Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment? What Exactly Do We Treat?

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment is the most efficient form of permanent hair removal.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment?  Ever wonder ‘exactly’ how much hair can be removed?  There are so many different names – French Bikini, Bikini, Brazilian, French Brazilian…the list goes on.  When wanting to have this area treated, it is always important to be thorough in explaining what you want exactly removed.

At Urban Body Laser, we make sure we know exactly what you want prior to treatment.  We chart it, talk about it and then review it to make absoltuley sure we are on the same page. When we treat this area, we do it all!  You can just have the top triangle done, known most commonly as ‘The basic Bikini,” we also do a full Brazilian (which includes the labia).  And if you still want more, we do that too!  In between the buttocks, which we call ‘The Bunny Tail,” is also a very popular area to have treated.  Why hair grows there anyways is a mystery to us all!!! :0)

How about the Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment?  We do that as well!  We call this the Balls n All(TM) For all you fellas out there, it is much more common than you think.  Checkk out our link, come in for a consultation and you will get all the information needed to see for yourself…it really is awesome!!

We also have four different systems used for Laser Hair Removal.  This means you will be able to start and finish your treatments in one place!

Still thinking about it?  Whether you are wanted the Brazilian Laser Hair Removal or the Balls n All (TM), Come see us, and we will get you started…after all, summer is on its way and will be here before you know it!