laser hair removal for men
If you’ve flipped through the pages of GQ lately, you’ve probably noticed something besides just beautiful men with sculpted abs sharp enough to grate cheese on. There’s one other characteristic that can be seen from cover to cover: they’re hairless. The groomed and polished look is more than just a trend; it’s here to stay, which makes laser hair removal for men the new way of manscaping.
If you’ve been resorting to razors to try and achieve a similar sleek look this summer, you’ve probably encountered a few annoying issues, like ingrown hairs, irritated and itchy skin, and stubble. For those who have opted for tweezing, creams, and waxing, you’ll soon discover they’re a waste of time and money. They only mask the problem, not get rid of it. Guys, don’t settle for out dated solutions. Experience long, lasting results with laser hair removal treatments!

Laser Hair Removal for Men: Ditch that Razor for Laser

There are many benefits to laser hair removal for men. For one, you can shave in between appointments. This is a major plus when compared with waxing, where you have to let the hair grow in order for the strips to remove it. This means that you can’t shave in between appointments — not exactly ideal when you want to be at the beach every day!
Aside from the fact that you will have permanent hair reduction, laser hair removal treatments make the hair grow back at a much slower rate, and what does come back is softer and much thinner.
We use only the latest technology that’s safe for all skin types. Our hair removal systems target the pigment melanin, which is what gives hair its colour, in the first stage of growth. The darker the skin, the more effective the treatments are, so don’t worry that you’re hair will be ‘too thick’ or ‘too dark’ to treat. These are simply myths.
The most common areas of laser hair removal for men are neck, chest, abdominals, back, buttocks and shoulders. And then there’s the other popular treatment: Balls-n-All™. Urban Body Laser specializes in a permanent laser hair removal for men called Balls-n-All™. It removes all hair on a male’s private parts, including the shaft and base of the penis, the testicles, the area between the anus and the testicles, as well as the area between the bum cheeks. So you’re ready to go, whenever, wherever.
laser hair removal for men
The sweater in summer look just isn’t going to cut it fellas. Taking care of your fur is no longer for the ladies, it’s expected of the men too. So feel like the man you are and ask us for more details  😀
laser hair removal for menlaser hair removal for men