skin tightening

Laser Skin Tightening

How does skin tightening work?

The skin tightening treatment offered at Urban Body Laser is an effective, minimally invasive and non-surgical option for those experiencing skin laxity. All skin tones and skin types are candidates for this treatment.

Our laser skin treatment works by heating the collagen underneath the skin’s surface, causing it to contract. Skin tightening is noticeable immediately after as little as only one treatment, however the benefits continue to occurs over the next few months as new collagen increases, optimal results generally require a series of treatments. During your initial consultation at our medispa and with your skin esthetician we can determine the amount of treatments required.

Benefits of laser skin tightening

Our laser skin treatment is an extremely safe and effective method for treating skin laxity while restoring a more firm and youthful appearance to the skin. Treatment areas of skin tightening will also experience increased  collagen production, resulting in smoother and softer skin. After treatment and over the next several months following your laser skin tightening treatment your bodies natural stores of collagen will gradually begin to replenish.

What should I expect during a skin tightening treatment?

Prior to your skin tightening treatment your medical esthetician will cleanse your skin. Those with a low pain tolerance may request a topical anesthetic cream to be applied to the treatment area, however in most cases it’s not necessary. Most patients report very little pain from the procedure.  You will also be provided with protective eyewear.

At Urban Body Laser we take every effort to ensure your laser skin treatment is as comfortable as possible. Our practitioner uses our machine to apply brief pulses of laser energy to the skin, generally two to 3 passes over the treatment area is recommended. The total time of the treatment depends on the size of the area being covered, but generally takes anywhere between 30- 60 minutes to complete.

The beauty of this treatment is that it requires no downtime, Colorescience mineral make-up can be applied to offset any visible redness so that you are free to resume work or whatever your daily activities are. Side effects from skin tightening treatments are minimal and usually subside within a day. They may include redness, warmth of the skin and/or minor swelling.

Who should consider laser skin tightening?

This treatment is ideal for both men and women and all skin types and skin tones experiencing skin laxity. Our patients love this treatment because it allows them to achieve dramatic results without the risk and downtime required of a surgical procedure. The appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and loose facial skin is significantly reduced with an increase in collagen production resulting in a more youthful and firm complexion.

What areas of the body can be treated?

Laser skin tightening is effective for tightening almost all areas of the body experiencing skin laxity including the face, neck, abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks.

Is laser skin tightening painful?

During treatment your esthetician will use our machine equipped with a small handpiece to apply pulses of light to the treatment area. Most of our guests experience minimal discomfort and report the feeling of a gradual warming sensation to the treatment area, with a quick snap of energy per pulse. Those with sensitive skin or a lower pain tolerance will be offered topical anesthetic, we take every precaution to ensure you are as safe and comfortable as possible. The majority of our guests report minimal pain and any pain experienced resolves almost immediately after treatment.

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