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Urban Body Laser – centrally located in downtown Vancouver

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We believe that laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, dermal rolling, proper skin care and photorejuvenaton have all changed the lives of people who walk through our doors. In our many years of experience we have seen guests building their self-confidence and self-esteem.

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable and at ease before, during, and after your treatment. Because of our level of advanced training, we do our very best to also ensure safe and effective treatments.

We believe that you have the right to have hair removed and photorejuvenation from any area of your body.  We promise to perform your treatments with professionalism, respect and with complete confidentiality.

We believe that it is our duty to provide you with the highest standards of care and treatment protocols.  We will do this on the most advanced laser hair removal and photorejuvenation systems available.  We also do this by providing you with all natural and active skin care lines as well as a high quality treatment cosmetics line.

We believe that our longevity in the marketplace is because we stay ahead of the technological curve. We do this by using the latest innovations and treatment protocols in laser hair removal and photorejuvenation.  This is done with the most effective equipment available and advanced training with the systems we use:

4 Laser Hair Removal systems
• the only BBL system on the market for Skin Rejuvenation\Photorejuvenation treatments
• we have the only technicians in Vancouver trained by Dr. Bitter Jr. of Los Gatos, California on his “multi-pass protocol” treatments.

All the above and much more are why you can trust that we will take good care of you!


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