Wax Hair Removal Versus Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal can be an embarrassing topic and we know that not everyone wants to talk about it. But here’s the thing the majority of us have unwanted body hair. There are lots of ways to remove unwanted body hair, with waxing being one of the most popular methods. Let’s compare wax hair removal versus laser treatments.

Why Choose Hair Removal?

Who doesn’t want glowing smooth skin free of ingrown hairs, rashes and stubble? These are the obvious reasons for removing hair. But of course there are other reasons behind why we insist on lasering, tweezing, waxing and shaving to achieve a hairless look.  Athletes, particularly swimmers and cyclists, may choose to remove excess leg and body hair to increase speed and improve their performance. Hair removal is also popular amongst body builders in order to better showcase their hard earned muscles. Whatever your reason for choosing hair removal it’s important that you choose a safe effective method that’s right for you.

Wax hair removal

Wax hair removal is a process which removes the hair from the root. It involves applying wax over a target area and then using a waxing strip to remove the hair. Depending on the sensitivity of the area of the skin being treated, wax hair removal can be a painful experience, although the pain is short-lived. The process has to be repeated every few weeks and doesn’t permanently remove hair, although it does tend to grow back less dense and finer than before due to the weakening of the follicle. Wax hair removal can also be done using a sugar scrub to exfoliate and a natural form of salicylic acid such as willow bark to keep the pores in the area closed and less prone to bacteria. Also when waxing the hair has to be a certain length before hair removal, this leaves several days in between treatments when unwanted hairs will be visible.

The cost of wax hair removal is upwards of about $300 for a full body wax, however, smaller areas typically cost less money. Wax hair removal is commonly available, including home treatment with off-the-shelf kits that are relatively cheap. However be warned that at home treatments can be risky if not done properly.  Burns, bruising, skin tears and pain at the treatment site are some of the problems associated with wax hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a form of hair reduction that involves utilizing a laser light technology to target the hair follicle as it grows at the root. Unlike waxing, laser technology is a far more permanent solution than other forms of hair removal. Typically 10-12 treatments are required to permanently remove hair, because of the hair’s different growth cycles typically each treatment in removing roughly 10% of the hair permanently per appointment.

Over the short term laser hair removal treatments do cost more, permanent removal takes approximately 10-12 treatment to performed over the span of roughly 18 -24 months. But when compared to a lifetime of waxing and shaving you will save money significantly over the long run. When it comes to laser hair removal, prices vary significantly based on a person’s hair color, hair coverage, and skin color. We suggest booking a free consultation to determine the best course of action and to be sure that you are suitable for treatment. Contrary to popular belief those with darker skin coloring can still be effectively treated with laser hair removal, we do however recommend avoiding sun exposure to the treatment area for about 5 days to 1 month prior to treatment.  Time varies depending on system being used.

Studies have proven laser hair removal to be extremely safe! Our medispa ensures every precaution is take to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Our licensed facility is staffed with trained professionals whom are experts at laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal does take time and yes, it does cost more money initially, but it is a permanent solution to your unwanted body hair and at Urban Body Laser we provide affordable payment plans to make sure laser hair removal is affordable for everyone.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal Over Waxing

• Permanent results

• Less painful

• Greatly reduce the risk of harming skin

• Over the long term more cost effective

Back Before

Back After

Chest Before

Chest After

Balls N All Before

Balls N All after


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