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Valentine’s Day Promotion: 20% off our new Colorescience Mineral Makeup!

Includes highlighter, bronzers, and blushes

valentines day

Guys, listen up. February 14th is just a few sleeps away, and if you’re thinking of giving your girlfriend or wife the same last-minute bouquet from the grocery store, we urge you to gift her something she really wants this year.

Chances are that the woman in your life wears make-up everyday. So why not give her something that not only lasts, but she can make use of? At best, flowers last a week until they start to wilt, whereas high-quality make-up from Colorescience can lasts months even when applied daily.

valentines day

Colorescience is a luxury cosmetics line that uses only high quality, efficacious ingredients. It’s versatile, easy to use, and won’t pollute your skin. We often see people with breakouts and irritations that are caused by the concealers and foundations they use, which are chalked full of harsh chemicals and fillers. That’s the difference between Colorescience and the cosmetics you buy at the drug store; it’s so pure and natural that it actually nourishes and protects your skin while offering the same coverage as regular make-up.

You could also buy her an Urban Body Laser gift card, that way she can choose which products she wants. To really score brownie points, schedule her a free consultation with our team!

valentines day

We know it can be hard shopping for your significant other in general, let alone navigating make-up. So if you need help, feel free to stop by Urban Body Laser in Vancouver and our medical estheticians will help you pick the right products for your lady. You can also peruse our products by shopping online.

So take advantage of our Valentine’s Day special, and get 20% off Colorescience luxury cosmetics for the big day! To learn more,

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