Laser Back Hair Removal For Men

Unlike women who have been combating body hair since young adulthood, many men often find themselves at a loss for how to deal with unwanted excess body hair. For these men unwanted body hair is not just an inconvenience- it impacts their self-confidence and can have them feeling uncomfortable with their bodies during social engagements and inhibited during intimate encounters.

Excessive back hair is generally caused by genetics, additionally as they age many men experience thicker or increased amounts of  body hair, or hormonal changes can cause new hair growth.

At Urban Body Laser we offer a convenient and affordable permanent option for removing or thinning unwanted hair from just about any part of the body- for men having the back area treated is becoming increasingly popular.

Benefits of back laser hair removal

Minimal discomfort

Aside from the heating sensation, you feel as the instrument pulses on the skin, our laser hair removal treatments rarely cause our guests to report pain- just note that tolerance levels are different for everyone.

It’s Fast

Treating the back with laser hair removal takes roughly a 60-90 minute appointment time, then you can return to your day as regularly scheduled with no downtime afterwards.

Permanent back hair removal solution

Unlike waxing, shaving and threading; laser pulses are targeted at the hair follicles, killing the root- meaning hair doesn’t grow again or takes a longer time to grow in between treatments. Most men achieve permanent hair removal with 12 sessions of treatments, however thinning of hair is achieved after the first session with hair taking on average 6 weeks to grow back, after each treatment the hair takes longer and longer to return until permanent results are achieved.

Reduced sweating and body odour

When the hair is removed, so are the bacteria that cling to the hair follicle, this creates a cleaner skin surface with less risk of body odour. Without the warmth generated by hair on the back area sweating is also reduced (no more sweat stains!)

Say goodbye to rashes and ingrown hairs

Laser hair removal treatments eliminate the need to shave frequently and all the pesky problems that come with it, including in-grown hairs and razor burn.

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How to Prepare for Treatments

• Come clean and freshly and completely shaved, leave skin dry and avoid the use of creams and lotions prior to your treatment.

• Dress in loose fitting clothing to prevent any irritation post treatment.

• Stay relaxed! Some men feel self conscious during their first laser hair removal treatment, don’t worry our aestheticians work to create a calm and relaxing environment.

Why Choose Urban Body Laser?

Urban Body Laser is one of Vancouver’s longest running and most trusted skin and laser clinics. Our Technicians are trained to the highest standard to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

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