From bike lanes to food composting, Vancouver is going green and paving the way towards a sustainable future. With a goal of becoming the Greenest City in the World by 2020, these initiatives are definitely a step in the right direction, as over-consumption and waste have become an acceptable way to live.
It’s time to for a change. So Urban Body Laser is doing our part and going green: we’re now paperless!

going green
Even with the invention of email and text, North Americans still consume more paper than anyone else on earth. Demand for paper accounts for almost half of the commercial timber cut globally. This is a huge problem, as the paper and pulp industry are the fourth largest emitters of greenhouse gases. On top of that, deforestation also contributes to climate change, and many species are in fear of extinction because they’re losing their habitat.
Thanks to technology, we now have the resources to completely eliminate the need for paper once and for all. Need to get ahold of us? Contact us via email or simply give us a phone call. When you visit our office, you’ll fill out electronic forms with our iPad. It has been an easy and welcomed transition to the greener side, so come and join us!

Going Green is Easier Than You Think

going greenAll it takes is for each of us to make small changes. To start going paperless, opt to receive bills electronically and send money transfers via email rather than by cheque. You can also download a notepad application onto your phone if you need to jot something down and a calendar to schedule appointments. These changes will reduce your impact and even make life a little easier!
How are you reducing your footprint? Tweet us and tell the Urban Body Laser team on Facebook (two more green ways to talk to us ;))
going green
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