body hair removal for men

Body Hair Removal For Men

Body Hair Removal For Men

Whatever the reason, laser Urban Body Hair Removal is the best choice for men looking to go permanently hair free! Some men just prefer the esthetic look of a hair free private region, chest or back while other men like bodybuilders, athletes, and swimmer may choose to go hair free for the benefit of their sport. Whatever the reason laser hair removal is the best choice for men looking to go permanently hair free.

Body Hair Removal for Men: How many treatments are needed?

At Urban Body Laser we offer the “Touch ups for life” plan to ensure permanent results.We’ll make you permanently hair free in as little as 5-12 treatments, no matter how thick your hair!We want your laser treatments to be successful which is why when you commit so do we! Just purchase 5 treatments and your remaining 5 treatments will be on the house!

Since we offer 4 different laser hair removal systems, we can remove all your body hair efficiently, no matter your ethnicity, hair density, hair colour or skin type.

Our Laser Body Hair Removal System Stop the growth of hair in it’s tracks!

Most simply put our lasers penetrate the hair shaft to target and stop them from growing by blocking the blood flow and putting hair follicles into a permanent state of dormancy via photothermolysis. Hair grows in 3 stages, meaning multiple treatments are needed to ensure the hair is in the correct growth phase in order to be targeted.

How long do body hair removal laser treatments take?

The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the area being treated, however the average treatment area takes about 30 minutes.

What are the best treatment areas when it comes to body hair removal for men?

We can use laser hair removal to treat just about any area on a man’s body. The most popular treatment areas are for either removing or reducing hair on the back, chest, stomach, shoulders, and/or the Balls n’ All area.

Tips for those considering laser body hair removal

  • Avoid common skin irritants immediately following your treatments such as harsh soaps, chlorine, or extreme weather
  • Not sure of how much of your private region to have treated? Or if you have any other questions regarding laser hair removal we highly recommend you come for a consultation!
  • Avoid tanning the treated area for a 5-7 days prior to laser hair removal to avoid any risk of skin pigmentation
  • Clean shave the treatment area the day of your treatment, do not wax or have the root of the hair removed
  • If you’re prone to skin sensitivity you may want to avoid caffeine for up to 24 hours prior to treatment

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