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Did you know that laser hair removal is the most popular aesthetic treatment among non-surgical aesthetic treatments?

Most people want laser hair removal and that’s why we are here for you!  Even though it’s a popular aesthetic treatment, there is still so much to learn.  There are some great things to know about laser hair removal.   For you guys who suffer from painful razor rash or stubble, imagine never worrying about the inconvenience of shaving your face or balls n all area every day. I just heard a collective sigh of relief on that one!  And ladies, how does the idea of not having to shave your legs, underarms or bikini sound to you? You may be thinking – what would I do with all that time saved? And how about saying goodbye to those pesky razor nicks?

Have a look at all the information below and let us know how we can help get you started on your process!

Urban Body Laser has the right hair removal system for you

The old fashioned methods of removing hair—shaving, tweezing, creams, waxing—are time consuming and short lasting.  Although electrolysis can permanently remove hair, it is extremely slow and painful. Don’t settle for out dated solutions. Experience long-lasting results with laser hair removal treatments.

The Sciton Long Pulsed 1064 NdYag is a high powered technically advanced Laser Hair Removal System. In response to the increasing demand to remove unwanted hair on virtually any area of the body, the ability to offer superior results to the widest variety of patients is imperative. The Sciton Long Pulsed 1064 NdYag Laser System delivers a unique combination of laser parameters and contact cooling protection. Sciton Laser Systems represent a new simplicity in a state of the art package.

  • the right wavelength provides maximum exposure to the hair follicle.
  • the longer pulse is more effective and safer for the skin, especially in darker skin types.
  • the contact chilled plate cools the skin off providing more protection and excellent comfort.
  • quick comfortable treatment with virtually no down time for the patient.
  • safe effective treatments for all skin types (I to VI).
  • also can treat pusedofolliculitis barbae


Light Sheer ET:
Our Light Sheer ET has a penetration depth of 800 nanometers.  It is an ideal depth for laser hair removal.  It treats safely when your skin has been out of the sun for a month minimum.  It works on all skin types and hair types.  This system works best on the coarser and medium hairs.  It has a smaller treatment area so works well with smaller or harder to reach areas.

Light Sheer Duet:
The Light Sheer Duet is the same basic system as the ET with only smaller, yet very significant differences.  It is the updated version of the ET.  The Light Sheer Duet has a larger treatment area so is much quicker than the ET.  It has a vacuum assisted system pulling the target closer to the surface of the skin.  Therefore using less energy and essentially making the treatments more comfortable.

BBL Hair Removal (Also referred to as IPL)
Hair removal with BBL is another method of reducing and eliminating unwanted hair. This treatment uses the science of light to significantly reduce hair by targeting and injuring hair follicles without harming the surrounding skin.

How it works
BBL is short for Broad Band Light. It is a treatment that removes hair through a process called photoepilation. This is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. This means that the light energy is absorbed in the target hair follicles while sparing the surrounding, healthy tissue. While it is still a light source, BBL works differently than conventional laser systems. Instead, BBL systems use a broad light spectrum of light with wavelengths ranging from 590 to 1200 nm (green, yellow, orange, red and infrared). The wavelengths emit light energy in carefully timed pulses to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.  At the same time decreases the risk of skin damage and minimize pain.

During the treatment, a gel is applied to the treatment area in order to focus the light energy and cool the top skin layer. A handheld device is then placed on the skin and the treatment begins. The light energy heats and damages the hair follicle, typically causing follicle to stop functioning. BBL technology allows your technician to provide a procedure that is gentle and non-invasive.

BBL systems can also be customized to your specific skin color, hair color and hair density. It can be used on a wide range of hair colors, from light brown to dark black hair. It also removes hair from all skin types. Complexions from porcelain white through olive to dark brown. Hair on most parts of the body can be treated, no matter how deep the follicles reside. Sensitive areas like the lips, ears, nose, underarms, and bikini line can usually be easily tolerated.

BBL can also treat very large areas at one time. Approximately 100 to 200 hairs can be treated with each flash of the light.  Larger patches of hair on the legs, back and chest can be treated quickly in a single session. It can also be used for small delicate areas as well. Because of the length of time associated with other hair removal treatments, BBL may be a fast way to achieve a hair-free look.

As with other laser procedures, multiple treatment sessions are typically required for long-lasting hair removal.

Other than keeping the treated area protected from sunlight for a few weeks, you can return to your full, normal routines immediately.  Slight redness similar to a mild sunburn may occur.  This usually disappears over a few days.

When using BBL for laser hair removal it is very important to be out of the sun for a minimum of 1 month. During the summer months when being exposed to sunshine, our 1064 NdYag would be the appropriate choice of systems to be used.

Related article on BBL – Stanford University Study Finds Evidence that BroadBand Light Treatment Promotes Youthful Skin on a Molecular Level

Sciton Profile utilizes not one but two Long Pulse 1064 nm lasers for laser hair removal. Combined with the Large Area Scanner, treatment times can be up to six times faster on darker skinned clients than other systems. This is especially beneficial on large tedious areas such as backs and legs. The treatment chill plate on the Sciton ranges up to 3.1cm by 3.1cm with a small spot size of 5mm.  This is important when treating fine hairs.  You need to have a combination of high energy and quick exit from the hair shaft to reduce the risk of burning the skin. This can only be done utilizing a small spot size.

Light Sheer Duet:
This updated version of the ET  has a larger treatment area so is much quicker than the ET.  It has a vacuum assisted system pulling the target closer to the surface of the skin, therefore using less energy and essentially making the treatments more comfortable.

BBL System:
BBL can also treat very large areas at one time. Due to its larger spot size, thousands of hairs can be treated with each flash of the light.  Larger patches of hair on the legs, back and chest can be treated quickly in a single session.

Our Laser Hair removal systems target the pigment melanin, which is what gives hair its color.  Dark hair has more melanin and therefore responds best to laser treatments.  The lighter the hair, the more difficult the hair is to remove.  Bleach blonde and white hair is impossible to remove.  Grey hair ‘may’ sometimes have enough melanin in the root to still be treated effectively.

As the laser penetrates deep into the hair shaft, it heats up the follicle long enough to stop it from functioning and prevents regrowth.

There are 3 phases of hair growth and permanent hair loss is only truly successful in the first phase. Because only a percentage of hair at any given time is in the first phase of hair growth, multiple treatments are required.

The beauty of laser hair removal is even though it is a process, the remaining hairs after each treatment become finer, softer and grow much slower.  It is not uncommon that you may hardly need to shave in between your treatments.

Because we have 4 different systems for laser hair removal, we can safely and effectively treat every area of the body. One exception is shaping eyebrows. Most common areas we treat are: Face, Neck, Chest, Abdominals, Back, Balls-n-All, Brazilian, Legs, Arms, Buttocks and Underarms.

Laser Hair Removal permanently reduces on average between 70% up to 95%.  The remaining % are dormant hairs that may begin to grow with hormonal changes, stress, changes in diet, weather and emotional disorders.

Permanent hair removal requires on average anywhere from 5 to 12 treatments per area. This may vary due to skin type, hair color and hair thickness.

If you are willing to invest time and money to get results, then so are we:

When you commit to 5 treatments we will match your commitment with 5 free treatments¹. You commit, we’ll commit.  Along with this, because we have 4 different systems that we use for hair removal, you will achieve the best possible results and save money.

You probably have questions about laser hair removal, its costs, etc. Most people do. Come and meet with one of our certified technicians. The consultation is free and the information is empowering.

Pricing and Financing

¹ maintenance treatments vary in quantity with the body part (5-12).

Urban Body Laser specializes in a permanent laser hair removal treatment for men called Balls-n-All™. It removes all hair on a male’s private parts.  This includes the shaft and base of the penis, the testicles, the area between the anus and the testicles, as well as the area between the bum cheeks.

Many people are not aware of it, but it is quite common for men to have hair grow on their shaft and that can be awkward during sexual penetration or oral sex. Excess hair can also affect visual appearance, personal hygiene and self-esteem.

Laser Hair Removal Balls-n-All™ treatment packages range from just having the shaft and testicles treated to extensive hair removal throughout the entire area. If you prefer that we thin out and soften the hair but not remove it completely, we do that too.  At Urban Body Laser the choice is yours.

How Laser Hair Removal works
The laser targets the pigment melanin. This is what gives hair its color. Dark hair has more melanin and responds best to laser hair removal treatments. The lighter the hair, the more difficult it is to remove. Bleached blonde and white hair has no melanin and is impossible to remove. Grey hair sometimes has enough melanin near the root to be treated effectively.

As the laser penetrates deep into the hair shaft, it heats the follicle long enough to stop it functioning and prevent regrowth. There are 3 stages of hair growth. Given that laser hair removal only works in the first phase, multiple treatments are required to achieve a higher percentage of hair removal.

The hair that does return in between treatments is softer and finer.  Basically as soon as the process starts, you will no longer have any hard, rough stubbles to contend with.

The cost, duration of treatment, and number of treatments for laser hair removal will depend on the extent of the surface area being treated. In general, treatments range from 5 to 30 minutes in length.  An average of 5-12 treatments are required.  The cost is customized based on surface area.

Why Do Laser Hair Removal?

  • Get rid of stubbly hair caused by shaving
  • Look better and bigger
  • Feel smooth to the touch
  • Stay cleaner and fresher
  • Enhance the sexual experience
  • Clear the area for tattoos and jewelry

Common Fears about Laser Hair Removal?
One of the biggest concerns among men is the fear of getting an erection during treatment. While some men do get an erection, it has nothing to do with sexual arousal. It is simply a physiological response, as the heat of the laser increases blood flow to the area.

Rest assured that our technicians do not touch your private parts. Men are required to hold and adjust their own shaft and testicles during treatment.

Questions we’ve asked our customers and their answers below about Laser Hair Removal.

Questions about Laser Hair Removal
  1. Why you chose to do it?
  2. How did you find out about it?
  3. What do you like about it?
  4. How did you find the treatments overall?
  5. Are you satisfied with it what you expected?
  6. Is the cost reasonable?
  7. Any other comments?
Answers about Laser Hair Removal

Chris Grund

  1. Loves the feel and look
  2. Taboo sex show
  3. How fast treatments were
  4. Love the treatments and staff rocked
  5. Very satisfied with results
  6. Cost overall was cheaper than shaving for the rest of my life


  1. Nuisance to shave around piercings
  2. Taboo show
  3. Less is more when it comes to hair down there.
  4. Mainly pain free but all worth it!!
  5. Sessions were faster than I thought they would be
  6. Yes

Sam Elsom

  1. I hate my hair down there
  2. Taboo show
  3. That I will not have to shave anymore
  4. Experience has been excellent
  5. YES!
  6. Yes
  7. UBL has great staff and a bunch of really beautiful friendly girls 🙂

Laser Hair Removal Before & After

After 9 treatments

After completion of Touch ups for Life

After Completion of Touch Ups for Life

2 Months After 6th Treatment

2 Months After 6th Treatment

After Completion of Touch Ups for Life

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