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Urban Body Laser Beauty Tips: Eye Shadow

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If you’ve just finished a photorejuvenation or microdermabrasion treatment, your complexion is glowing, radiant, and ready to be taken on the town. But now that your skin has been taken care of, how can you accentuate your other beautiful features the right way? You’ve read, heard, and watched countless beauty tips online or in magazines, yet it never seems to look the same when you try it. Sound familiar?

You may not know that the Urban Body Laser medical estheticians are not just skincare experts, they’re also beauty experts. Our clients always ask us which colours will look best with their complexion, so we’ll be sharing our beauty tips on our blog to make you feel confident when hitting the palette.

Our Beauty Tips to Make Your Eyes Sparkle

Eye shadow can be a tricky thing. It’s all about making your eyes pop as much as possible. You may think that using the same colour shadow as your eyes will make them stand out, but it can actually do quite the opposite. Blue lids with blue eyes was only acceptable during the eighties (and we all know better than to repeat those make-up mistakes!).

Some simple rules to remember:

Blue Eyes
: Earth tones will make them sparkle like the sea. Rosy pinks will also give a soft and sweet touch.

Brown Eyes: Here you can be more flexible. Shades of brown, greens, pinks and yes, even blues will always look good.

Green/Hazel Eyes
: Pop them with purple! Earth tones also are a safe bet.
Now when it comes to brands, not all shadows are created equal. Many can simply rub off in less than an hour or are laden with chemicals that will pollute your delicate skin. We asked the Urban Body Laser team which line they prefer, and the answer was unanimous: the Beauty On the Go Sunset Pallet by Colorescience.

There are a few reasons why this set is an absolute-must in your beauty regime. No matter what your eye colour may be, these shades will compliment and make them stand out. Another great feature is that it’s multi-functional; use these shades for your cheeks and lips for a quick and portable make-up fix.
If you can’t make it into Urban Body Laser, shop online and we’ll ship these and other essential skincare products to your door.

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