Although Valentine’s Day has come and gone, we don’t think the love-fest should stop – ever! While it’s important to always remind your partner how much you care about them, this same attention should be directed towards someone even more important: yourself.
We sat down with Janiece, Manager of Urban Body Laser in Vancouver, to learn how she cultivates self-love on a daily basis.
It’s so important to treat yourself with love, honour, respect, and a little indulgence! How do you spoil yourself?
Chocolate, of course. I also practice yoga and make sure I get lots of fresh air — rain or shine!
Where is your favourite getaway to relax, unwind, and enjoy some quality me-time? 
For me that’s Hawaii. There is something about the energy there that is so healing. I’ve traveled to many warm places and nothing heals me physically and emotionally like Hawaii does.

How do you cultivate self-love on a daily basis?
I try to spend my day full of grateful thoughts and appreciate everything and everyone that I love, including myself. It’s easy to let negative self-talk fester, which is why staying mindful of what you have and acceptance of who you are should be a daily practice.
What do you do that is just for you?
Staying positive is number one. I find that once you start thinking negatively about a situation, it’s like a trickle effect and seeps into every daily occurrence. I also make time to workout, which naturally releases endorphins, the hormone that gives you a feeling of euphoria. And I always make time to be silly and let loose, which is easy with my two little girls. We love singing and dancing around like no one is watching!
What can’t you live without?
My Husband and my two daughters.
When life gets hectic, how do you de-stress?
Even on days when life and work are packed with appointments and meetings, I always make time to practice yoga. That and my other indulgence, Young and the Restless. 🙂

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