IPL Treatment Vancouver

Looking for an IPL treatment in Vancouver? You’ve come to the right place! Urban Urban Body Laser is the top medispa and one of the premier providers to offer IPL treatments in Vancouver.

What is an IPL treatment?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and is the process that occurs in photorejuvenation or during a photofacial treatment. Our IPL treatments are a great option for anyone with sun damage and are an excellent way to treat, freckles, irregular pigmentation and age spots (light brown spots) on the face, neck and chest.

IPL works by treating the skin with quick and powerful bursts of light, the energy created by the light then penetrates beneath the skin’s surface, where it targets your unwanted brown pigment or melanin. The heat from IPL then breaks down this pigment where it will then typically darken and rise to the surface of the skin. The darkened pigment may resemble a tiny scab. Don’t worry this darkened pigment naturally sloughs off the skin within a week or is released through the body’s lymphatic system.

IPL treatments are not only an amazing option for treating sun damage but they also treat other skin care concerns that attribute to premature aging including:

Fine lines and wrinkles

Enlarged pores

Redness or rosacea

Dilated capillaries

IPL treatments done at Urban Body Laser require no down time! They can even be performed during your lunch time. These treatments use multiple wavelengths of light, however they are not technically considered a laser treatment. This technology works without causing deep resurfacing, reducing the amount of redness and swelling that can be experienced during a typical laser treatment.

Typically most of our guests will experience redness after an IPL treatment however not to worry our medical estheticians will make sure you’re properly covered with our medical grade Colorescience cosmetics to reduce the look of any redness so that you can go about your day un-interrupted .

How many treatments are required?

After just your first treatment you are sure to experience results. For the most effective treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, redness, pore size and sun damage we typically recommend a series of treatments that will be suggested to you during your initial consultation.

Who Should Try IPL?

Just about anyone who has endured sun damage is a good candidate for IPL treatments. Our younger patients can dramatically offset the aging process by using treatments as a preventative measure to keep skin tight, wrinkle free and clear of pigmentation. Those who are experience premature aging are able to turn back the clock and remove years of built up underlying sun damage.

Even though IPL treatments are an ideal option for almost anyone looking to reduce the effects of aging, we still require all of our guests to book a free consultation in order to properly access your skin and determine the best course of action and treatment types/number of treatments required.

What to know before your treatment

  • You should avoid tanning the skin prior to treatment or let your medical esthetician know prior to your appointment if you’ve had recent sun exposure
  • Limit your use of Retin-A or skincare acids, you should eliminate these ingredients a week before your session to prevent extra sensitivity

What happens during a treatment?

After your initial consultation and the completion of your intake forms you’ll be brought into one of our cozy treatment rooms. Your medical esthetician will ask you to lie on the bed and will put some protective eyewear on you. A cold gel will then be applied to your face, your tech will then use a hand piece to administer quick flashes of light pulses across the treatment area. Depending on the intensity of your treatment you may receive several passes over the treatment area.

Immediately following the treatment it’s very normal for the face to look red and flushed. This usually resides after a few hours, but of course we will having you looking like a million bucks after a Colorescience makeup application.

In about 24-48 hours you’ll begin to see your pigment raise to the surface like little scabs, do not pick at your skin! They will naturally slough off in the coming week or so.

Interested in finding out if a treatment is right for you? Come book your FREE consultation with Vancouver’s IPL treatment experts!

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