Another beautiful summer in Vancouver has come and gone. Patio lunches, seawall bike rides, and lounging at Third Beach may all seem like sweet distant memories. However, despite that the temperature has dropped and the days have grown shorter, there may be a few parts of summer that continue to linger…on your skin. That’s why Fall skincare treatments and products are critical for reversing those summer lovin’ days.

Even with the best physical sunscreen and an endless array of floppy hats, you may not have been able to completely dodge the after effects of harmful ultraviolet rays. So now that the tan has faded and you’ve traded swimsuits for wool scarves, the damage may be coming to the surface. However, not all is lost; the good news is that it’s not too late to do something about it.
From visible dark spots to rough patches on your skin, there are many ways that UV rays have wreaked havoc on your epidermis. Even if you can’t spot a few extra sun spots or moles, there are long-term effects that could haunt you later, as we know all too well how the sun can cause premature aging in the form of wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines.
The good news (yes, there’s more good news!) is that we offer a number of services that can combat these after effects. Here are Urban Body Laser’s favourite Fall skincare tips.

Best Fall Skincare Treatments

Don’t be intimidated by the name. This amazing treatment helps with product absorption as well as increases collagen, elastin, and circulation to your skin by providing tiny punctures to epidermis. These “micro-injuries” tell your brain to kick into repair mode, prompting more collagen to be produced and repair any damaged areas.

Whether you come to Urban Body Laser for treatments or we set you up with an at-home regime, this is an excellent post-summer treatment when paired with high quality skin care because it allows for better absorption of nutrients.

Are you noticing new liver spots? Fine lines? Unwanted freckles?

Then we highly recommend booking Photorejuvenation treatments. It uses light (in a good way) to repair and revive your skin. Non-invasive and highly effective, these can be done over your lunch hour. After a series of treatments, you’ll notice a significant reduction of unwanted pigmentation and the appearance of smoother, revitalized skin.

You know that feeling after you’ve just vacuumed your living room, or dusted your home? All of those micro particles are gone, revealing the true nature of your surfaces and leaving a sparkling finish.

Well, your skin is no different. It too needs a little help to remove the built-up waste, dust, and outdoor elements that prevent its true beauty from shining through. Enter Microdermabrasion. Compared to the texture of your cat’s tongue, this treatment is a favourite of celebs like Gwenyth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian, and gently removes the outer layer of the epidermis, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and improves blood flow for firmer, healthier looking skin.
If you’re starting to see the consequences of too much fun in the sun, don’t fret. Because everyone’s skin care needs are different, our medical estheticians can provide a free consultation on which products and services are right for you.

Quality Skincare
While the services we just listed will do wonders for reversing the damaging effects of the sun, they’re only going to be truly effective if you pair them with high-quality skincare that’s free of harmful chemicals and toxins. The only brands we use are Osmosis, Colorescience, and Pro-Derm. Not only are they known for their incredible anti-aging properties, but they’re also infused with nutrients that help with the repair process.

If you’re starting to see the consequences of too much fun in the sun, don’t fret. Because everyone’s skin care needs are different, our medical estheticians can provide a free consultation on which Fall skincare products and services are right for you.

Now that we’re halfway through summer, there are just a few weeks left to take advantage of these beautiful sunny days. While we all know the mood-boosting benefits of exercise, it only gets better when you move those endorphin-pumping activities to the great outdoors. In fact, a study shows that just 5 minutes of exercise in a green space can wake up your body and mind, making you feel happier and less stressed.

The Urban Body Laser team can attest that there’s nothing like heading outside for fresh air and fitness. Thankfully we live in such a beautiful city that there’s plenty of ways to stay active, whether it’s with a group of friends or that all-important ‘me time’. We polled the Urban Body Laser team to see how they love to get their heart rate up while also soaking up the sunshine (with plenty of sunscreen, of course!). The best part? No treadmill or stair climber required.

Beach Jogging
By taking your run to the beach, you’re getting a lot more than just better scenery. Landing on soft sand decreases the amount of stress that hard surfaces put on your feet, and the resistance naturally works your muscles better than the treadmill. The calming atmosphere of the beach sure doesn’t hurt either! Head to Jericho Beach to clock in those kilometres, and then after your run, the Hydrating Spritzer is a must, as it rejuvenates the skin after a sweaty workout.


Not only does hiking offer a physical challenge, but as we mentioned, being in nature is a serious mood-booster. The beautiful scenery and changing terrain shifts your focus to your movements and surroundings, taking your mind off of exercising and providing a sense of calm. Grab a friend and hit the trails for an all-day trek through nature’s playground (just don’t forget to pack plenty of water and sun protection). For the more advanced hikers, the Grouse Grind, Chief, or Sea to Summit are very challenging trails with views that can’t be beat. If you’re looking for something more leisurely, Quarry Rock or Lynn Canyon are also two of our faves.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding
A great exercise for balance and strength, stand up paddle boarding is also fun! Ideal for strengthening your core, it’s a relaxing activity where you can go at your own pace and enjoy Vancouver’s beautiful backdrop. By tuning in to the gentle rhythms of the water, a calm sense of awareness can be achieved. Head to False Creek and get paddling!

It may have been years since you last pulled out your bike, but it’s never too late to hop on two wheels again. The physical and mental benefits of cycling outdoors greatly surpass riding a stationary bike because you have to balance, steer, and respond to changing terrain. Trouble sleeping? Try going for morning rides along the Seawall, as the daylight exposure will help get your circadian rhythm back in sync and rid your body of cortisol, leading to a longer and more regenerative sleep. Just don’t forget your helmet!
These are just a few ways to stay active while also exploring your backyard. So skip the gym, grab your gear, and head out!

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Time really does fly by when you’re having fun. We can hardly believe it’s been 10 years since we opened our doors in Vancouver. Over the past decade, we’ve met some amazing people who have brought so much joy to our lives. From staff to clients, we’ve loved every second of it! Plus we’re always excited to bring in new changes, new services, and new products to our clients to ensure they continue to look and feel their best.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, then you already have the inside scoop that we’re giving our office a facelift! But before we cover the walls, our team has left lasting inspiration that will be under the paint forever.

This Thursday, December 4th, come celebrate 10 years with us while also giving back to those in need during our Annual Coats for Kids Charity Event. We talked more about this important charity in our previous blog post, but if you’re one of the first 25 people to come to our event with donations, you will receive fabulous gift bags filled with all of our team’s favourite items! Plus everyone will be entered into a draw to win $200-$400 value product gift bags from Osmosis, Colorescience, Proderm, and a $500 travel voucher!
The event takes place from 4pm to 8pm, and we’ll be serving plenty of drinks to cheers our 10th birthday with! RSVP by contacting us via email or phone: or 604-696-5506.
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