Why You Need to Avoid Artificial Fragrances

Although your moisturizer may evoke natural scents of lavender, vanilla, or citrus, it’s more likely they stem from toxic chemicals than the environment. In fact, your daily beauty products could be causing you serious health concerns because artificial fragrances are composed of toxic chemicals like phthalates, synthetic musks, and parabens.
These harmful ingredients are found in hundreds of mainstream beauty products including make-up, skin care, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and nail polish.
So how does this happen? The problem is that the ingredients that go into making up artificial scents are a closely guarded secret because the recipes are proprietary to the companies that create them, leaving us consumers completely clueless.
Artificial fragrances are also made up of phthalates, which are carcinogens and can cause series of health concerns. Phthalates are used in fragrances because they cling to the skin or hair giving the scent staying power. Besides triggering allergic reactions and asthma, they are linked to hormone disruption, infertility, birth defects, insulin resistance and genetic abnormalities. Scary!

How to Avoid Artificial Fragrances

The most important thing you can do is to educate yourself on product ingredients. If you don’t know what something is, try and research it before you put it on your body. However, we know that you lead a busy life and may not have time to Google search every word. Plus it can get pretty confusing with so many websites giving conflicting information. That’s why we encourage you to contact us and have our medical estheticians recommend skincare and beauty products that are free of artificial fragrances and other harmful ingredients.

At Urban Body Laser we carry brands like R3 Derma and Colorescience, which use natural ingredients that won’t harm the body. They’re not only gentle on your skin but also incredibly effective to keep your complexion youthful and flawless.You can find both lines in our office as well as our online store, so feel free to drop by and ask our medical estheticians which makeup and skincare would work best for you.