Urban Body Laser’s Best Before and Afters

There’s nothing we love more than a good ‘Best before and afters’ story, especially when we’re in charge! At Urban Body Laser in Vancouver, our trusted medical estheticians work day in and day out helping people change, correct, and revamp the way they look and feel about themselves. From pigmentation to acne scars, there’s nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when you’ve removed something that was causing them embarrassment, insecurity, or even shame.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, then you may have caught a few of our favourite before and after shots of recent clients. In case you missed it, here are just a few of the best Urban Body Laser makeovers of 2015!

Rachel came to us this past fall after suffering from extensive sun damage. The sun’s rays are amongst the most harmful contributors to aging, leaving sunspots and fine lines on the skin, as evident on her chest. FotoFacial®-AgeDelay™ is one of our most effective methods to reduce this damage, just check out Rachel’s results after just three treatments! Because you can’t be exposed to the sun after receiving FotoFacial®-AgeDelay™, fall and winter are the best times to get started.

We all suffer from the occasional pimple, but before you start layering on concealer, please check the ingredients. Most conventional make-up you find at the drugstore is filled with chemicals, fragrances, and toxins that clog your pores and aggravate the skin, often causing more breakouts. Pictured above is a client who contacted us for a Colorescience application, a luxury make-up line that uses natural ingredients that not only covers those pesky pimples, but also nourishes the skin. Interested? Call us to book in a free skin analysis!

Do you suffer from skin discoloration from birthmarks or scars? Photorejuvenation may be the answer you’re looking for. We use Sciton’s BBL, a safe and effective system that specializes in darker skin tones. After just one treatment, our client’s knee is looking shades lighter! We’ll be sure to update you once she’s finished her program.

Did you know that laser hair removal for your underarms not only reduces the hair, but also decreases sweat? We call that a #winwin. If you find your light shirts discolor from sweating, or the constant shaving has caused thick hair you can’t seem to rid of, ask our medical estheticians for a custom laser hair removal program.

Interested in these or more of our services and products? Contact us and start the New Year as a new you.

**20% off all moisturizers for the month of October. Contact us for details!**

Though it’s officially Fall, it’s not quite time to completely forget about the shorts-weather season. Why? Because as the colder weather starts to creep in, it’s the perfect time to start your laser hair removal treatments.

It’s a common misconception that laser only needs to be done when the weather requires barely-there clothing. However, this could not be further from the truth. Most of our treatment systems require that you have minimal sun exposure for one month, which makes Fall the perfect time to start your custom-designed laser hair removal program.

Rather than pulling the hair out by the root or shaving it off at the skin, laser hair removal stops it at the source by destroying the hair follicle, preventing any new hair growth one hair at a time. Because only a small percentage of hair is in the growing phase at any given time, multiple treatments are required for long-lasting smoothness.  These treatments are between 7-11 weeks for torso and 5-9 weeks for the face/neck.

Our state-of-the-art systems are able to treat areas like underarms, face, chest, bikini line, legs, back, head and our signature Balls n All ™. Designed after clients’ requests, this program removes all hair on a male’s private parts, including the shaft and base of the penis, the testicles, the area between the anus and the testicles, as well as the area between the bum cheeks.

Excess hair can affect visual appearance, personal hygiene, and self-esteem, so we completely understand if there are certain areas you never want to see hair growth again. Before you have to break out that bikini, contact us for more information so you can stay smooth and sleek for Summer ’16 – and be sure to ask us about our October special, 20% off all moisturizers!

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Tattoos are form of personal expression. For many, meaningful imagery permanently transforms the body into a work of art, essentially making your skin a blank canvas. While some argue that tattoos are an addiction, others say it’s merely a passion for beauty and meaning.

However you view tattooing, those with their body fully inked will often tell you that one tattoo usually sparks the desire for another. So whether you have a full sleeve or are thinking it’s time to go under the needle, there are a few things you’ll want to consider beforehand — especially if you’ve always wanted to undergo laser hair removal.

We don’t have to tell you the benefits and ease of never having to shave again (because we list them here!). However, before you get your next tattoo, the hair removal process needs to be completed beforehand. Why? Because if the laser goes over your art work, it causes a very bad burn, followed by scarring and a total loss of colour.

The picture above is an example of how our medical estheticians have had to completely avoid this area of the ankle, while the rest of the leg is smooth and hairless. Unfortunately the most common areas of the body that people want laser hair removal also happen to be equally as trendy for tattoos, such as the back, legs, and arms. For guys who want a smooth, tattooed chest, we’re unable to perform a treatment without risking the integrity of your ink and safety of your skin.

Tattoos are not only a financial investment, but also a personal one, so taking care of it is of the utmost importance. For fresh tattoos, use R3 Derma Aloe to reduce redness and swelling and to hydrate, heal and nourish skin.

And now that summer is looming around the corner, make sure to purchase physical sunblock to keep the colour from fading. We love the Sunforgettable SPF50 Retractable Brush, lightweight mineral powder with a barely-there feel that provides a safe, non-irritating, instant UVA and UVB sun protection. The self-dispensing powder brush makes this sheer formula easy to apply and reapply throughout the day.

Tattoos are beautiful ways of artistry and self-expression, but if you’ve always wanted to try laser hair removal, you’ll want to consider the consequences if you do one before the other.

Mention this post and you’ll receive 20% off your next laser hair removal treatment! 

Questions for our medical estheticians about laser hair removal? Contact us! We’re happy to help.

After these past cold, dark months, we’re excited to say that Spring is just around the corner. The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer, which means we can shed the layers and start showing more skin! So if you’re still toying with the idea of laser hair removal, don’t wait any longer. In order to be smooth and hairless by summer, you better start your laser hair removal treatments now!

Laser hair removal is the best solution to rid of unwanted hair. Saying goodbye to shaving and waxing means you’ll no longer have to deal with razor burn, bumps, or ingrown hairs – forever.

While we can remove hair from virtually any part of your body, here are the most popular treatments for both the ladies and gents:
For Women:

  • Brazilian/ Bikini Ling
  • Bunny Tail
  • Underarms
  • Full Leg
  • Facial Hair

For Men:

While these are the most popular areas for men and women, practically any part of your body can be treated. Our medical estheticians customize the right treatments for you with our state-of-the-art technology, ensuring you have the best results. To learn more about our systems, we explain in this blog post.

So get ready to throw on your bikini or bare it all without a second thought of shaving! Contact us for a free consultation.

  • When you purchase the Primer, Foundation, and Sunforgettable Brush, we’ll add a free Setting Mist, valued at $49!
  • If you buy any 3 products, you’ll get the 4th free!
  • For every $100 you spend, you’ll get an extra $25 bonus!

With just a couple of weeks to go until December 25th, finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones is on everyone’s minds. However, in between juggling work, baking up a storm, and attending holiday events, finding time to battle the crowds at the mall may be seem downright impossible.

If you’re a notorious last-minute shopper and leave it all until the last couple of days before Christmas, let this year be the first where you can enjoy the holidays stress-free. The Urban Body Laser team has created the Holiday Gift Guide that will please anyone on your list. The best part? You can shop in your pajamas! Order online store or simply send us an email, then we’ll ship it to you or the recipient.

The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

The Core Four from Colorescience
Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this special for the holidays! When you purchase the Primer, Foundation, and Sunforgettable Brush, we’ll add a free Setting Mist, valued at $49! Colorescience is the premier luxury aesthetic makeup line that is so pure and natural that it actually nourishes and protects your skin while also offering the same coverage as regular make-up. Plus there are several shades to choose from to suit whomever you’re buying for. If you need help deciding the right one, just ask our medical estheticians!
Osmosis and Proderm
An easy and foolproof way to impress anyone that cares about their skin (which just about means everyone!), we highly recommend Osmosis and Proderm skincare. If you buy any 3 products, you’ll get the 4th free (of equal or lesser value)! We’ve talked about how much we love Osmosis and Proderm, as they both use a combination of holistic and natural ingredients for not only every day skin care, but also to correct common conditions like aging, blemishes, and rosacea.
Gift Certificates
You can never go wrong with gift certificates. Whether it’s laser hair removal or microdermabrasion, give them the freedom of choice to pick whatever service of ours they want. To make it even extra easier for you, for every $100 you spend, you’ll get an extra $25 bonus!
Have questions about our gift guide? No problem, we’re here to help!

Though you may be packing away those bikinis in storage, we don’t want you to completely forget about summer. That’s because right now is the best time to get started on your laser hair removal treatments.
It’s a common misconception that laser only needs to be done when the weather requires barely-there clothing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We have four systems that treat areas like underarms, face, bikini line, legs, and our signature Balls-n-All™. Out of these machines, three of them require that you have zero sun exposure for one month, which makes ‘Raincouver’ the perfect place to be when you’re in between treatments.

There are three phases of hair growth. Though you may see dramatic results after the first phase, only a percentage of hair grows at any given time. That’s why multiple treatments are required. How it works is the laser penetrates deep into the hair shaft, heating up the follicle to stop it from functioning and prevent regrowth.

Think of yourself less than a year from now throwing on a bikini or tank top without panicking that you have embarrassing stubble. Trust us, life without razors is definitely worth the laser.

So stop procrastinating, and let’s make a plan! Contact us today to get started.

Starting any new cosmetic procedure can be intimidating, so we often meet with people who are interested in receiving laser hair removal for a free consultation to answer their questions and clear away any jitters or concerns. Most of the questions they ask include how long the treatments take, what kind of results they can see, and overall cost. While these are all important questions, there’s something else that we often add to the consultation to prep the first-timers.

Committing to a customized program requires more than just coming to your appointments. While hair loss is our primary goal, you also have to think about taking care of your skin before and after treatments.

Do clients have to buy the products?
No one is required to buy the products. However, they usually do after we show them a picture of what could happen if they don’t.

picture of a man's back with red, inflamed follicles

This is folliculitis (inflammation of the follicle). This gentleman came in and had one side of his back treated, and the next day came in for the other. He didn’t use his pre/post care, and as a result his skin suffered the consequences.

Yikes! So what are the pre and post treatments people should be doing?
We highly recommend two products: R3 Derma Cleanse and R3 Derma Aloe, both by R3Derma.

How long/often should people use them?
3 days before and 3 days post treatment. Once in the morning and once before bed.

Why are these products so important? What do they do for the skin?
We want our client’s skin to be in what we call a ‘peak state.’  This means properly PH balanced with R3 Derma Cleanse and properly hydrated with R3 Derma Aloe.

R3 Derma Cleanse is an exfoliating cream cleanser that revitalizes skin while removing daily residue, makeup and oil which can dull a vibrant appearance. Alpha hydroxy-rich Fruit and Sugar-cane derived Acids help keep pores clear while encouraging cellular turnover and renewal.

R3 Derma Aloe gel is a clinical strength formula used in some of the medi-spas; The organic aloe vera and essential oils allow you to hydrate, heal and nourish skin using the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

Both of these products are free of fillers so a little goes along way.  They are also Paraben free and made in Canada.

Do you have a question for our medical estheticians? Feel free to contact us about this or any other of our services, we’re happy to meet with you!

Do you have your wedding preparations organized?

Summer is fast approaching, which means wedding season is about to begin. For those of you about to say ‘I do’, the last few weeks can be an incredibly stressful time as you try to coordinate the venue, catering, visitors, décor, stags, stagettes…the list goes on and on. Often brides and grooms forget to factor in a crucial step in the nuptial process: their skin.
If you haven’t started your skincare prep, don’t worry, there’s still enough time to schedule a few appointments in order to get yourself in photo-ready shape. Here are a few of Urban Body Laser’s must-do’s to saying “I do”.
Laser Hair Removal
Brides often find the last few days leading up to the wedding the most stressful. With so much to do, how nice would it be to know that you didn’t have to shave your underarms, legs, or get a Brazilian wax? There’s a reason more and more people are turning to laser hair removal: it works. Though it takes a series of treatments for hair to be completely gone, often our clients see incredible results after just one or two appointments. If you grow thick hair on your underarms, legs, or pubic area, the hair that grows back is much thinner and sparing after just one treatment. And for fellas, we know your future wife will definitely appreciate our signature Balls-n-All™.
Skin Tightening and Microdermabrasion
Every bride and groom wants flawless, radiant skin on their big day. In order to achieve this, we highly recommend 3 or 4 treatments of skin tightening combined with microdermabrasion. Clean pores are key to ensuring you don’t suffer from blemishes on your wedding day. Microdermabrasion removes clogged pores and cleans the outer layer of the skin. It’s incredibly effective to reduce ingrown hairs, discolored and congested skin, and even fine lines and wrinkles.
To achieve a glowing complexion, try skin tightening. This non-invasive method uses broad band light (BBL) to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It does this by stimulating collagen production, which is the protein that aids in the structural support of the skin and causes it to contract and tighten.
Colorescience Pro
If you buy most of your make-up in a drug store, chances are it is filled with so many chemicals and unnatural ingredients that it’s actually causing more damage to your skin. After receiving microdermabrasion and skin tightening, the last thing you want to do is pollute your epidermis with harmful products.
To enhance your natural beauty, Colorescience make-up is a-must. This luxurious line does more than just camouflage blemishes and discoloration; it actually helps to remedy it. Each product is designed to complement and blend together, allowing you to layer to achieve a flawless complexion. From foundations to lip gloss, this extensive line has plenty of options to match your needs and skin tone. Paired with our Osmosis and Pro-Derm cleansers and moisturizers your skin will be ready to tie the knot.
While these are the most popular treatments for brides and grooms, we offer a wide variety of services that will help you get ready for the big day. Just keep in mind that many of these take at lea
st a few sessions to really see results, so contact us as soon as possible to get started and get ready for the big day!

Although good genetics have some part in it, it definitely takes celebrities work to stay flawless. To help keep them looking their best on the red carpet, it’s a combination of a healthy diet, preventative work, high-quality products, and professional skincare treatments. From microdermabrasion to Colorescience, here is how some of the most famous faces stay picture perfect.

The Top Celebrity Skincare Treatments

Microdermabrasion: Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwenyth Paltrow has called Microdermabrasion “a miracle”and for good reason. Often compared to the texture of your cat’s tongue, microdermabrasion gently rejuvenates the skin by a non-invasive exfoliation. By gently removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells microdermabrasion leaves the skin feeling smoother and dare we say, younger.
Microdermabrasion is a favourite among celebrity skincare treatments because it effectively treats and minimizes a wide range of skin conditions including fine lines and wrinkles, discolored and congested skin, and ingrown hairs.
Laser Hair Removal: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has publicly said she wants a “hairless body” and uses laser hair removal to achieve it. The old fashioned methods of removing hair like shaving, tweezing, creams, waxing, are not only time consuming but also don’t last long. Continuous laser hair removal treatments will get rid of the hair for good, and now is the best time to start in order to be hairless by summer.
Colorescience: Kerry Washington

It’s no wonder that Colorescience Pro is a favourite of celebrities like Kerry Washington and Kate Hudson, as it’s not only easy to use, but also doubles as a skincare product. It works to clear your complexion while simultaneiously protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and the environment.
If you want to learn more about these celebrity skincare treatments, just stop by our office or contact us for more information. Our medical estheticians can give you a free consultation on how to achieve flawless, youthful skin.

You know those things you always vowed to try, then for some reason keep putting it off?

Chances are you have heard our radio ads, seen commercials on television, or read about it in the magazines. We’re talking about laser hair removal, our most popular treatment that we offer. So what exactly makes it so great?
Plenty. On average, Laser Hair Removal permanently reduces between 70% up to 95% of your initial hair growth. The hair that does grow back is thinner, lighter, and much less visible than before. Plus unlike waxing, you can shave in between treatments.
Without fail, the first thing anyone says after trying laser hair removal is, “I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner!”.

But don’t take our word for it. Just see what our clients have to say:
“… hair initially was medium to thick covering most of my back, after four treatments now most of my back is hairless with a few tiny baby hairs. Janiece and Adranna were extremely friendly and had complimentary TLC (tender loving care).”
“Never having to worry about booking waxing appointments before vacations is a huge time saver.  I’d much rather treat myself to a pedicure or a hair cut before leaving town.”

“From the moment I arrived for my consultation I was greeted warmly, offered tea and was put at ease. The procedure itself was slightly uncomfortable because it was my first time. The woman who was doing the procedure was fabulous and really made me relax. I had a lovely experience and will definitely return.”

Stop Procrastinating and Start Laser Hair Removal!

We have four systems that treat areas like underarms, face, bikini line, legs, even balls-n-all. All of our machines are of the latest technology and are customized based on your needs. Our medical estheticians give you a free consultation and match you with the machine that suits your skin and hair tone.

The Fall and Winter seasons are actually the prime time to get started, as three of our machines require that you have zero sun exposure for one month. Plus because hair grows in different cycles, it takes at least a couple of treatments for maximum results.
If you’re ready to throw on your bikini or bare it all without a second thought of shaving, then laser hair removal is the right decision. As a bonus incentive, for a limited time you can try us out and receive 50% your first treatment!
This special offer won’t last long, so pick up the phone or email us to book your consultation. Stop the procrastinating and get ready for a hairless future with Urban Body Laser.

Is Fall your favourite time of year? Pumpkin-flavoured everything, Halloween, and cozying up to a warm fire are easy to ‘Fall’ in love with. Plus with bathing suit season out of the way, you no longer have to worry about saying no to desserts or flexing your abs at least once a day (hallelujah!).

Even though you’ve traded your flip-flops for UGG boots, you may think that along with your diet, you can ease up on your other grooming as well, including laser hair removal treatments.

Fall is the Perfect Time to Start Laser Hair Removal

It happens every year; at the first sign of Spring people start calling us to start their laser hair removal appointments. However, many don’t realize that it takes several treatments before the hair is gone for good. This is because there are three phases of hair growth. Since only a percentage of hair at any given time is in the first phase of hair growth, multiple treatments are required.  Plus, out of the four systems that treat these areas, three of them require that you have zero sun exposure for one month. That’s why these next few months of winter are a great time to get the process started.
Our most common areas to treat are:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Abdominals
  • Back
  • Balls-n-all
  • Brazilian
  • Legs
  • Underarms

So if you want to stay smooth and sleek at the beach next year, book those laser hair removal appointments now!

Our medical estheticians are happy to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us for more details and get ready to look forward to a (hairless) summer 2014!

If you’ve flipped through the pages of GQ lately, you’ve probably noticed something besides just beautiful men with sculpted abs sharp enough to grate cheese on. There’s one other characteristic that can be seen from cover to cover: they’re hairless. The groomed and polished look is more than just a trend; it’s here to stay, which makes laser hair removal for men the new way of manscaping.
If you’ve been resorting to razors to try and achieve a similar sleek look this summer, you’ve probably encountered a few annoying issues, like ingrown hairs, irritated and itchy skin, and stubble. For those who have opted for tweezing, creams, and waxing, you’ll soon discover they’re a waste of time and money. They only mask the problem, not get rid of it. Guys, don’t settle for out dated solutions. Experience long, lasting results with laser hair removal treatments!
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With June just around the corner, it seems like every day we have clients asking us what the must-have summer skin treatments are to keep groomed and primed for beach weather.
The Urban Body Laser team are more than just experts in skin treatments, they’re clients themselves. Jade, our Senior Medical Esthetician, has been with us for four years and knows exactly what you need to look and feel your best. So today she’s sharing her tips on the essential summer skin treatments you need this season!

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Microdermabrasion FAQ’s What’s The Big Difference Between Classic Microdermabrasion And Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion? The classic system uses crystals to peel off dead skin. The new system uses diamonds. The result is far less disruptive because it polishes the skin. Lastly, the wand is far more accurate than the previous system. That means a more effective […]