Laser Hair Removal Versus Waxing

Laser Hair Removal Versus Waxing

Who doesn’t want smooth soft skin- especially as we head into the Summer season. Laser hair removal and waxing continue to be among the most popular options for getting rid of unwanted body hair.  If you are self-conscious about excess body hair on your legs, arms, underarms, face, and other parts of the body, you may want to consider permanent hair removal.  Although waxing offers instant results, the results are temporary.  Additionally as the hair regrows after treatment it becomes more difficult for the wax to adhere to the hair follicle, leaving you with stray hairs that then need to be plucked. Wax treatments are considered very painful.  After undergoing sessions the skin is usually red, sore and quite swollen, pair this with results that are only temporary and you can see why laser hair removal is the better option.

Our clients prefer laser hair removal treatments because of the permanency and efficacy in which hair is removed. To get effective results and to ensure safety you should only have treatments conducted by a skilled and experienced professional.  At our Vancouver laser hair removal clinic we offer treatments for the face, underarms, legs, pubic area, back, chest, abdomen and shoulders, always performed by fully certified and rigorously trained medical estheticians.

How does it work?

The laser works by removing the ability of the follicle to produce hair.  Set at specific wavelengths, the laser or light system targets the dark pigment in the follicle, which is known as the melanin.  As it heats up the follicle, its size is reduced and it is no longer able to produce new hair.  Since the laser is set for targeting the melanin, skin nearby the treated area remain safe. For those very sensitive to pain, topical anesthetics can be applied to the skin to minimize discomfort, however this is rare.  Side effects, if any are very mild and include temporary redness and/or swelling.  No downtime is required. Generally we recommend 12 sessions over a two year period to achieve permanent results.  Some individual may need fewer or more sessions depending on their given situation.

Advantages of laser hair removal over waxing

Better appearance

Laser hair removal leaves skin looking soft and smooth without the worry of skin ripping off, bruising or scabbing that can encountered after waxing.  You can also shave when needed where as waxing you need to grow the hair out for weeks!

Greater self-confidence

Love the skin you’re in! Women feel free to flaunt that bikini body this Summer- not having to worry about excess or unwanted body hair will leave you feeling confident and looking gorgeous. Men you don’t need to take off all your hair, get treatments to permanently thin the hair on the chest and back.

No injuries

The most common hair removal method aside from shaving is waxing. Not only is waxing painful,  people with sensitive skin may experience bruising as the hairs are removed. Some may even experience ingrown hairs after waxing, laser hair removal, on the flip side, does not have any of these issues.

A permanent fix

Waxing and shaving offer temporary results. Free yourself from the monotony of a lifetime of razors and hot wax! Laser hair removal offers permanent results. After a series of 12 treatments that hair will not be coming back.

The economics of laser hair removal

While waxing may appear to cost less, a lifetime of continuous sessions makes it a much more expensive option overall. With laser hair removal the sessions do cost more but once it’s done it’s done. At Urban Body Laser our medi-spa offers a variety of payment options to make treatments affordable for everyone. The expense of treatments is temporary but you can enjoy the results permanently.

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