humidity levels are relatively low. In warmer months, higher levels of humidity may prevent your skin from drying out.
  • Cleansing habits: taking long and frequent baths, showers or cleansing with very hot water strips the skin of its necessary oils

Skin moisture is dependent on water supply in the deeper skin layers and even perspiration. Skin is constantly losing water via:

  • Perspiration: active water loss from the glands caused by heat, stress or exertion and is vital for body temperature regulation and overall health.
  • Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL): the skin’s natural and passive process of water content regulation by diffusing about half a liter of water a day from the deeper skin layers.

Therefore, dry skin is caused by a lack of:

  • Natural moisturizing factors (NMFs): especially urea, amino acids and lactic acid – that help to bind in water.
  • Epidermal lipids: such as ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol which are needed for a healthy skin barrier function.

As a result, the skin’s barrier function may become compromised.

How to identify dry skin

Dry skin ranges from skin that is a little bit drier than normal, to very dry skin, to extremely dry skin.

These differences are normally be distinguished by:

Dry skin

  • Flaky, rough or tight feeling
  • Slight itchiness
  • Brittle, uneven texture
  • Dull looking
  • Low elasticity

Very dry skin

  • Mild scaling or patched flakiness
  • Rough and blotchy appearance (may appear to be prematurely aged)
  • Feeling of tightness
  • Itchiness
  • More sensitive to irritation, redness and risk of infection

Extremely dry skin

  • Roughness and inflammation
  • Chapping, fissures (cracks) and/or calluses
  • Scaling
  • Discoloration
  • Frequent itchiness

Extremely dry skin is most commonly found on the elderly or on severely dehydrated hands.

3.  Oily Skin Type

What is “oily” skin?

The term ‘oily’ skin describes a skin type with heightened sebum production. This excessing discharge of sebum is commonly known as seborrhea.

The causes of oily skin

A number of issues may trigger an overproduction of sebum. These include:

  • Genetics: oily skin tends to run in families. If one of your parents has oily skin, you’re likely to have overactive sebaceous glands, too
  • Stress and hormonal changes: androgens (the hormones mostly responsible for oil production) may sometimes fluctuate, stimulating an increase in sebum production, occurring most commonly during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Stress and illness may also prompt for additional hormones to be released, and with those hormones excess oils may be produced
  • Medications: acquiring oily skin is one of the possible side effects associated with taking oral contraceptives, hormone replacement medication and certain kinds of steroids. Some medications may also cause dehydration which leads to the production of excess oils
  • Enlarged pores: sometimes pores stretch out due to age, weight fluctuations and previous breakouts – larger pores tend to produce more oil
  • Environment: where you live and the time of year may contribute to oily skin. People in warmer, humid climates tend to have oilier skin. You are also likelier to have more oil on your skin during warmer seasons than you would in colder seasons
  • Poor diet: frequent consumption of foods high in sugars, refined carbohydrates and dairy may lead to overactive sebum production
  • Comedogenic cosmetics: frequent use of cosmetic products that cause irritation
  • Methods of cleansing: scrubbing too hard and too often, with abrasive tools or coarse exfoliators, and using harsh chemicals and soaps not suited for your skin type, strips the skin of moisture causing glands to overproduce oil

How to identify oily skin

Oily skin may be identified by the following properties:

  • Enlarged, obviously visible pores
  • Greasy appearance
  • Thicker, pale skin: blood vessels may not be visible
  • Prone of breakouts
  • Inflammation and discoloration in severe cases

Oily skin is prone to comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and to other varying forms of acne.

With mild acne, a significant number of comedones appear on the face and frequently on the neck, shoulders, back and chest too.

In moderate and severe cases, papules (small bumps with no visible white or black head) and pustules (medium sized bumps with a noticeable white or yellow spot at the center) appear and the skin becomes red and inflamed.

4.       Combination Skin Type

What is “combination” skin?

The term ‘combination’ skin describes exactly that – having a combination of oily skin in some areas and dry skin in other areas. Typically, there’s a mix of oily and dry areas on different parts of your face, with the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) being slightly to very oily and the cheeks being normal to dry.

The causes of combination skin

The oilier parts of combination skin are caused by an overproduction of sebum. The drier parts of combination skin are caused by a lack of sebum and a corresponding lipid deficiency.

A number of factors may cause combination skin. These include:

  • Genetics: if one of your parents has combination skin, you’re likely to have it too
  • Climate: you may see a change in your skin’s appearance depending on the change in the climate. You are likelier to have more oil on your skin during warmer seasons and your skin may feel dry in colder seasons
  • Products: the use of harsh products may and contribute to excess sebum production in the T-zone

How to identify combination skin

Combination skin may be identified by the following properties:

  • Oily T-zone (forehead, chin and nose)
  • Enlarged pores T-zone area, perhaps with some impurities
  • Prone to breakouts only on forehead, chin and nose
  • Normal to dry cheeks
  • Sensitive cheeks

5.       Sensitive Skin Type

What is “sensitive” skin?

The term ‘sensitive’ skin generally refers to skin that is more prone to inflammation or adverse reactions. People with sensitive skin are likelier to have strong, negative reactions to chemicals, dyes, and fragrances present in products that come into contact with the skin.

The causes of sensitive skin

Just like there are varying degrees of severity of dry skin, there are also different levels of sensitive skin. These may generally be divided up into four main types, namely, naturally sensitive, environmentally sensitive, reactive, and thin.

  • Naturally sensitive skin: the cause of this is genetics and may be linked to inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea
  • Environmentally sensitive skin: this type of sensitivity, as the name implies, is triggered by the environment. Factors such as sun exposure, cigarette smoke, air pollution that come into contact with the skin may cause irritation
  • Reactive skin: direct contact with certain products may cause the skin to react, becoming irritated, resulting in papules or pustules, warmness, redness and/or inflammation forming, where the irritant came into contact
  • Thin skin: as we age, our skin naturally becomes thinner, and thinner skin is easier to irritate

How to identify sensitive skin

Sensitive skin may be identified by the following properties:

  • Skin feeling itchy and tight
  • Uneven texture
  • Oily in warmer seasons
  • Dry in colder seasons
  • Reacts easily to certain skincare products
  • Redness after a hot water application (bath or shower)
  • Feels itchy while wearing tight clothes
  • Flushes easily after eating spicy food

If you need help with identifying your skin type, we’ve included below a very basic skin type test, which may be a useful tool:

Determining Your Skin Type


• Your skin doesn’t get more oily or drier during the day
• You only experience dry parches or excess oil seasonally
• You rarely experience breakouts or are sensitive to products

Your skin type is likely…


• You experience dry patches or flaking skin mid-day
• Your skin is rare oily, even at the end of the day
• Your skin often feels tight, itchy, or dry after cleansing

Your skin type is likely…


• Your face is shiny or greasy by mid-day, regardless of the season
• You frequently experience breakouts
• You have large and visible pores

Your skin type is likely…


• Your T-zone is consistently oily and your cheeks are often dry
• Your visible pores are concentrated in your T-zone area
• You experience acne and dry patches at the same time

Your skin type is likely…


• You often experience redness or irritation after applying new products or products with ingredients, like fragrance
• You have skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis

Your skin type is likely…

However, if you need further advice, we highly recommend that you contact us for a free consultation.

Evaluating skin type and condition

Unlike skin type, skin condition may vary greatly during a person’s lifespan. There are many internal and external factors that determine and affect its condition, including: climate and environment, medication, stress and illness, hereditary traits which influence the levels of sebum, perspiration and natural moisturizing factors that your skin produces, and even the products you use and the skincare choices you make.

Skincare products should ideally be selected to match skin type and address skin condition. Dermatologists and other skincare experts determine a person’s skin type condition by measuring the following factors:

Signs of Aging

Our skin type can evolve during our lifetime. Those with an oily skin type in their teenage years can find their skin becoming drier post-puberty and those with a normal skin type can find their skin getting drier as they age.


As all skin types age, skin loses elasticity, volume and density, fine lines and wrinkles appear and changes in pigmentation can occur. Understanding and measuring the signs of ageing helps us to determine the condition of our skin.

Skin Color

Skin color and ethnicity influences how our skin reacts to external forces such as the sun, pigmentation disorders, irritation and inflammation. Basic skin color is determined by the density of the epidermis and the distribution of melanin.

The redness of skin is also a useful measure of skin condition; it indicates how successful our circulation is and is helpful in identifying conditions such as couperose (or rosacea).

Sebum and Sweat Production

The amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands in skin controls the efficacy of the skin’s barrier function and, as a result, the condition of skin. The overproduction of sebum can lead to oily, acne-prone skin, while low sebum production causes dry skin.

The perspiratory glands in skin produce sweat to help the body to maintain its optimum temperature. Excessive or low sweat production can influence skin condition.

Skin Sensitivity

Sensitive skin is skin that is easily irritated and is more reactive to different factors, that are generally tolerated by well-balanced (normal) skin. For some people, sensitive skin is a permanent condition; for others, sensitivity is triggered by certain internal and external factors. It occurs when skin’s natural barrier function is compromised, causing water loss and allowing penetration of irritants. Symptoms are exacerbated by factors that facial skin is most exposed to, from the sun to some ingredients in cosmetics and cleansers. Identifying and evaluating symptoms such as redness, a rash, stinging, itching and burning help in determining skin condition.

Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs)

Naturally produced in healthy skin, NMFs such as amino acids help to bind water into the skin, maintain its elasticity and suppleness and prevent it from becoming dehydrated. When the skin’s protective barrier is damaged it is often unable to retain these essential NMFs so skin moisture decreases and condition is affected.


We sincerely hope that this article has helped you to understand the importance of knowing and understanding you skin type and want you to know that our friendly and qualified staff are always here to give you any recommendation, with utmost passion for skincare.

We proudly invite you to peruse our incredible product range at! Our collection of R3 Derma Health products contains the highest concentration of active and natural ingredients, best suited for those individuals who desire faster results.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us at, live chat or at (604) 265-7507. Or, if you would like to take advantage of our promotional offers, please visit for more information.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

The IPL skin rejuvenation treatment or Intense Periodical Light Photofacial, often referred to as photofacial or photorejuvenation, is a cosmetic treatment that helps you get rid of brown spots, irregular pigmentation, freckles, fine lines and other signs of aging. The treatment is performed at our medical spa, and is completely safe.

So, why should you go for it?

1. Little to no downtime

Since IPL skin rejuvenation treatment is a non-invasive treatment, it involves little to no downtime. The procedure is performed with the help of light energy of specific wavelengths, outer layers of the skin are not damaged during the process. This means that you don’t require to take any time off work, or disturb your schedule. The treatment even allows you to put on makeup, (although gently.) At Urban Body Laser we provide mineral make-up application after treatment. This treatment is different than traditional  laser treatments which could damage the skin or have other side effects.

2. Short sessions

One of the best parts of a IPL skin rejuvenation treatment is that it lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes per session. This means that you can get this treatment over your lunch break, and once done, you can return to your work. For the best results and to be completely effective, you generally need multiple sessions. We would recommend you book a consult with our medical aestheticians to fully understand the amount of treatments needed.

3. Get clear skin and a more youthful appearance

Our IPL skin rejuvenation treatments target a range of problems. It can help you hide the small blood vessels that have become visible. It can also help you get rid of irregularities in the skin tone, blemishes, sunspots, pigmentation and other skin issues.

4. Control acne

Do you have acne-prone skin? An IPL skin rejuvenation treatment can help you treat severe acne and the associated marks and redness.

Read more about treatments for acne

5. Minimize signs of aging

IPL skin rejuvenation treatment can help you tackle your visible signs of aging, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles, sunspots and fine lines. The treatment works by stimulating the collagen growth and improves the skin’s texture by penetrating deep inside the skin layers.

6. Compatible with other treatments

IPL skin rejuvenation treatments can be done in conjunction with other treatments, including microneedling and microdermabrasion for maximum anti-aging results.

7. Minimal discomfort 

Our IPL skin rejuvenation treatment is a completely painless procedure. While a small percentage of patients feel a slight sensation during the procedure, most of the others experience minimal pain. Since IPL is a non-invasive procedure, it involves very little risk. While it is possible to experience certain side effects like bruising, redness, or minor swelling  these are minimal and disappear naturally within a few hours or days.

ipl skin rejuvenation treatment

Before and After IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment


Why Choose IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments With Urban Body Laser?

Are you ready to turn back the clock with IPL skin rejuvenation treatment? Urban Body Laser is one of Vancouver’s longest running and most trusted skin and laser clinics. Our Technicians are trained to the highest standard to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

Call today to book your next treatment! (604) 265-8089

We are conveniently located on the NW corner of Hornby and Robson at Suite 860 – 777 Hornby St., directly across the street from the Art Gallery building. You will find secure public parking in the Paramount Building, one block south on Hornby Street. We also share parking with Hotel Vancouver next door. When parking, please follow the sign that says “Office Tower Parking.”

IPL photorejuvenation and IPL skin rejuvenation before and after photos.

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Photofacial and photorejuvenation treatments are gaining in popularity… and for good reason- because they work! Our BBL photorejuvenation treatments are capable of fighting the visible signs of aging and helping your skin appear younger.

What is BBL Photorejuvenation?

Put simply, BBL or Broadband Light photorejuvenation is a type of non-invasive cosmetic treatment that makes use of intense light therapy.

How Does BBL Photorejuvenation Work?

BBL photorejuvenation works by sending intense visible light and infrared light beam into the skin, thus making them reach the dermis and the epidermis layers. These light waves keep your skin genes active and prevent it from showing any visible signs of aging.

Initially, this treatment aims to restructure the skin cells and molecules in order to rejuvenate them and keep them fresh. Our BBL treatments utilize the highest quality equipment found  on the market and  help you in retaining the youthful elasticity of your skin while also keeping it tight.

With the completion of your treatments your skin will start improving in terms of structure, texture, pigmentation and you will be able to restore your youthful and glowing skin.

Benefits of BBL Photorejuvenation

This process of changing the skin’s structure into something more youthful helps you bid goodbye to wrinkles! This treatment also leads to a stable and balanced collagen deposition in the skin. Overall, BBL photorejuvenation provides multiple benefits to your skin. It has proven to be effective in treating various skin issues. Here are some of the most useful advantages of this technique:

  • Helps you get rid of/ reduce acne
  • Enhances your skin texture
  • Evens out the skin tone
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Can reduce facial hair

BBL photorejuvenation is an intense treatment that provides a substantial improvement in the skin’s appearance, however unlike more invasive procedures that may require you to go under the knife there is very little down time. You can expect mild swelling and redness, but both generally subside within 24 hours.

BBL photorejuvenation

Who is a BBL Treatment Right For?

BBL treatments can be adjusted in their intensity to provide results for a wide range of skin conditions and maturity. If you suffer from pigmentation issues, fine line, wrinkles, un-even skin texture, sagging or sun damage than this is an effective treatment for you.

Equipment Matters

Many media-spas may claim to provide photorejuvenation treatments however very few actually provide high quality and powerful equipment. At Urban Body Laser we use the Sciton BBL for our treatments. It is  the only device that has been proven to change the expression of genes associated with aging, longevity, and increased lifespan to provide the most dramatic results.

How Many Treatment Are Required?

The number of treatments required is dependent on the following:

• The total area of the treatment – the larger the area to be covered, the more time it will take to get the photofacial done
• The severity of skin issues – if your skin has more advanced signs of aging and sun damage more treatments may be required
• Skin pigmentation – if you have more pigmentation in your skin, your photofacial might last for a longer duration of time.
On average for optimal results a complete photofacial takes about 5 treatments across 2-5 months, depending upon the situation of the skin.

Why Choose Urban Body Laser?

Are you ready to turn back the clock with BBL photorejuvenation treatments? Urban Body Laser is one of Vancouver’s longest running and most trusted skin and laser clinics. Our Technicians are trained to the highest standard to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

Call today to book your next treatment! (604) 265-8089

We are conveniently located on the NW corner of Hornby and Robson at Suite 860 – 777 Hornby St., directly across the street from the Art Gallery building. You will find secure public parking in the Paramount Building, one block south on Hornby Street. We also share parking with Hotel Vancouver next door. When parking, please follow the sign that says “Office Tower Parking.”


Making a difference in someone’s life is the number one reason we do what we do. Seeing the impact we can make on a guest’s daily life, on their self-esteem, is so rewarding.
We get excited about the benefits that all our treatments offer and are always curious to see what our guests are looking for most often. Resoundingly, Laser Hair Removal has become the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatment around. Unwanted hair can cause embarrassment and even hinder your lifestyle choices. We want all our guests to feel comfortable living full lives in their own skin, and to do so effortlessly. Leaving behind plucking, shaving, and waxing can save you pain, time, and get rid of unsightly side effects like razor rash and stubble. There is so much to gain!

So, once you know you want long-lasting hair removal, which system is right for you? We can help with that!  Every treatment starts with a consultation with one of our trained medical estheticians to determine which system is best for you. We know the technical information can be a little overwhelming, so we encourage you to be open and present in your consultation.  Share with us what results you are looking for and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
It is important to have different system options because of course, we don’t all have the same skin or hair type. The size and depth of hair follicles vary from person to person and even within the same treatment area. It may be the case that different machines will be needed to complete a single session, and will shift as treatment progresses and follicles change. Skin type is rated using the Ftizpatrick scale using a number from 1-6, one being the lightest, six being the darkest. All our machines can technically treat the full range of skin types, however, there are ideal matches for safety and efficiency.
We have four different machines in our arsenal, all of which target the melanin in hair follicles to disrupt growth, but are each suited to different laser removal needs. All our machines are fully insured and calibrated consistently to keep them primed and ready to go!
A physical assessment and a written questionnaire provide our knowledgeable staff with the information they need to recommend an appropriate course of action. Based on the information our technicians gather, they will recommend one of the below systems.

System Ideal Skin Types Ideal Hair Types
Light Sheet ET: Suited to smaller, hard to reach spots. 1-3 Coarse/Medium. Light brown to black.
Light Sheet Duet: Similar to Light Sheer ET. Can handle larger treatment areas, working more quickly. 1-3 All hair types. Light brown to black.
BBL (Broad Band Light): Uses light to damage hair follicles. Tolerable on sensitive areas, like lips, nose, and underarms. 1-3 Fine hair. Light brown to black
Sciton Long Pulsed NdYag: Fast, effective treatment on any area, even for large treatment areas. Longer pulse and ideal wavelength means it can be used safely in summer months. All, including tanned skin Fine to coarse. Dark brown and black.

At the end of the day, our medical estheticians are here for you to make sure you are getting the best treatment possible. Having a full range of systems ensures that we are able to accommodate the complete spectrum of skin tones and hair types, and can adjust systems accordingly throughout your sessions. We want every session to be as comfortable and effective as possible. That is why we are committed to staying on top of the latest research and protocols so our guests are in safe, educated hands. We live what we do and we love it. We are always available for questions and are happy to hear from you!
For more detailed information on our different laser hair removal services, visit here!
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Client Satisfaction

Clients First: Informed, Accommodated, And Satisfied!

There are so many important elements that go into our treatments: educated staff, up to date technology and equipment, quality products. To us, the most important aspect of any of our work is the people. Our guests are always top of mind! We want our guests to feel informed, accommodated, and satisfied with their results. Our staff is always available for questions and consultations to ensure you are finding treatments best suited to your needs.
It makes us so happy to receive feedback like the review below, we wanted to share it! Marianne’s experience is exactly what we want everyone who walks in our front doors to experience. Thank you Marianne!

Testimonial from Marianne Stoody
“I have been coming to Urban Body Laser for YEARS. The first treatment I booked was underarm laser hair removal (very conveniently booked with their payment plan which is amazing). After only a few sessions, I noticed incredible results.  I believe I had 8 sessions on my underarms (usually 8-12 is recommended depending on your hair and your skin tone).  I had no idea it was possible to get the results I received.  I was shaving my underarms sometimes twice a day, I barely grow hair there now, my skin tone is clear and lighter – in the summer people constantly ask me if I’ve had laser/where I go.  I highly recommend this place and have sent family/friends and coworkers here and will continue to do so.
I did a bit of shopping around before purchasing my first laser package –  yes, you will find there are cheaper places in the city but there is a reason Urban Body is a tad more expensive – the place itself feels like a spa and you are treated as if you are at a spa. Staff is professional, knowledgeable, educated, friendly and truly care about your results. Lasers and equipment are top notch. They constantly have deals and specials that they always make sure their customers know about (one of my favorite things about this place is that they always want their customers to get a good deal – if they have a special on or coming up – they make sure you know about it and provide you with all the information as well as offer payment plans to work with you and what you can afford at the time).  Easy text and email reminders of appointments. Customer service also top notch – always work with you and your schedule to get you an appointment that works best for you (even if you end up changing it a million times).  
I was so happy with my underarms results that I booked Brazilian and half leg. Again, could not be happier with my results and it has been an amazing investment – barely have hair these areas anymore whatsoever. summer time is so easy, vacations are so easy – no more shaving constantly or spending money on waxing. skin itself is nicer, smoother, lighter, no ingrowns – almost looks airbrushed! very sparse re-growth. can go weeks without shaving anywhere now 🙂
I have had friends go other places, to save money and go the cheaper route – they have NOT had the same results.  My friend started laser the exact time I did, at a cheaper place in Vancouver – after chatting and comparing appointments she realized they were not turning up the laser after each session (something that should be done). She had 6 sessions and wasted hundreds of dollars.  I told her she should have spent a bit more, like me, to get best possible results. You get what you pay for.
I have also had a microdermabrasion facial here (which they put on my account for free – usually a treatment upwards of $200, as I had to wait a few minutes longer to get in one day – not a big deal, did not affect me at all and next thing I knew I had a free facial on my account).
I recently purchased 5 BBL laser facials and very excited to have my first appointment.  My favourite technician (Janelle) made sure I knew they had a special coming up and spent the time planning a payment plan that would work for me.  She always goes the extra mile. I fully trust her recommendations and advice.  She truly believes in the services she provides, as she has had many of the treatments herself and I think that is a very important element which the technicians here exhibit – they speak from experience and from a place of truly caring about you and your skin.   
By far, the best place in Vancouver to go for laser hair removal – the friends/family/coworkers I have sent here will tell you the same thing as they constantly thank me for sending them here too! Can’t wait for my further appointments and to start my IPL – always look forward to going in.
This review is long overdue. Thank you Urban Body!”

Urban Body Laser
777 Hornby St #860, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2G3
(604) 696-5506