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Clients First: Our Kind of Success!

Client Satisfaction

Clients First: Informed, Accommodated, And Satisfied!

There are so many important elements that go into our treatments: educated staff, up to date technology and equipment, quality products. To us, the most important aspect of any of our work is the people. Our guests are always top of mind! We want our guests to feel informed, accommodated, and satisfied with their results. Our staff is always available for questions and consultations to ensure you are finding treatments best suited to your needs.
It makes us so happy to receive feedback like the review below, we wanted to share it! Marianne’s experience is exactly what we want everyone who walks in our front doors to experience. Thank you Marianne!

Testimonial from Marianne Stoody
“I have been coming to Urban Body Laser for YEARS. The first treatment I booked was underarm laser hair removal (very conveniently booked with their payment plan which is amazing). After only a few sessions, I noticed incredible results.  I believe I had 8 sessions on my underarms (usually 8-12 is recommended depending on your hair and your skin tone).  I had no idea it was possible to get the results I received.  I was shaving my underarms sometimes twice a day, I barely grow hair there now, my skin tone is clear and lighter – in the summer people constantly ask me if I’ve had laser/where I go.  I highly recommend this place and have sent family/friends and coworkers here and will continue to do so.
I did a bit of shopping around before purchasing my first laser package –  yes, you will find there are cheaper places in the city but there is a reason Urban Body is a tad more expensive – the place itself feels like a spa and you are treated as if you are at a spa. Staff is professional, knowledgeable, educated, friendly and truly care about your results. Lasers and equipment are top notch. They constantly have deals and specials that they always make sure their customers know about (one of my favorite things about this place is that they always want their customers to get a good deal – if they have a special on or coming up – they make sure you know about it and provide you with all the information as well as offer payment plans to work with you and what you can afford at the time).  Easy text and email reminders of appointments. Customer service also top notch – always work with you and your schedule to get you an appointment that works best for you (even if you end up changing it a million times).  
I was so happy with my underarms results that I booked Brazilian and half leg. Again, could not be happier with my results and it has been an amazing investment – barely have hair these areas anymore whatsoever. summer time is so easy, vacations are so easy – no more shaving constantly or spending money on waxing. skin itself is nicer, smoother, lighter, no ingrowns – almost looks airbrushed! very sparse re-growth. can go weeks without shaving anywhere now 🙂
I have had friends go other places, to save money and go the cheaper route – they have NOT had the same results.  My friend started laser the exact time I did, at a cheaper place in Vancouver – after chatting and comparing appointments she realized they were not turning up the laser after each session (something that should be done). She had 6 sessions and wasted hundreds of dollars.  I told her she should have spent a bit more, like me, to get best possible results. You get what you pay for.
I have also had a microdermabrasion facial here (which they put on my account for free – usually a treatment upwards of $200, as I had to wait a few minutes longer to get in one day – not a big deal, did not affect me at all and next thing I knew I had a free facial on my account).
I recently purchased 5 BBL laser facials and very excited to have my first appointment.  My favourite technician (Janelle) made sure I knew they had a special coming up and spent the time planning a payment plan that would work for me.  She always goes the extra mile. I fully trust her recommendations and advice.  She truly believes in the services she provides, as she has had many of the treatments herself and I think that is a very important element which the technicians here exhibit – they speak from experience and from a place of truly caring about you and your skin.   
By far, the best place in Vancouver to go for laser hair removal – the friends/family/coworkers I have sent here will tell you the same thing as they constantly thank me for sending them here too! Can’t wait for my further appointments and to start my IPL – always look forward to going in.
This review is long overdue. Thank you Urban Body!”

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