Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

The Bikini Line

The bikini area consists of the hair line area that lies outside of the panty or bikini line. A bikini line laser hair removal treatment generally covers about three inches past this line, however it varies on the guest and how much growth she may have. The bikini line treatment can also address the sides of the labia and top of the pubic region, but this can be modified depending on each guest’s preference. Your medical esthetician will discuss these options during your consult or first visit.

The Brazilian

A Brazilian laser hair removal treatment goes a couple steps farther than the bikini treatment! It includes the full pubic region, labia and perineal areas. Some women choose to have the area completely bare, while others who choose brazilian laser treatment decide to keep some hair in the pubic region, such as a landing strip or shape. Whatever your preference we can customize a look for you that will leave you feeling the most comfortable.

Should I avoid my brazilian laser treatment during my period?

A brazilian laser treatment can be done during your period, (just ensure a clean tampon is in), however you experience an increase in sensitivity during your cycle or the week leading up during pms.

Is a brazilian laser hair removal treatment safe?

A brazilian laser hair removal treatment is completely safe! It’s not uncommon to experience redness or swelling on the treated areas, however this is temporary and usually subsides within 72 hours.

When is the best time to have a brazilian laser hair removal treatment performed?

Ideally you should start your brazilian laser treatments in the fall or winter months when you have the least amount of sun exposure. Sun exposure to treated areas may put you at risk for hypopigmentation (lightening) or hyperpigmentation (darkening) of the skin. We also prefer not to treat tanned skin.

How many treatments does a brazilian laser hair removal treatment require?

A brazilian laser hair removal treatment typically requires between 5-12 treatments for permanent results. Number of treatments needed depends largely on our guests skin type, hair colour and hair thickness.

Are you ready to have your brazilian laser hair removal treatments!?

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