Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Brazilian Laser Hair removal is the most efficient form of permanent hair removal.

Different Types of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Ever wonder ‘exactly’ how much hair can be removed?

There are so many different names:

1) French Bikini:

This includes the area that shows around your bikini area when you are wearing a bikini bottom.

2) Bikini:

This area is the triangle area above your labia.

3) Brazilian:

This area is the triangle above the labia and the labia.

4) Bunny Tail:

This is the area between your bum cheeks.

**all the areas above are basic but can be customized and combined**


At Urban Body Laser, we make sure we know exactly what you want prior to treatment.

How Do We Do This?

We chart it, talk about it and then review it to make absolutely certain we are on the same page. When we treat this area, we do it all!   You can choose a specific area from the list above or you can completely customize to exactly what you wish to have.  Your wish is our command:)

How about the Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

We do that as well!  We call this the Balls n All.  For all you fellas out there, it is much more common than you think.  Check out our link, come in for a consultation and you will get all the information needed to see for yourself…it really is awesome!!

We also have four different systems used for Laser Hair Removal.  This means you will be able to start and finish your treatments in one place!

Still thinking about it?  Whether you are wanted the Brazilian Laser Hair Removal or the Balls n All, come see us and we will get you started.


Should I get treatment during my period?

Treatment can be done during your period, (just ensure a clean tampon is in), however you may experience an increase in sensitivity the week leading up during PMS.

When is the best time to have treatment?

Ideally you should start your Brazilian laser treatments when you have the least amount of sun exposure. Sun exposure to treated areas may put you at risk for hypo pigmentation (lightening) or hyper pigmentation (darkening) of the skin. We also do not to treat tanned skin.

How many treatments does a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment require?

Permanent results typically require 12 treatments, however in some cases it can be less. Number of treatments needed depends largely on our guests skin type, hair color and hair thickness.

How much is laser hair removal for the bikini area?

Individual treatments for the bikini area start at $199 with the brazilian area starting at $299 per treatment. However when purchasing the touch ups for life treatment package that permanently removes hair, treatment prices are significantly discounted more than 50% per treatment, an initial consultation must be booked in order to receive a proper quote.   

Before treatment shaved

After multiple treatments

Laser Hair Removal 3 Before

Before treatment

After multiple treatments

What to know prior to treatment:

  • Avoid tanning the treated area for a 5-7 days prior to laser hair removal to avoid any risk of skin pigmentation
  • Clean shave the treatment area the day of your treatment, do not wax or have the root of the hair removed
  • If you’re prone to skin sensitivity you may want to avoid caffeine for up to 24 hours prior to treatment
  • Know that during pms the skin may be more sensitive, if you are menstruating please come with a clean tampon inserted.
  • Are you ready to have your Brazilian laser hair removal treatments?

Urban Body Laser is one of Vancouver’s longest running and top medi spas! Our Medical estheticians can discuss all the options for a Brazilian laser treatment to ensure you’re happy with your results! Give us a call at (604) 265-8089 to book your free consultation today!

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